Thanksgiving Parable

November 27, 2012

I am going to tell you a little Thanksgiving parable, and I would like each of you to come up with the moral of the story.

We attended a big Thanksgiving celebration at the home of one of DH’s friends. I spent the first half of the meal at the kids’ table, as Burrito and Tamale would not let me out of their sight among all of these strangers. I prepared (vegetarian) plates for Burrito and Tamale, and then one of the matriarchs came around with a pitcher of apple cider for the kids. Burrito and Tamale don’t drink juice, so I gave them water instead. They ate their meals, then the other 7 kids scattered to watch movies and play with toys – all except for my kids. Tamale still had at least half an hour of eating to do, and Burrito wanted nothing to do with anyone but me, so the three of us moved to the adult table. I had managed to eat a bit by eaten at that point, but I hadn’t had anything to drink for hours. Next to my seat was a glass pitcher of apple cider, or so I thought…

“Hmm, this pitcher is very warm,” I thought. “I guess it is hot apple cider.”

I filled my glass and took a big gulp…

It was not apple cider. It was gravy.


I assume it is gross for anyone to drink gravy, but for a vegetarian? Yuck.

After she saw my face, the mother of the hostess, seated next to me, said “That is gravy, you know.”

“Yes, I figured that out.”

“I was going to say something, but then I wondered if maybe you meant to drink gravy.”

The moral of the story is…


13 Responses to “Thanksgiving Parable”

  1. Sara Says:

    Even us non-vegetarians are sitting here going “eeuww”. (I don’t like gravy.)

    I would say the moral is “look before you drink”!

  2. luna Says:

    Haven’t gotten past the yuck to find the moral yet. Eww.

    But it reminds me of something I did a couple of weeks ago when we were eating Japanese takeout. I thought I was lifting my miso soup bowl to drink and instead got a mouthful of salty soy sauce with wasabi. Rather unpleasant.

  3. Oy! Yuk indeed! What was she thinking not warning you? that as a vegetarian you secretly needed your yearly turkey gravy fix…? Was she craving a big gulp of the gravy herself…?

    I can think of a few answers…
    – Use your nose!
    – stick to wine
    – if you don’t give it to your kids, don’t drink it yourself
    – don’t take big gulps of hot drinks, you might burn your mouth (or find out it’s gravy when it’s too late)
    – gravy should be in a gravy boat, not a pitcher
    – separate kids’ tables are not always convenient for the parents

  4. celiadelia Says:

    That is gross. I was a vegetarian for over 15 years ( my RE changed that) and people just do not respect it. I have been eating some meat for just over three years now and someone said to me ” I know you don’t allow your child to eat meat but I just gave him some ham.”

    ok. Yes I DO allow him to eat meat, however why exactly if you thought I did NOT did you feel it was ok to give him some? I wanted to be mad but I tabled it since I knew it was futile.

    The moral being many people do not respect vegetarians and think it is a fad.

  5. Mina Says:

    The moral of the story is that we are constantly told to be tolerant towards our peers who are different that we stop saying obviously common sensical things when we ought to.

  6. a Says:

    Moral of the story: Always play dumb and ask – even if you think what you’re looking for is right in front of you. That way, you avoid a big drink of gravy! I’m not a vegetarian, and I think that would be absolutely revolting.

    Also, who puts gravy in a pitcher? Why would you need that much gravy? I like gravy, and people use quite a bit of it, but when it cools and congeals, that’s just icky. Leave it on the stove to keep warm and get up and refill the container on the table! Said container should not be a pitcher! (I guess there are small pitchers that would be appropriate for gravy. It’s just weird to me.)

    Secondary moral: Never assume people WANT to drink gravy. Always warn them.

  7. Don’t judge a fluid by its pitcher?

    (I must admit I’m relieved that *this* was the meal you wrote about, and not a different one ;-))

  8. Photogrl Says:

    Seriously, who puts gravy in a pitcher!?!

    The moral is always ask before sipping?

  9. ana Says:

    I thought the moral was to practice what you preach to your kids (and not try sneakily drink the juice they weren’t allowed to have!)
    Also, make sure you take care of yourself, keeping yourself hydrated enough during the day that you don’t desperately try to drink anything in reach.

  10. St. Elsewhere Says:

    Perception and Reality are totally unrelated sometimes.

    It only means that you need to ensure that you never get this thirsty again!

  11. Geochick Says:

    *gag* The moral is sniff before you drink? 🙂

  12. Cat Says:

    The moral of the story is that the mother of the hostess is cracked. Who intends to drink gravy? Also, who needs an entire PITCHER of gravy?

  13. strongblonde Says:

    Never trust unidentified warm liquid. 🙂

    and i’m with everyone else: who puts gravy in a pitcher?

    and what kind of hostess sits back to watch it as it happens? ha!

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