Perfect Moment Monday: Stalker, Scale, and Sister

October 12, 2009

Perfect Moment
Several perfect moments this week.

First, remember the construction workers who constantly dangled outside my hospital window? They have followed us upstairs to the NICU. My first reaction was, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” The hard part is remembering to close the blinds when I’m pumping or nursing. That, and blocking out the constant drilling and hammering. The babies couldn’t care less.

Second, another picture of the Burrito, nursing. I didn’t realize how much bigger my (already large) breasts had gotten until I saw this picture. No wonder none of my bras fit anymore. Of course, his head is rather small (30 cm. circumference), but c’mon, this is crazy. To keep the photo off random spam RSS feeds, you’ll need to click to see the photo (NSFW!).

Finally, the first real photo of the Tamale on the blog. She is waving hello to her bloggy friends.

30 Responses to “Perfect Moment Monday: Stalker, Scale, and Sister”

  1. They’re gorgeous!

  2. Quiet Dreams Says:

    Wow, they’re definitely perfect! So beautiful!

  3. Kristin Says:

    Beautiful babies!

  4. Elana Kahn Says:

    I adore the pictures. They are just soooo cute! (And your boob is pretty big compared to their heads…) 😉

  5. luna Says:

    that is some serious boobage you’ve got there! glad to see burrito is eating well! and tamale looks likes she is coming along beautifully.

  6. Sam Says:

    These pictures of the Burrito and Tamale brought a big smile to my face – thanks for sharing! Your babies are absolutely beautiful!!!

  7. Carrie Says:

    I love them! Those are the cutest Mexican food item babies in the world.

    I have pics like that of nursing A, too. And she was a full-term singleton. It will take a while, so enjoy your ginormous knockers. 🙂 They are doing a great job feeding the twins!

    Those construction guys just missed you. I remember having the windows cleaned on our house when A was about a week old (and I always had my shirt of nursing her). I kept having to hide in the bathroom where they window washers couldn’t see my Dolly Parton sized chest.

    So very glad you are doing well.

  8. Lavender Luz Says:

    Wowza! I’d like to comment on your beautiful children, but, well, wowza!


    Adding your link, btw. You’ve got mexican food to attend to.

  9. staciet Says:

    They are beautiful! I bet the workers are drawn to you like magnets–or at least drawn to your boobage. 🙂 It looks like things are going well for all of you. So happy for that!

  10. staciet Says:

    Hm. You know I was saying the babies are beautiful, right? Because, um, well, let’s leave it at that. Hugs!

  11. Tiffany Says:

    They are absolutely perfect!

  12. ^WiseGuy^ Says:

    The Babies are beautiful! Tamale has your hair colour!

    Much love to both of them!

  13. samcy Says:

    Too too gorgeous!


  14. BB Says:

    They are just so beautiful! Hope you are recovering well! How long do you get to be in the hospital?

  15. Kami Says:

    That is one beautiful boob you got there! 🙂

    And Tamale is just geaorgeous!!!! Perfect! (Kissing fingers like an Italian chef)


  16. Lea Says:

    So cuuuute!!!!!

  17. MeAndBaby Says:

    Hello back to the Tamale! Congratulations again!

  18. Dora Says:

    First of all, Burrito and Tamale are absolutely gorgeous!

    That is hilarious about the stalking construction workers. You’re just irresistible.

    Okay, now the boob … YOU’RE SCARING ME! You know we’re in the same class boobwise. My belly is only recently sticking out further than my chest. I don’t want them to get bigger! 😦

  19. Ninali Says:

    the cutest burrito and tamale I’ve ever seen! Just precious!

  20. They are so sweet! I hope your stalker goes away soon and doesn’t stick around for any shows ;o)

  21. debora Says:

    Stopping by for perfect moments Monday.

    Congratulations on your perfect babies!

  22. Brenna Says:

    Aaaaaah! The giant boob is scary…I definitely caught a glimpse of my future with that one. What am I saying, they’re already giant. Oh well.

    The babes are GORGEOUS and PERFECT and SCRUMPTIOUS.

    Keep those blinds drawn!

  23. Photogrl Says:

    I can’t believe the construction guys have followed you!

    The twins are just beautiful. 🙂

  24. strongblonde Says:

    your babies are so beautiful. i’m so happy for you!!

    also: my friend was over the other day and saw me nursing and told me that my breast was twice the size of my baby girl’s head. i didn’t believe her, but B informed me last night that is indeed the case. …it has to come from just having small babies, right? 😉


  25. Cat Says:

    So cute! I can’t believe the Tamale has eyebrows already.

    I think the same thing every time I nurse my babies. It’s unreal. Motherhood Maternity has big cup sizes. I’ve also had good luck with some sleep bras from Target worn with a nursing tank that has a shelf bra. I shudder to think what they’ll look like after the lactating is over.

  26. karlinda Says:

    They are so gorgeous (yes, I do mean the babies). Tamale has the most beautiful eyes.

  27. Imogen Says:

    SO perfect! xo

  28. Michele Says:

    such cutie pies!!!

    isnt nursing great? it has surpassed my wildest dreams. i cant wait to nurse the twins at once when we are out of the nicu and home!

  29. S Says:

    They are just so gorgeous!!

  30. Liv Says:

    Baby Smiling,

    I’ve been very behind in keeping up with bloggers for the last few months or so and just yesterday at work I remembered I should check in with you. I’m so glad I did!

    Congratulations on your new family! The babies are so sweet. I’m amazed at how well they are doing. I read your birth story and you had me hanging on every word yet laughing at the same time. (I too would have thought about Abby on ER!) I’m so happy that the doctors did an outstanding job, saving your life first and foremost and secondly saving your reproductive system even IF you never would have used it.

    Thank you for sharing your story and your mexican dishes! I wish for continued healing for you, and continued health and development for your beautiful babies!


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