Thoughtful Thursday: What They Might Say

June 27, 2013

Thoughtful ThursdayWe’ve just discussed how we’d summarize our mothers and fathers. During Lori’s Listen to Your Mother show, I thought about not only how I would describe my mother, but how my children might someday describe me.

Right now their descriptions are limited to features like, “Mommy has brown hair like me,” or “Mommy wears sunscreen,” or “Mommy never wears flip-flops.” Someday, though, they’ll presumably have more to say. The version of me that they see at age 3 will not be the same version they see at 13 or 23; I can’t even imagine that far into the future, so all I can speak to is the present. Though they may not be able to recall enough to articulate it later, I’d like to imagine that Burrito and Tamale would describe the 2013 version of me as something like:

Our mommy puts a lot of thought into her parenting. She works really hard at giving us special presents and experiences. She is very patient, most of the time, except when she was on Prednisone. She sings to us every day. She makes the cakes we eat and the dishes we eat them on. We’re not allowed to do a lot of things that most kids do, like watch TV or eat candy, but she always gives us reasons why. She doesn’t approve of toys that make noise or light up, so we don’t have any. She always tells us the truth, even when it conflicts with what most people tell kids. She takes a lot of pictures of us on her phone with the cracked screen that’s held together by electrical tape; we like it because the tape is bright red.

How do you imagine your children might describe the 2013 version of you?


8 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: What They Might Say”

  1. Elana Kahn Says:

    I don’t think any of my kids will remember my 2013 version. But they would probably say that I study too much. lol But that otherwise I’m a lot of fun and am the only person in the house that can fix the TV and get them videos on the computer (though this is not actually true…there are other adults just as capable). They would say that I’m usually happy, except when one of them misbehaves…then I get grumpy. I’m very cuddly, but I do not like my belly getting squished. And that I love to do random things to make them smile: bringing home balloons after an open house, bringing home lolly pops from the bank, taking them to do developmental studies where I know they’ll have fun and get to take home a toy, etc. At least I hope they remember this year like that, but chances are they won’t remember any of it. I know I don’t remember being under 4 years old…

  2. a Says:

    Mine currently likes to tell me I’m crabby and mean (former: absolutely, latter: not so much). I hope she will remember me as the one who tried to make life special by taking her to different places and trying different experiences. I hope she remembers that I try to listen to the full story and sort out what happened. And when she’s in the wrong, I tell her. I hope she remembers that I pushed her to read, and that she continues to enjoy it her whole life. I hope she remembers me as an anchor on the perch of her life – providing her with a safe, sturdy place to alight when flying away becomes too tiring.

  3. strongblonde Says:

    The kids definitely take notice of my lifestyle/our lifestyle. Right now they would probably say that I like to bikeride and run, and they get to come with me sometimes. We do lots of things as a family and go to different places. We read every day and talk about the things that are important to us. We love to eat and make food together and do most of our eating at home. We “examine” each other just for fun and get to point out ways we are changing and growing. I hope that they see me as patient. I hope that they see that I have rules, but I’m consistent and there are not any surprises. I’m gentle. I’m interested in them. I am present. I’m honest. We don’t do thing the way other people do, we do them the best way for our family. We spend time with people we care about and we treat everyone with respect.

    hmmm. re-reading this i’m not sure if I’m answering the question or if I’m skirting it. I hope they see me as: patient, loving, active, interested, healthy, and happy.

    (showing a bit of insight: a lot of these qualities are things that i did/do not see in my own mother. so in many ways i suppose that she helped to shape me into the mother i am today. i don’t want my kids to interpret me as i do her.)

  4. St. Elsewhere Says:

    My 2013 version? I do not think the kid is in age to remember this ‘me’, but if she could this is what she would possibly say:

    “Mummy definitely seems better this year than last year. I think she looks better with her short hair than the ones from last year. Mummy is still careless about dressing. I love the fact that I get to be running in the puddles more than what my friends are allowed. Mummy allows to let me play with water too. She is moody and can be very bad when upset. She stares me very badly sometimes. She sings to me, and runs around the living room with me. She slips me food that she is eating. She does not mind me getting dirty, but ensures that I do not remain in dirty clothes for long. Mummy makes me kiss her chin. “

  5. Sara Says:

    This one is tough. I know how I would describe myself as a parent at this stage, but I have no idea what parts of my parenting will be the ones that Gwen remembers/would describe about my parenting now in the future. Gwen would certainly describe me simply as “Mama”, a description I’ll happily take from a 19 month old.

    But I guess I have some inkling of how she feels about things. I was herding her through Houston airport to the gate for our second flight on Sunday, and she kept getting distracted by carts! and windows! and airplanes! and everything, and someone else walking the same direction commented to me that she seemed an awfully happy baby; she heard the comment, and cheerfully replied “happy happy happy”.

    If my child’s first abstract concept word is “happy” and she uses it to describe herself, I think her future descriptions of me would be good.

  6. You are probably spot on about what your kids would say. I love that you sing to them everyday, and I should do that more often.

    I’m late here due to work stuff and busy catching up, so let me share a link to when I put myself into my children’s heads in 2031.

  7. Cat Says:

    My kids tell me sometimes that I’m the best mommy ever so I try really hard to live up to that. I think they’d probably say something about me baking their bread and decorating their birthday cakes. Probably that I tickle them a lot, but also hug and kiss them a lot. E would say that I kiss her too much when I’m tucking her in and that’s why she only allows one kiss these days. They would say that I sing along with the radio even when they tell me not to. They’d probably also remember me saying very often, “How do you ask politely?” and reminding them that they’re smart, strong, funny, brave, and kind.

  8. Geochick Says:

    I hope your children think of you as you described! I personally can’t play this game since I’m currently having so many problems with my own mother. I’m terrified that someday my kids will be having the same convo me and my brother just had. Ugh.

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