…in order of proximity.

  1. I feel empty and frantic inside.
  2. Continuous headache and neck pain for the past 4 days.
  3. Huge amount of work in front of me, brain not functional enough to get it done.
  4. Even if I can muster mental strength, repetitive stress injury to wrist makes work difficult.
  5. Boss just interrupted my brain-intensive work with an incredibly piddly detail that he finds very important, and I have to stop everything I am doing to work on that because no one else is competent enough to trust with this very basic clerical task.
  6. Construction down the hall, drilling, drilling into my brain.
  7. Out of town visiting family have drained my time and my energy, both already in short supply.
  8. Huge amount of work not directly in front of me but deadlines loom large.
  9. IVF cycle being postponed for a month to deal with health insurance.
  10. Scared about upcoming hysteroscopy.
  11. Generally freaked out about infertility, getting left behind while everyone else I know has lots of babies.
  12. Added TTC time pressure due to sister-in-law’s wedding and child-rearing plans.
  13. Miserable state of health insurance in this country.
  14. Civil liberties of journalists and protesters being trampled at RNC.
  15. Many more civil liberties to be trampled in the future if the GOP has its way, including but not limited to reproductive freedoms, which have become ever more salient since I started engaging in medical interventions that some people find objectionable.
  16. Despite all of the truly good things in my life, I feel like I am being fucked over by the fates.