In my last post I listed 16 things that were wrong. In the spirit of positive thinking and the pursuit of happiness, and to tip the scales in the other direction, I will now list more than 16 things that are right, in no particular order.

  1. I am married to the sweetest, gentlest, smartest, most whimsical man in the world.
  2. He will be an incredible father one of these days.
  3. I am about to leave for my 5th trip abroad in the past year, where I will visit two (or possibly three) fabulous countries that I have never seen before (the 12th, 13th, and maybe 14th new countries to be added to my list in the past 12 months, not counting exquisite repeats like Italy).
  4. Most of those trips have been work-related, and therefore subsidized or at least tax-deductible.
  5. I have countless freedoms, rights, privileges, and choices.
  6. Many people are working very hard to secure those freedoms, rights, privileges, and choices for all of us.
  7. I have numerous people whom I love and who genuinely care about my well-being, some of whom know about my infertility and support me through that on top of everything else.
  8. I have a blog which several people are kind enough to read (hello to you!).
  9. On that blog, I can post my deepest fears and most honest feelings about others because no one in my real life except my husband knows of its existence.
  10. Infertility and IVF side-effects and random minor ailments notwithstanding, I am healthy.
  11. We have enough disposable income that we’ve been able to pay for IF treatments out of pocket. Not that they don’t hurt, but we are getting by, and it has given us options that many people don’t have.
  12. When I am in the pottery studio, I am free of IF worries.
  13. My cat will probably be extra-comforting after the next egg retrieval.
  14. I have an education that enables me to make choices in my career, including the present choice to do something that I love less than what I usually do for a while so that I can obtain health insurance.
  15. My old job, and to some extent my new job, have flexible-enough hours that I can attend RE appointments with little disruption.
  16. Whenever that baby decides to finally show up, DH and I both have enough job flexibility that we can fit our daily schedules to our needs as parents.
  17. The new job that I accepted for the health insurance will ultimately benefit my career and will also help to replenish the void in my bank account from weekly acupuncture, IUIs, and IVF #1, a void which continues to expand with IVF #2 starting soon.
  18. IVF #2 is starting soon.