Thoughtful Thursday: Mind’s Eye

January 31, 2013

Thoughtful ThursdaySomething new has been happening to me during yoga. Sometimes during shavasana, sometimes in the middle of a more active pose. One thing that’s new is that I’ve recently been able to turn my mind off and just be. The other new thing is that once my mind is blank, I’m suddenly transported to another place in my mind’s eye. I don’t try to conjure anything; I just let the images float into my mind.

The first time it was the new age store near my mother’s house; I went there one time, in 1993.

Then there was the hotel room where I stayed that time I went to Detroit, also in the mid-90s. There was nothing special about that hotel room (and, come to think of it, nothing interesting about that trip to Detroit, unless you count the biker bar which sounds more interesting than it actually was).

Another time it was the outside of the convenience store next to my mother’s assisted living center. I never went into that store, but I spent a lot of time trying and failing to convince my mother not to go there, since she kept buying food that she wasn’t supposed to be eating.

Today, I was transported back to 2007, when I traveled to Meteora.


From a yoga perspective, I don’t judge. I just take the images as they come, and let them float away. From a non-yoga perspective I have to say that Meteora is a lot better than Detroit.

Do you ever travel anywhere in your mind’s eye, either voluntarily or involuntarily?

10 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Mind’s Eye”

  1. St. Elsewhere Says:

    I am an accomplished traveller that way.

    It’s the time of the year when we write cheques for random reasons (taxes, investments and commitments). And I have been harassing my husband to follow up and send the SOS Children’s Village cheque that we send every year. Bhimtal has been in my Mind’s Eye for a few days now. It was so pleasant, and beautiful, and I keep thinking of it. DH has met the girl we are sponsoring, and I haven’t met her. I want to meet her someday, and I have a picture of her, and I keep on imagining her in that scenic environs.

    I am also an escapist to boot. When life gets too unpleasant, and when I cannot but live ‘through’, I send my mind to places. There have been times where I have voluntarily gone to places from the days gone by. I am a warrior with a lit-up brain.

  2. Mina Says:

    Sometimes, especially at night, my mind draws me back to moments in my past and I just relieve that. Some of them are bad, and I curse my mind for making me relive those moments I work so hard to forget and especially the feelings that flood me all over again.
    Other times, and I’ve noticed that it happens mostly in spring, a very mundane occurance takes me also back in a moment that happened also during spring. I walk to the car to pick up the groceries and the wind is warm and the sun is shining and I am suddenly not walking to this car I have now, but walking to the office where I worked 8 years ago, and it is amazing how I can remember the bus driving past me, and how it took the corners, and the lights changing, and the guard and the receptionist from the office building, and the movement of swiping the entrance card. And how I felt good that I had little work to do in the office and I was able to read something I liked.
    I can recall such trivial moments at will too. And sometime I do. Just to compare how my life has changed. Or just to recall the silence. I had a lot of silent moments back then.

  3. Mel Says:

    I spend a lot of time traveling mentally. Usually voluntarily. Every once in a while a place pops into my head. Once, before I left for Australia, I had such a great dream about traveling through Oceania that I cancelled my trip. I didn’t think the actual place could ever live up to the dream version of the place, and I really didn’t want to ever lose my memory of the dream, having it replaced by actuality. Part of me is sad that I’ve never seen Australia. Part of me still feels satiated due to that dream.

    And I replaced the trip with 3 weeks in Norway instead.

  4. a Says:

    I bought a condo because the roof deck took me back to a hotel I stayed at in Florence, Italy. But, otherwise, I’m not much of a mental traveler. I should start…

  5. Sara Says:

    One of my methods for putting me to sleep is to tell myself stories, first-person stories in the present-tense. During any given period where I struggle to fall asleep (not usually a problem for me), I have a story that I begin and then build on; it lasts me through that period, and by the time another comes around again, I usually have to pick a new one. Even though I generally know from the start what the story is, my mental narration rarely makes it all the way through before I fall asleep; each day it gets a bit further, but the fact that I’ve never reached the end is a guarantee to myself that this will (hopefully) always work to put me to sleep when I really need it.

  6. Elana Kahn Says:

    It depends on what you mean by travel. I don’t really go to far-off exotic places in my mind. I think about people and talking to them, but I don’t really concentrate too much on surroundings. I think about events, but it’s more about the event and not about where the event is. I’ve never been to Ireland, so I can’t really picture all the beauty if I were to visit. But I can picture myself going to Dublin and visiting the site where one of my favorite films was filmed and just sitting by the water there.

  7. strongblonde Says:

    you know what? i never travel to PLACES, but i travel to TIMES. i tend to remember things that i had long forgotten and relive them. i remember things about camp, experiences with my grandparents, feelings of angst from my teenage years 🙂 even when i was purposefully practicing guided imagry, i still couldn’t go to places! i would always get distracted. maybe this is b/c i don’t have a strong enough mind or willpower? or perhaps it’s because my willpower is TOO strong! it goes where it wants! 🙂

    and, for the record, i suck at this part of yoga. i tend to spend all of my time thinking, “i should be able to bend more than this” “do i have butt sweat?” “wonder why they say you shouldn’t do inversions during menstruation” hahaha!

  8. Hard to suspend judgment when Detroit and Meteora are involved.

    Ummm…..can’t say I’ve experienced this. But now that it’s in my realm of possibility, I’m going to aim for Santorini.

    Or Wichita.

  9. Shelby Says:

    I know it’s the cliche American holiday place (I’m sorely under-traveled), but I often find myself in Hawaii. There was just something about that place, something magical that I never expected and on a day when I’m needing escape, I can find myself on a scooter tooling around the backroads of Kauai.

  10. Kudos to you for being able to turn off your mind during yoga! I’ve been trying forever, but I never succeed…

    I do think about a million things all the time, but traveling to places in my mind’s eye happens very rarely. Maybe I should try it more often though, maybe the step after that will be that I’ll be able to turn off my mind, who knows… 😉

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