I am an over-educated, sub-fertile woman in my early mid 30s. I have been married to the most awesome man in the world for over a decade. We have been trying to make a baby for almost 7 years. In the meantime, we travel the world, delight in our careers, wander around our way-too-big-for-two-people house, and hold on tight to each other.

If you want to know about the name of this blog, you can read the relevant post.

A rough timeline of TTC, IF, and interventions:

  • early 2002: started TTC
  • mid 2003: realized TTC wasn’t working, consulted Dr. Fancy Pants, world-renowned reproductive endocrinologist, purely for an assessment
  • mid 2003 to early 2004: got dragged along for the ride as Dr. Fancy Pants turned the assessment into ever-increasing levels of intervention, resulting in 6 clomid cycles (4 of which were IUI)
  • February 2004: clomid cycle #6/IUI #4 results in BFP, then beta started decreasing at 23 DPO. In between, the happiest 8 days I ever had.
  • February 2004 to mid 2005: TTC on hold
  • mid 2004: started acupuncture
  • mid 2005: moved to a new city, switched acupuncturists and added Chinese herbs
  • late 2005: TTC off hold, resumed letting nature take its course
  • late 2007: nature taking its course not working, started seeing a new fertility doctor, Dr. Full Steam Ahead
  • February 2008: injectibles + IUI cycle #1, BFN
  • April 2008: injectibles + IUI cycle #2, BFN
  • June 2008: IVF cycle #1, BFP, beta started decreasing at 21 DPO
  • July 2008: Baby Smiling in Back Seat is born (the blog, not a baby)
  • July 2008-September 2008: wait for new health insurance to kick in; doesn’t cover IVF but does cover hysteroscopy
  • November 2008: hysteroscopy; all pink
  • December 2008-January 2009: IVF #2; BFN
  • February 2009: perfunctory Injectibles + IUI #3 (overall IUI #7) to satisfy insurance requirements before getting IVF #3 covered
  • coming soon: IVF #3 hold on there, not so fast…
  • 3/8/09: Perfunctory IUI #7 results in BFP! I am poised to become an urban legend.
  • 3/24/09: Two heartbeats
  • October 2009: Gave birth to Burrito and Tamale
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