Thoughtful Thursday: Calendar

October 4, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

Welcome to the October Intelligentsia.

#36: Elana from Elana’s Musings
#31: A from Are You Kidding Me?
#28: Strongblonde from Strong Blonde
#18: St. Elsewhere
#16: Lori from Write Mind Open Heart
#13: Cat
#13: Mel from Stirrup Queens
#11: Sara from Aryanhwy

Thoughtful ThursdayIt is October. Each year the arrival of October brings me right back to this post and the joy/relief of reaching October in a pregnancy in which I was due in November but came very close to delivering in August. Each October 1, my mind’s eye immediately flashes to the colored letters in that exuberant blog post.

October is a good month for me, probably my favorite. Pros:
Foliage (though this was more of a pro when I lived in New England)
Honeycrisp apples
Halloween for little kids is adorable
Fall weather = getting out the fall clothes that have been languishing all summer: jeans, sweaters, boots, jackets
Burrito and Tamale’s birthday

After the leaves change color, they fall off the trees and the branches are bare for half the year
Nonstop TV commercials for horror movies
Halloween for big kids is too often gory or troublesome or weird
Halloween for adults is too often skanky

November is a good month too, mostly because of my birthday, but I also rather like Thanksgiving side dishes (no turkey for this vegetarian).

December is a big month for almost everyone in North America, but for me it’s rather odd since we (and the rest of DH’s family) don’t celebrate Christmas but my family of origin does. There are a lot of things I like about December and many, many happy memories, but now that I’m no longer into Christmas, it can all be a bit much.

March is my worst month. It’s the month my mother died. It’s also DH’s biggest month for work travel; every March he is away more days than he is home. I didn’t really mind when it was just the two of us, but Burrito and Tamale really feel his absence, and therefore it’s a hard month for all of us.

Most other months don’t evoke strong feelings, good or bad. Because we celebrate several holidays based on lunar calendars, there are holidays that I quite enjoy that move around the Gregorian calendar. Some months have very little going on. Every month there are enjoyable and exciting things that happen, but most of them aren’t tied to a specific page of the calendar.

Which perhaps is a dated reference, because I don’t even use paper calendars anymore. But let’s say I did. There are some months like March where I’d flip the page on the first of the month and sigh, “Oh, it’s here.” There are other months, most notably October, for which I’d flip the page and say, “Hoooooray! It’s here!”

Hoooooray! It’s here!

Which months resonate the most for you?


13 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Calendar”

  1. St. Elsewhere Says:

    Happy Birthday to B & T!!

    In general, I love winters over any other seasons…it is the time of eating, and getting cozy and endless cuppas of chai!

    I love December…mostly because it is the month of my birthday. January means much to me now, with both my daughters having appeared in that month. When I was in school, I dreaded April/May because those months meant exam time. Now, those months are off the dread-level. May has proved to be a good month for babymaking for me, with both the girls being conceived the same month.

  2. Aryanhwy Says:

    I have to admit, I’ve never liked November. It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s dreary. It’s wet. Or snowy, which is worse. I didn’t like it living in WI, and now that we’ve moved much farther north, this is when you really start hurtling towards the really short, dark days. And we don’t get Thanksgiving over here. And the birthstone is ugly. So I feel bad for Gwen that she was born in November.

    April of course is always a month to celebrate, since that’s my birthday. But the best months? Have got to be June/July/August. No teaching duties unless I volunteer, warmth (in so far as it gets warm in the Netherlands), sunshine (ditto), and this is when a lot of conferences are scheduled so this is when I travel the most. There’s something really nice about being paid to go to, e.g., Lisbon or Genoa in the middle of summer.

  3. Mina Says:

    October is my favourite month as well. First, it’s my birthday. Then, it was first proper month of school (we started on Sept 15th when I was in school) and I loved school and the beginning, without annoying tests, just learning and finding out new stuff. I loved that. The weather is nice (of the entire season). There are apples and comfort food and good reasons to stay in bed and read or go outside and take a walk. Great month.
    Then, it’s December. I love Christmas, I start listening to carols about now, to the annoyance of those around me. If there is snow, the better. Now I love that my husband is home for holidays and we love spending time together, with the children as of this year.
    I don’t like January. It’s long, there’s nothing nice to wait for, and the weather, even though it is the same as in previous months, somehow it is just miserable. Also March has always been boring for me. But May is quite gorgeous, with flowers and warmer weather and my husband’s birthday. And of course July and August, which are the months when my children were born.
    I love autumn best though. Best things happened to me in autumn: school began, it’s when I left my country to follow my husband and started living together, on our own, it’s when my children were conceived, it is a season when every weekend there is a popular feast where we live now. Quite the most productive season, I’d say.

  4. strongblonde Says:

    Funny how my response for today is so different than what it would have been 10 years ago. I have always loved fall. Specifically, September is so fun: leaves changing color, back to school (new school supplies), football, apples, crisp weather…and now the kids’ birthday. At times it can all get a little overwhelming. My school schedule, B’s school schedule, the kids’ preschool schedule, football schedule, fitting in a birthday party….all while making sure to have fun and appreciate another year? it’s a lot to handle, but I love it just the same. I have mixed feelings about December. Ten years ago I loved it. Mostly because of all of the decorations, the snow, the coziness, the food, etc. It just evokes memories of me and B sitting in front of the fire with a glass of wine or the traditional “first snow walk” that we used to take in the middle of the night when everything is silent. But now? December is usually associate with a great deal of drama around B’s family and the celebration of the holidays. It gives me a stomach ache, honestly, and I feel bad that I can’t evoke some of those positive memories for my kids. I am going to try to be better about that this year though. July is the only other month that makes me cringe a bit. Mostly because of a guarenteed visit from B’s family for the local art fair. I know that is not fair of me, but it means that my life (and house) get taken over, stuff is not well cared for, and people try to guilt us into certian behaviors. ….and not to mention I have to watch as they treat B poorly. I just don’t enjoy any of it.

  5. a Says:

    I don’t have any particular attachment to any month – or aversion either. October is good – it’s my daughter’s birth month and I’ve always been a fan of Halloween candy. August is troublesome, since almost half of my extended family were born that month. Other than that,lately, it just seems like I turn around and it’s a new month already.

  6. ana Says:

    May. aaah May. My birthday month, lovely spring & tulips, the end of school, the beginning of summer. Always love May. October is also good…nice crisp fall weather, settled in to school/classes, and now little L’s birthday (today! how is this possible?!).
    Despite my first being born in December, I kinda dislike the month…the holidays and the extended-family stress it brings. This is new, though, since marriage/kids and having to figure out fair traveling plans. And February…ewwww. Nothing for me to like about February, expect for the fact that it is over sooner than the other months.

  7. clumsykisses Says:

    April, because that’s the month my dad killed himself.

  8. I get uber happy on Jun 1. It means I have 4 glorious months ahead of me filled with flip flops and tank tops. I love that day because it’s all ahead of me.

    Today is hard. Today I’m packing up the flip flops and tank tops 😦

    Also, January is hard. It’s deep in the cold with no end in sight.

    Happy birthday to B&T!

  9. Elana Kahn Says:

    I look forward to my school breaks, so once May and December roll around I am joyful. September, not so much – Jewish holidays and school. lol April I also don’t look forward to because of Passover and all that entails.

  10. Cat Says:

    I like July because it’s filled with my birthday, my sister’s birthday the day after, and two weeks later is my kids’ birthdays. October has my wedding anniversary at the end and even though my dad also died in October, it’s November that’s hard because that’s when his birthday was. In December we celebrate my husband’s birthday and even though we do celebrate Christmas, it can still be a bit much. One local store already has their decorations out and it’s not even a craft store, which get a free pass because people need time to make their Christmas crafts before December gets insane. I dread Spring – March through June – because it feels like every weekend we are driving the four hours to my in-laws’ house for a niece’s birthday (one each in March, April, and May), or Easter, Mother’s Day, SIL’s, FIL’s, and the other SIL’s birthdays, and then Father’s Day. DH’s family gets together for ALL OF IT and it’s too much for me. I like them all, but it’s too much time together.

  11. Mel Says:

    Oh, that’s so funny. November is this sweet spot on the calendar because by that point in the year, most of the crickets are dead. Isn’t that so sad that I think like that? But I do. I love October for Halloween and because everything is in orange — my favourite colour. I am a huge fan of February because it’s such a slushy month. I am in a constant state of hoping for snow days.

    I don’t have a month I dread. Perhaps September and the return to school?

  12. Even though my mother died in October, Fall is still my favorite time of the year. I love the perfect weather: not too warm, not too cold, not too rainy. But as far as months go, I love January the most. It’s my birthday month, so I began in this month, but also, I love that it’s the beginning of the year. I always find myself standing up to my fears and taking the big leaps in January. No other month makes me feel more shiny and new and full of promise.

  13. I’ve never liked November (sorry!) and it’s become even worse because it’s now also the month my mom died.
    I like December, mostly for celebrating St Nicolas, my birthday and Christmas.
    August in France can be annoying because everything is closed, so you better just go with the flow and take four weeks vacation…
    I like May for it means Spring is really there, no more false starts. June for its long days (at least in Holland, in France not so extreme) and July for it’s warmth and illusion that summer can last forever.

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