Thoughtful Thursday: Old

December 20, 2012

Thoughtful ThursdayNormally I feel young-ish — my age, 30s — but lately there have been a few things that have made me feel downright old.

Suddenly, I am getting called Ma’am all the time. Every store, every restaurant, on the street. A few months ago I was Miss sometimes, Ma’am sometimes. Now, always Ma’am.

As part of diagnosing my weird affliction, I’ve had every imaginable kind of test, including two sets of x-rays. For the first, at a primary care office, the tech asked if I was sure I wasn’t pregnant and put a lead barrier over my reproductive organs. The second set of x-rays, at the office of the specialist, the tech didn’t mention anything about pregnancy and didn’t cover anything. To be fair, almost all of the specialist’s patients are elderly, so pregnancy isn’t normally a consideration for anyone at that office. Still, to be treated like pregnancy wasn’t even a possibility (which it isn’t based on fertility status but should have been based on my age) made me feel so old. Even moreso than being in a waiting room full of people in their 70s.

30th anniversary of Thriller. 30th.

What makes you feel old?

20 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Old”

  1. luna Says:

    (1) being the oldest mom at my kid’s preschool, at 43. most women are at least 8-10 years younger, with older (not younger) kids at home. (2) also, sleep deprivation is much harder now than it has ever been, including with our first 3 years ago. (3) sometimes when I get up after sitting or sleeping my body feels OLD. ok, I AM old.

  2. luna Says:

    oh, also I’m about to celebrate 22 years with my husband, and I’ve been with him nearly half of my life. that makes us both feel old.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    When DJs who were on Radio 1 when I was a kid/teen are now on Radio 2. (Young hip station as opposed to old people’s station!)

  4. Elana Kahn Says:

    I feel old all the time about various things…a lot of times having to do with the people I talk to on twitter who are 10 or more years younger than I am. I’m like “You guys are babies! AHHH!” That freaks me out. And just even thinking of turning 30 next year scares the everliving daylights out of me. It’s like “Where did my 20’s go and can I get them back?” *sigh*

  5. celiadelia Says:

    I feel old every freaking day now because I have arthritis and I can’t take anything because I am nursing. The weather is cold and damp and I am not so miserable that I will wean the baby and switch to formula but I AM too miserable to run and play and take them for walks. 2.5 months and I am going to make sweet, sweet love to a bottle of aleve. God. I am sitting on the couch right now surrounded by stuff I need to do but I can’t face standing up. Also my skin looks bad, my skin usually looks pretty good but the sleep deprivation of Baby #2 is hitting me harder. YAY.

  6. Mina Says:

    I felt very old when it occured to me that I could have had an 18 year old this year. Instead I have a two year old and a five months old. I am grateful. But also heading towards old with full speed.
    Also, I realised I entered the second half of my until-retirement period some years ago. Not that that matters, since I am a housewife now. But still. Late 30s means now 3 years away from 40. Which I hear are the new 30s, but that’s what they said about pink being the new black, and let’s face it, it’s not.

  7. strongblonde Says:

    oh man. you’re not old. WE are not old!! πŸ™‚ (although i did just realize that i’m much closer to 40 than 30). but i know what you are talking about. i’ve been getting a whole lot of ma’ams lately, too. i feel especially old when i am around the undergrads! they look younger and younger and smaller and skinnier!! πŸ™‚ one of the things, though, that pushes me over the edge is when i see on fb that a few of the gals that i went to HS with are GRANDPARENTS. no joke. i have a couple of 3 year olds….they have 3 year old grandchildren. how the heck did THAT happen???

  8. a Says:

    I am old, because I’m concerned about what my workplace is going to do with my retirement (it’s not looking good.)!

    I am merely looking forward to getting older and more crotchety!

    I did, however, get carded recently. That was somewhat shocking.

  9. Mel Says:

    I hope they get to the bottom of the weird affliction soon.

    I had to look at pictures of myself from middle school last night. Seeing that girl, the grin on her face, made me feel old. It wasn’t just seeing the visible difference in age; it was knowing what I know now vs. what that little 12-year-old me knew.

  10. Sara Says:

    Only a few things make me feel old (and I’m not — only 30). I can no longer sleep on the ground with just a few blankets and a sleeping bag without feeling really sore the next day. That’s probably the biggest. And looking in the mirror and seeing all the grey in my hair never helps. But the grey is actually one of the few things that makes me not look like a little kid, so it actually helps me sometimes. I’m still regularly “Miss”, even when I’m out with Gwen.

    Another thing that makes me feel…not so much old as grown-up, is little kids who don’t bother to learn my name but just call me “Gwen’s mom”. It always makes me smile.

  11. Gina Says:

    Looking at my 2.5 year old in astonishment…how did he get that old? And when did I become an adult with two kids??

  12. The fact that I have 8000 phone numbers memorized makes me feel old. It’s an outdated skill.

    For different reasons, it also makes me feel old that I know the lyrics to probably 80,000 songs. I’m proud of my memory, but amazed to think how many decades of songs are housed in my brain! (My kids think I’m amazing for knowing every song that comes on the radio.)

  13. Cat Says:

    Last week I took the kids to get their hair cut and something came on the radio about Kevin Smith planning to make a “Clerks 3” movie. I commented that I didn’t know there was a “Clerks 2”. Neither stylist had heard of Kevin Smith, “Clerks” or any of the other movies I named that he has made or been in. I was a senior in high school when the first “Clerks” came out.

    Also, whenever I realize that it’s been 20 or more years since I’ve done something, like rollerskating. The fact that I’ve been alive long enough to say that it’s been 20, 25, 30 years since something happened or I last did something.

  14. St. Elsewhere Says:

    I am not really age-conscious, and feeling old is not my norm. But it does get to old enough/so old already sometimes.

    I really draw energy from the fact that I am mostly surrounded by people who are in their 20s. But I feel old when I look at their DOBs and how far away from 1977 they are…

    In 2007, I was on anti-Koch’s medication, and their side effect made my joints creak. I have honestly felt like a 60 year old.

    The other thing that is making me conscious of my age is that I am thinking of putting in a TTC break for a year or so. But I am sure that my eggs are getting older, and my fertility status is still shady in my dictionary, so if that break will be okay. I don’t want to rush, and I want to account for the fact that if we do decide to, there is an unknown amount of time that may pass before conception. I definitely do not want a baby after I am 38 or so…but who knows, right? And I definitely do not want to spend another seven years in getting a sibling for F. So age is weighing on me, in that respect.

  15. Heather Says:

    I feel old when my daughter is having a sleep over with two of her friends and they are playing truth or dare and I get to witness this, LOL. I remember being her age and doing the same thing at sleepovers. OMG! When did I become the mother of a 12-year-old!!!!

  16. Geochick Says:

    I’ve started to feel old too. A tip for getting rid of the “ma’am”…chemical peels and retinol creams! They totally work. haha. 30th anniversary of Thriller? sheesh….

  17. Kate Says:

    my knees.
    and the fact that I could be mom to most of the other moms and nearly all of the teachers at daycare.
    and my face.
    I hope I get to visit you soon
    it would be *great* to connect somehow if I get out that way. I promise to be in touch if I am anywhere near.

  18. Meeting people who were born in the 90s and are already young adults…!

    And a few weeks ago the lady at the pharmacy gave me all these samples (day creams mostly). I didn’t look at them until recently when I can out of my own day cream and took the samples, only to discover almost all were for women 45 and over! I must have been very tired that day at the pharmacy…

  19. loribeth Says:

    I will be 52 later this week. I didn’t really start feeling old until I was in my late 30s and we started getting these interns at work who were in their early 20s. These days, I am as old as (and sometimes even OLDER than) the parents of the 20-somethings in my office. :p THAT makes me feel old. As I detailed in a recent blog post, one of them had heard of Rod Stewart & his pop standards, but had never heard “Maggie May,” which is probably his biggest song ever. Yikes!! I sometimes tell stories about how we managed without e-mail and even fax machines, and they look at me like I’m prehistoric.

    Also, getting Christmas card photos & letters and realizing that most of my friends from high school are becoming empty nesters, with kids at university, and… (gulp) GRANDMOTHERS.

  20. I almost never feel old, to the point that I sometimes am a little taken aback when I meet other moms and they turn out to be my age. It often feels like my mind hasn’t caught up with my actions, because I have pretty much the same sense of humor and world view that I had in my 20s. Also, I get paid to make things up for a living, so it often feels like other people are a lot less loopy than me.

    However, getting and staying pregnant made me feel old, especially all the “advance maternal age” literature. It’s sometimes shocking for me to realize that my mom was all done having kids by the time I was having my first, which is weird, because growing up, she was always one of the older moms in my classes.

    Hospital bed rest really made me feel old. It made me wonder about how I would be if/when my body fails and I’m dependent on other people to take care of me.

    We recently made the decision to shut down the factory when I get my C-section on Wednesday and I’ll admit that made me feel older, like the child-bearing phase of my life will be over, even if it’s me deciding to pull the plug.

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