Thoughtful Thursday: Just for You

September 11, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Welcome to the September Intelligentsia.

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#37: Strongblonde from Strong Blonde
#27: St. Elsewhere
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#20: Sara from Aryanhwy

Thoughtful ThursdayFollowing up from the last post, I caved. Burrito made a reasoned argument and I couldn’t refuse. “Abel is my friend and he is nice and he is gentle and he is funny and he is good at sweeping.”

So, I added Abel and Tamale’s 2nd best friend (Lilith?) but not Cain or Seth or anyone else. Additional personalized trains are currently en route to my house. 4 guests, plus their parents — in line with the rule that Sara mentioned her mother using of the number of guests equaling the age of the child.

Anyway, on to TT.

In the past two days, Burrito and Tamale have independently discovered the little box in the back of the silverware drawer. I had the same conversation with both of them, almost verbatim.

“What’s in this box?!?”
Chopsticks. They are my chopsticks.
“May I please use them?”
No, they are my chopsticks.
“I want to try them.”
I bought them in Japan. They are only for me.

There aren’t many things in this house that are just for me — quite the opposite. Burrito and Tamale literally eat the food off my plate, on a daily basis. My office serves mainly as the room that has the swivel chair in which they spin each other around. My hairbrush has taken up permanent residence in the playroom. They clomp around the house wearing my shoes.

But, there are a few items that are off limits. B&T are allowed to use almost every dish, bowl, or cup that I have made myself, except for a couple — and there’s one plate that even DH isn’t allowed to use.

I have a few pens that I wouldn’t let the children use; my husband can use them if he’d like, but the pens can’t leave the house, and I wouldn’t recommend that he mess with the fountain pens.

Sometimes I like to buy myself fancy soaps. Even though DH shares my shower, he’s not allowed to use my soap, because what lasts two months for me will last a week if he goes near it. The children don’t use the shower and they don’t use bar soap, so they’re not a threat to my fancy soaps, yet.

And, there are my chopsticks. Though after he kept asking, I told Burrito that if he keeps practicing with the kid chopsticks (they are attached at the top to make them easier to use) that I might let him use them. If he breaks them, I guess we’ll have to go buy replacements… in Japan.

Is there anything in your house that’s just for you?


8 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Just for You”

  1. St. Elsewhere Says:

    That used to be the rule for my chocolates, but DH regularly swipes his hands on my stash.

    Once upon a time when there was no toddler running around in my house, I was strongly territorial. I am ‘looser’ on that front now.

    And will you share pics of the trains you have ordered (you can blot out the alphabets that indicate the twins’ names)?

  2. Sara Says:

    When I was babysitting in high school, I thought I knew what stock phrases of my mom’s I’d be using on my kids: “Don’t talk with food in your mouth”; “chew with your mouth closed”; “don’t rock your chair”, and “cover your mouth when you cough”. (OK,I was mostly babysitting older kids).

    So I was surprised to find that the last year or so (Gwen’s 22 months), my two most commonly repeated phrases are “not a toy” and “not a game”. Many things are not toys, and cannot be treated as such. Some of these things can nevertheless still be played with, with mommy’s permission (the laptop is one of them). But if I had to list things which are just for mommy and daddy, and under no circumstances will be shared, even with permission and supervision, until she’s probably ~10 or so, the only thing I can actually come up with is beer and wine. (Strangely, given her love of all things edible and drinkable, I don’t think she’s ever asked to share daddy’s coffee. We would probably decline that, though she’s allowed to have small sips of my tea). The strict no-alcohol policy I had thought was going to prove difficult in a few weeks time as we return to the Netherlands for a two-day beer festival — until we found out that new this year, for 12.50EUR/day, we can drop Gwen off at a facility set up by the local daycare! I am SO looking forward to enjoying my beer without having to keep it and the empty glasses away from grabby hands.

    I’m pleased that my mom’s suggestion regarding birthday party numbers was useful!

  3. Elana Kahn Says:

    I have special protein bars that are “just for Mommy”. The kiddos have their own bars, and they know that Mommy’s bars are off limits. Other than that, they know Mommy’s computer is supposed to be for Mommy, but it doesn’t keep them from wanting to poke at it and press buttons and such. We used to have a second computer so they could play ABC Mouse on it, but it died. 😦 So now they have the Kindle and the iPad to delight them. Technically those are Mommy’s, too, but they’re really not. lol Trying to keep kids away from technology is a futile endeavor.

  4. Ana Says:

    Hmmm…my son has asked to wear my necklaces and jewelry, and I’ve said no, because “its mine”. I don’t let them touch my books or work phone (though they play with my i-phone all the time). Other than that…not much is off limits. When I tell them something is “mine”, they say “you should share mommy, its all of ours”.

  5. a Says:

    There are a few things in my house that are mine. My daughter inquires about them and I tell her “You can have it when I’m dead.” This includes my smiley face glasses that were my grandmother’s, and the Baccarat crystal that was my other grandmother’s and a teddy bear. For the longest time, I wouldn’t let her play with the teddy bear I’ve had since I was born. She took it one day, and she played with it for a little while, and then I found it discarded on the floor. So, back on my dresser it went, and she knows she’s not allowed to play with it again (it is missing half its fur and has had feet sewn on, so there’s some reason not to give it to her. She can throw it out when I’m dead. But now, I think she has some memories attached to it too.).

    I cannot lay claim to food, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, clothing, glassware, or even my spot on the couch, since my husband discovered how convenient it is for laptop use. Mostly it doesn’t bother me, because I have older sisters, so I learned early to hide the things I didn’t want to share.

  6. strongblonde Says:

    i think the only things that are only for me are jewelry. the necklace that we bought when we found out i was pregnant, the ring that we bought when i finally got a negative tumor marker and knew that we were finally on the other side, the necklace my sister got me as a wedding gift. i’ll let the kids wear my ring for a minute, but it can’t leave my room on their finger. 🙂 otherwise…i think that we’re pretty good about letting them touch/eat/roam and feel like they also live in our house.

    this either says something about my personality or the posessions that i have, huh?

  7. LOL: “and he is good at sweeping.”

    I have lines. My stuff is my stuff, largely. I have my own mugs, my towels (I share the good ones with my husband) cosmetics, soaps, etc. I don’t even like sharing my water bottle.

    I drive my children crazy. And vice versa.

  8. Cat Says:

    My kids aren’t allowed to bring their toys into DH’s and my bedroom or the office. My cosmetics are now off limits because they kept playing with them while I got ready in the morning, especially smashing the powder brush into things. Many chocolate-y treats are mine, but I try to just eat those when the kids aren’t around. There’s currently a package of Mega-Stuf Oreos stashed in the back of the cabinet that even DH doesn’t know about.

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