Thoughtful Thursday: Energy

April 11, 2013

Thoughtful Thursday

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Thoughtful ThursdayThere’s a game that I play with Burrito and Tamale in which I try to find out more about the personalities of their classmates. I go through a series of questions that give me a pretty good sense of each kid. We’ll work through the questions over the next few weeks. First:

Is he energetic or calm?

They actually prefer the word “exciting” (pronounced ex-kiting) to energetic, but they can readily answer the question either way. With preschoolers, it’s very clear who is energetic and calm. Most kids are calm (like my Tamale), except for a few Tasmanian devils (like my Burrito). If I’m thinking of inviting a kid for a playdate, my preference would be for a calm child. This is ironic because I am married to the most energetic person I’ve ever met.

Next week I’ll be seeing an old friend with whom I once had the following conversation:
Me: DH has soooo much energy. I’m really low energy.
Friend: If you’re low energy, that means I’m dead.

We were defining energy differently. I am a very calm person, but I have a lot of energy relative to most people — particularly energy for creating things, which is what my friend was thinking of. What I do not have is energy as I was defining it in that conversation: energy for running wildly around the room the way that a 3-year-old (or my husband) would. I am calibrated to be fast, but this manifests itself not in big motor movements but in talking fast, thinking fast, writing fast. When I was a kid, my piano teacher constantly tried to slow me down. She often told me that just because my brain moved fast didn’t mean that my fingers could, nor that the music warranted it. I was never the type to run around the room, though, even as a little kid. I never cared for the type of person who runs around the room.

Until I married one. And then gave birth to another one.

It makes life very exciting. And ex-kiting.

What is your energy level? What kind of energy level do you prefer in the people around you?

13 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Energy”

  1. St. Elsewhere Says:

    Oh I am pretty lunar in my energy levels. What I prefer in others, depends on what side of the moon I am up on.

    DH is comparatively more high level than me.

  2. Sara Says:

    I certainly don’t have enough energy to keep up with a 17 month old. There are certain times (end of a long day on a 3 hour bus ride home that’s turned into 3.5 due to traffic) when I simply don’t have the energy to continue playing peek-a-boo,or sing songs, or do whatever needed to keep fussing to a minimum.

    On the other hand, yesterday I hiked up a mountain, so it’s not like I’m lethargic.

    When it comes to social energy, I definitely have a lot less than a lot of people; that comes from being an introvert.

  3. Oh… compared to my kids my energy level is way low… Although if I’m not too sleep-deprived I don’t mind running around the playground with them and doing other crazy stuff. I wouldn’t want to have M. Sensible’s best friend over for a playdate (at least not if we cannot go outside), because is energy level is way too high and the energy level of the two boys together is exponentially bigger (and I’m not even talking about their screaming). I have a decent energy level but on the outside I’m calm, and if I have too many hyper people around me (one can be too many), I have the tendency to go and hide somewhere quiet.

  4. Mina Says:

    Oh, shoot, asked right now, I would say my energy is magnificently absent. In general, I am perhaps not an energetic person, but I am a doer, and many said that they admired my energy, although they meant my ability to take quick decisions and do whatever I needed to do. But since my brain has been reset to zero, I am just not sure anymore. Presently, I have no energy to speak of, the entire family allotted energy quota went to my children. My husband is also running on fumes. It will get better, right? Lie to me and say yes.

  5. a Says:

    I am not one who always has to be DOING SOMETHING. I think I’m a fairly calm person…but I am easily irritated. And oh, how that is magnified in the car! I’m more of a watcher than a doer. So I’m happy to watch people run around the room like a 3 year old, and I’ll even participate sometimes, but it doesn’t last long.

    However, I have lots of energy when something needs to be done. If there’s a time limit on the task, I will work until it’s done or until the time is up, whichever comes first.

  6. a Says:

    Oh, as to other people…I seem to hang around high energy people. I don’t know why, because I generally find them exhausting.

  7. Mel Says:

    I am fairly mellow as is Josh as is the Wolvog. The ChickieNob probably has the most energy out of all of us, though her favourite activities are drawing, reading, and yoga. So not really high-energy things.

    More amusing is that we seem to have gotten a mellow guinea pig. So now we’re a house full of low-energy beings.

  8. Ana Says:

    Love what St Elsewhere said about being “lunar”…I feel like that about my energy levels, but actually much more random than the cycles of the moon. I appear high-energy in some ways (walk fast, do tasks quickly, think & read fast) but I don’t TALK fast, I don’t really flit about in a super-high-energy way, and I love lazy past times like reading, eating & drinking, etc… Super hyper people (that kind of manic nervous energy sort) set me on edge in general, though its normal for little kids to run around, so it doesn’t bother me in the under 5 set.

  9. Elana Kahn Says:

    I have no energy to do things, unless it’s something I REALLY want to do. My husband also has a small amount of energy, but he actually gets productive things done. I mean, so do I, but I procrastinate way too much. As for the kids, the girls are calm and our boy is insanely high energy. I prefer lower energy, because I have a hard time chasing around someone who’s running all over the place. But it’s nice to be around someone who brings your energy level up.

  10. strongblonde Says:

    i think fast, talk fast, type fast. but otherwise i am very measured. i won’t buy something unless i’ve researched the crap out of it. i won’t commit to something without knowing the ins and outs of it, etc. but in general i think that i’m high energy with a guarded nature. i have a lot of energy and i use a lot of energy, but i don’t always let it show and i may come off as more calm.

    having said that, being around people who are VERY slow talkers makes me nervous. …so generally i try to surround myself with people who are a type of “energetic calm” 😉

    oh and btw: my roommate said that she ALWAYS leaves a tip for the maid service when she’s in a hotel! 🙂 i immediately thought of one of the recent TTs!

  11. I have lost energy over the years. Before, I may have been called “high strung.”

    I like being around the energetic people who live in my home. Keeps me from sinking into lethargy. It does feel good to be with calm people, maybe since I live with exkiting ones.

    You are an enigma.

  12. Cat Says:

    My energy comes in spurts and I have finally learned to take advantage and get stuff done when I’m in the mood because it’s a lot easier than forcing myself when I don’t feel like it. My husband is high energy. He rarely sits still on the weekends except when he naps during the kids’ nap – he’s a big fan of naps.

  13. Ernessa Says:

    I’m low energy while my oldest daughter is super high energy. Calmer kids can sometimes feel overwhelmed by her, so whenever I meet cool parents with super high energy kids, I’m like, “let’s do a playdate!” Bit this also leads to some guilt on my part when she wants to go-go-go! after school. And I have to tend to putting the twins down for the night. It feels like I’m forcing her to be sedentary like me. 😦

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