Thoughtful Thursday: Over the Hill

October 10, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Welcome to the October Intelligentsia.

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Thoughtful ThursdayThe first of my husband’s high school friends turned 40 today. Exactly eighteen years ago today, I teased that friend that since he’d turned 22, he was now in his mid-20s. He protested, “No, I’m still in my early 20s!”

I’ve seen people freak out about turning 30, 40, 45, 50, 60… And even some of the non-round numbers.

My mother objected to every age. She always looked much younger than her age, and her lies continued that illusion. She would even try to get me to lie to her friends, acquaintances, manicurists, baristas, et al., since “I don’t want to be old enough to have a 25 year old” (or any other age).

I’m the opposite, at least so far. With each new birthday, I’m happy to announce my age (38 coming up shortly!). As my husband always says when someone laments getting another year older, it beats the alternative.

Are there any ages, future or past, that freak you out? How do you react to getting older?


11 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Over the Hill”

  1. I’ll be 30 in January and I’m seriously freaked out.

  2. Mina Says:

    Hey, I am too turning 38 in two weeks! 🙂 Happy birthday to us!

    I have never lied about my age. I have never rounded it down to seem younger. On the contrary, I keep saying that I am ’40, almost’, and my husband corrects me ‘it sounds like it is two days away, when in fact you still have two years until you turn 40’. It does not bother me though. Unlike a friend of mine who never says her age but starting on the day she turns that age, two days before turning 30 she had to fill in a form and wrote her age as 29. Stupid, if you ask me.

  3. Mel Says:

    I’m turning 40 this year, and I’m sure I’ll freak out when the date gets closer. Right now, I’m trying not to think about leaving my thirties, which has been a pretty sweet decade.

  4. Elana Kahn Says:

    I had a bit of a freak out this year (I turned 30). I’m still kind of getting used to it. When my daughter was born just a few weeks after my birthday, it weirded me out to hear people referring to me as a 30 year old. ACK NO! hehe I don’t really mind the non-round numbers as much, though the “5’s” get to me, since it’s the difference between early and late (ie early 20’s vs late 20’s). I’ll just try to enjoy being in my early 30’s for a while now. 🙂

  5. strongblonde Says:

    I don’t tend to freak out for myself. I get nervous about my PARENTS getting older…but mostly that is just because I know what is coming. My mother’s disease is progressing quickly, my dad is no spring chicken. I don’t like to think about death. (I’m sure I could be a phd project for some psych person with my weirdness surrounding death). Ben’s siblings all turned 40 awhile ago, and we’ve had many friends turn 40 over the years, but one of our best friends turns 40 next month and that’s making that part a little realer, I suppose. I still don’t think it will freak me out. The funny thing is that I feel like I still surprise myself when I say my age out loud. Most of the time I still FEEL much younger. The thing that freaks me out is when I step back and evaluate the PLACE I am in life and what things I have/should have accomplished by now. Of course, those are all totally arbitrary.(This is a very unfocused answer and I totally recognize that. I’m blaming allergies and severe distraction as I leave for a 3 week out of country trip in a few days. 😦 boo.)

  6. St. Elsewhere Says:

    Approaching advancing age does not elicit uni-dimensional response from me.

    Frankly, I noticed it when I turned 18, and then I noticed when I was 25. I noticed my age when I was 30….since then, and in between it has been a blurry transition.

    I think I would be a little affected by the fact that I would be turning 40 eventually.

    But I am also looking forward to growing older, and some nice fruits of it, menopause for example. I am fed up of my periods.

    And then, since I still get bouts of baby fever (as it is called), I wish that I would not age any faster, because my eggs are getting fried with each passing year.

  7. St. Elsewhere Says:

    P.S. my mother looked 45 when she was 45, and she looks 50ish even though she is in her mid 60s now. I hope to borrow that from her. She is not really strung up on her age, and hardly uses any thing to counter her age, but her arthritis has made her stricter about her weight and food intake, and that has made her fitter,

    I would not mind looking like 50 when I am 60. 😉

  8. Cat Says:

    My age doesn’t bother me. I’m 36 and it is what it is. I often say the same thing as your husband. I wish I could have a good birthday once in a while, though. The only birthday celebrations of any kind I’ve had as an adult have been what I’ve planned myself. My husband doesn’t care to make a big deal over his birthday and apparently thinks I feel the same. It’s kind of sad to plan one’s own birthday party. I’m still kind of bummed by the pains a good friend of ours went to to make sure his wife’s 40th birthday was a good one. At every point in the planning process he was completely considerate of how she’d feel and what she’d like (he and another friend planned a surprise party). It was wonderful for her, but drove home that my own husband wouldn’t think of even half of that himself. It didn’t help that her party was two days before my birthday.

    I hate it when someone lies about their age. For years my MIL said she was 29 years old – even with two children older than that, one child nearly that old, and six grandchildren. I mean really, there is NO glory in being a 29 year old grandma. Her mother, at the same time, claimed to be 39 – I don’t need to tell you that she had six GREAT grandchildren. My MIL hasn’t said her fake age in a while, but that might just be around me because I always gave her a hard time. Still, at least I don’t have to hear about it.

  9. For some reason, 30 and 40 were difficult for me. Not so much 50. I guess I’m learning to embrace it because, as your husband says, it beats the alternative.

    Happy pre-birthday 🙂

  10. Sara Says:

    Ages have never really bothered me that much, either as a reason to freak out or a reason to celebrate. (On the other hand, BIRTHDAYS are a reason for celebrate. Who doesn’t want cake??) I will say, though, that turning 30 could’ve been better. Gwen was 5 months old, we still weren’t sleeping the greatest, Joel and I had had a big fight the day before, and it wasn’t until nearly 10 months later that he actually realized that I turned 30 last year. I figure next summer or the summer thereafter when I can gather a bunch of my far-flung friends together in the same place, we’ll do my 30th birthday celebrating then. 🙂

    On the other hand, I found my _dad_ turning 40 (when I was 12) rather mind-boggling. He’ll be hitting 60 next year, and I’m not sure I believe that either.

  11. ana Says:

    No, I’m not bothered. I’m like Mina. I kept saying I was “almost 30” for about 3 years (but mostly at work, where being young was certainly not an asset…no one wants to think about the fact that their doctor has literally just graduated from medical school….), but also because I felt like I had done the “20s” thing and was ready for a new chapter (I had just gotten married, was ready to finish residency and move, try for a family…) I was really happy to finally BE 30. A few years ago, I might have said that “40 freaks me out”, the way I might now say that “60 freaks me out”—because its so far away as to be irrelevant. At 37, I also say I’m “almost 40”, because again, I think that next chapter of life is just around the corner.
    I don’t really get people lying about their age. I have friends do the old “29 again” nonsense, but I assume (maybe i’m wrong) that its just a joke? I thought women claiming to be younger was a cultural trend that had long since died off…
    Also, I LOVE celebrating my birthday. Hell, I like to try for a whole “birthday week” of self-indulgence. Cake, presents, simply feeling special…i love it, at any age.

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