Thoughtful Thursday: Father

June 13, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

Welcome to the May/June Intelligentsia.

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Thoughtful ThursdayIn light of Father’s Day this weekend (at least in the U.S., I know that Father’s Day falls on a different part of the calendar for a few of you) and our efforts last time to describe our mothers in a couple of sentences…

My father is a thinker, a creator, a talker, a peacemaker, a charmer. He has big, wonderful ideas but his greatest fault is inconsistent follow-through. When I was a kid, instead of meeting me on my level, he always expected me to come up to his… which meant that I was the only 3 year old in town playing backgammon, but also the only 3 year old in the theatre watching Apocalypse Now. He is incapable of being ordinary.

How would you sum up your father?


9 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Father”

  1. Elana Kahn Says:

    My father was a very smart and kind man. He taught chemistry for 25 years and also practiced as a pharmacist. He was invested in his students like no other teacher I ever knew, and he didn’t put up with crap from them. He was very loving, too.

  2. St. Elsewhere Says:

    My father is funny (literally). He is capable of deep emotions, and he can be very scrupulous about certain things (paying bills, for e.g.) and then he can very disorganized too. He is generous, and a wonderful singer. He can make children comfortable easily. He loves his food.

    He has seen some incredibly tough days in his past. A lot of his decisions that he took in those times were so perfectly accurate that I love him for them. He is capable of acting like a Maharaja, and he can be very humble. He supported his family through the scholarship he received at college level. He definitely is a worthy son.

    He polished shoes at the railway station and sent the money so collected to help our armed forces during a particular war. He is capable of being that awesome.

  3. Sara Says:

    For some reason finding the words for him are easier…rational, upright, just, convicted, trust-worthy. But when I put that down, it doesn’t seem to do him justice. I have always thought that I have had about as excellent a dad as you could get. He’s not exactly a kid sort of person (especially before he shaved his beard when I was 10, that along with his deep voice often scared them), but he simply incorporated my sister and I into the appropriate parts of his adult life, and I remember appreciating that so much. When he was going back to school, (a commute of 2.5 hours one way), when I was 7, twice he took me along with him to spend the day, sitting in the back of his classes, meeting his friends and colleagues. When I was 14, he broke his arm badly and I spent the summer as his amanuensis, and it did wonders for my teenage self-esteem to be treated as an adult by this adult that I had so much esteem for. As a teenager I always knew that if I got myself into a situation I didn’t want to be in, I could call him and he’d come get me, no matter where I was or what I was doing, no questions asked. If I phoned him up this morning and said “I need you to come here”, he’d book a flight and be on his way to Europe this afternoon.

    Having had such excellent parents is one of the reasons why I’ve always wanted to be a parent myself.

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Well, he’s dead. I miss him always, but he was a very damaged person, very shy…. I miss him so much though

  5. a Says:

    My dad has been gone for over 20 years and I still miss him. He was a big flirt, and cute as could be. He was charming and funny. He was sort of irresponsible and immature, from what I gather, but I was born when he was 48, so that was mostly behind him. He loved my mom and us more than anything. I like to say I was his favorite – we got to spend some time together when he was retired and I was in college. Our main objectives were to irritate each other. Therefore, he would try to talk to me when I got up in the morning (NOT ALLOWED!!!! At least not until I’ve been up for an hour or so.) and I would make him watch Dirty Dancing with me whenever it was on cable (approximately twice a week). He had 3 sisters, and you couldn’t say a bad word about him to them. It makes me sad to think that when he was very ill, he was still trying his best to protect me from the worst of it.

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    My dad is quiet, tender-hearted, rational… one of the most generous people I have ever met. He doesn’t understand me but his love has always been a bedrock.

  7. strongblonde Says:

    ha! my dad expected the same thing! my first book was the hobbit which we read together while sitting on the washer (his preferred reading location). my summer homework in elementary school was algebra, which graduated to geometry/trig/and then calculus! my cousin from chicago said she didn’t want to come and stay with me in the summer anymore b/c my dad gave us homework.

    in a sentence? past: My dad was a serious, hard-working, man who enjoyed watching loud tv. now: my dad is jolly (although misguided in his political affiliations) and enjoys time with family and loud tv. 🙂 he’s a totally different person now. i was afraid of him as a child. mostly, this was because i didn’t know him (he worked 364 days per year until i was 13 yrs old), but also b/c he could be prone to violence at times (never toward me, but toward my middle sister–still lots of guilt there for me). he was unpredictable. now? he’s still slightly unpredictable, is still hard working, but seems happier now somehow!

  8. Your description of your dad is priceless.

    My dad is curious, an idealist, self-taught, always teaching, caring, generous, and, because I heard him tell someone last night, aware that he is blessed.

    I suppose you could say I am a bit like him.

  9. Cat Says:

    My dad was smart, kind, caring, and steamrolled by my batshit crazy mother. He would be so tickled to be Grandpa to triplets, but unfortunately he never got to meet them.

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