Thoughtful Thursday: Photogenic

September 29, 2011

Thoughtful ThursdayI was just corresponding with a photographer about a family photo session, since Burrito and Tamale are about to turn 2 (!!!). I was giving some background on how to coax different family members to smile or cooperate.

Me, talking about me: “I’m a pretty consistent subject.”

It seems that people are not allowed to say they’re photogenic.

Most people think I am very photogenic, but a large part of that is that I am very skilled at selecting photos. If I’m sending out a photo that involves me, you’d better believe I will look good in it.

Part of being photogenic seems to be that you look like yourself, and since I look like myself almost all of the time — and have genuinely not changed in over 20 years, just ask people at my high school (or elementary school!) reunion — I am therefore photogenic.

Part of being photogenic also seems to be that you don’t make weird expressions. Having an unexpressive face, I’ve got that one down. My husband and son are both very expressive, facially and emotionally, and so they both get caught by the camera with weird expressions fairly often.

So yes, I’m pretty photogenic — at least in the face, and the hair. My stomach, though, is wildly inconsistent on film. Thank goodness for cropping.

Are you photogenic?