Perfect Moment Monday: The Views from My (Temporary) Window

September 7, 2009

Perfect Moment

The fabulous Andrew Sullivan has a regular feature in his column at The Atlantic called The View From Your Window. Often it’s a pretty picture in an interesting locale. Other times there are themes, such as the recent wildfires in California.

Here are two views on different days from the window of my hospital room (still here for the time being, though there’s talk of going home this week — and I may take them up on it).



There are windows into others’ Perfect Moments at Weebles Wobblog.

13 Responses to “Perfect Moment Monday: The Views from My (Temporary) Window”

  1. Lavender Luz Says:

    Are those fireworks? Or sparks from night welding?

    Glad to hear you and the babies are still joined at the hip. Errr, ute.

    I look forward to several more Mondays this same way.


  2. babysmiling Says:

    @Lavender Luz: Fireworks.

    The construction guys work normal hours. (And today they’re off for the holiday!).

  3. RobinJP Says:

    Love that you’re being taken care of.. and able to ponder the beauty outside your (temporary) window.

    Looks like they are putting on quite a show for you.

  4. May Says:

    Have you gotten desperate enough for conversation to open the window and start a chat with the construction guys???

    I’m glad to hear things are still stable. Keep cookin’!!

  5. fattykins Says:

    How funny. Hang in there, babies. Remember, you are NOT summer babies!

  6. Carrie Says:

    Ha! I love those!

    I had a window washer dangling outside my windows and after he left I was so sad… obviously starved for interaction even through two layers of glass.

    Hoping everything stays good and your pregnant self is parked at home soon.

  7. People watching is fun. Especially construction workers. I hope they keep you entertained. Beautiful fireworks!

    I hope you get to go home, soon.

  8. Kristin Says:

    What fun pics. Like Beautiful Mess said, people watching is a blast. And, the second pic is gorgeous.

  9. samcy Says:

    So glad to hear that the babies are hanging in there and that you might be able to go home and rest 🙂

    The fireworks are awesome! I would probably lie there and make up stories about the workmen to pass the time…

    You’re doing great!


  10. strongblonde Says:

    glad you at least have some entertainment. if i was inpatient right now i would only be able to see some construction of the new children’s hospital from the window. 😦


  11. Mel Says:

    Oooh, fireworks would be a perfect moment.

  12. Nina Says:

    The fireworks are cool. You wonder if the constructors look forward to those jobs where they get to look in on all the people in hospital gowns. You know, the ones that open to the back;)

  13. I love that idea. I tend not to notice my surroundings, so I like the idea o taking a pic every once in a while.

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