Time Warp Tuesday: Luck

March 13, 2013

For only the second time I’m participating in Time Warp Tuesday, run by Kathy at Four of a Kind. This week’s topic, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day: luck.

For someone who doesn’t believe in luck, I’ve written an awful lot of posts about luck. IN particular, I draw your attention to this one.

Done reading yet? I’ll wait…


Most of the post holds up, but the part at the end about my career situation has changed. After so many stomachaches and so many stints as a bridesmaid rather than a bride in job searches, I ended up at a job that’s perfect for me, where I plan to stay long-term, in a fantastic city, where I also plan to stay long-term. I wrote the Bridesmaid post the same week that I didn’t get a dream job and DH didn’t get his beyond-his-wildest-dreams job; instead, a few months later DH landed an even better job: more money, more prestige, better work. Both of us were very lucky not to get the earlier jobs, since it meant that we were available for, and open to, the jobs that we did end up getting. Bad luck became good luck.

Similarly, I might go so far as to say that we were lucky during those 7 years of infertility, since all of the heartache and waiting brought us to our children. Bad luck became good luck.

Will our more recent bad luck — such as my RA diagnosis and our unsold money pit house — end up working out for the best? Wish me luck.

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6 Responses to “Time Warp Tuesday: Luck”

  1. I did the time warp too this month (for the first time…)! I think it’s always great to see unlucky events turn to enriching experiences as they make us less naive and more understanding of others. I’m hoping for the tide to turn on your recent bad luck!

  2. a Says:

    I hope the run of bad luck is over and that it’s been enough for one lifetime. Wishing you good luck!

  3. strongblonde Says:

    oy! i read my response to that, too, and think that it still holds up: luck is how you interpret it!!! i’m not imaginative enough to think of how a RA dx will end up good…but I have to believe that something positive will come of it.

    and i often think of how i AM so glad that i had the IF course that i did. i wouldn’t have ended up with M and T if i didn’t. i can’t imagine not having both of them. and can’t imagine them not being twins!!!

    i’m so glad that you found found your job and city!! and burrito and tamale. the RA? not so much….but let’s hope this is it. and that management is good and uneventful!!!

    🙂 but having said all of that? best of luck to you in everything, my friend!!!

  4. Ana Says:

    I guess in situations like you described the luck or lack thereof can only be seen in retrospective. In real-time, i think my luck generally sucks. In retrospective, since things have generally turned out well and I am happy with my life, I guess one would consider me lucky. I don’t know too many ways an unfortunate diagnosis could be construed as lucky, unless it led to a profound shift in your perspective and/or led you to abandon an unfavorable life path (which you are clearly not on…but I know of someone leaving a bad marriage for example, when the stress of the diagnosis brought everything to a head).
    with that in mind, I wish you good luck in the here & now! (not the “luck” that you may appreciate 10 years down the road, but the kind you can celebrate today!)

  5. I’m smiling at my good luck in having you in my city.

    I’m not immediately seeing a bright spot about the RA or the money pit, but I’ll not yet concede there isn’t one. I’ve seen the turnaround too many times.

  6. Kathy Says:

    Welcome back to Time Warp! It was such a nice surprise to see that you linked up and I am sorry it hasn’t taken me this long to get over here and comment. I get a kick out of your take on luck, in that you say you don’t believe in it, but then find all these instances in your life that you consider to be either bad or good luck.

    I share your perspective that often bad luck can turn into or lead to good luck, but the why and how that happens I am not sure who or what to attribute it to… God? The Universe? Our attitude/point-of-view? Lots to chew on…

    I am so glad that you are in a job and city that you love so much now with a husband and children that help you to feel complete and content! Also a bit jealous that you and Lori get to live close to each other and hang out. Someday I will visit you both! 🙂

    Thanks so much for doing the Time Warp again this month! It’s great to have you back and would love for you to join us again soon!

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