Thoughtful Thursday: Misplaced

September 27, 2012

Thoughtful ThursdayWhen something disappears in your house, who/what do you suspect?

It used to be that when something disappeared, it might be due to my own forgetfulness, or maybe miscommunication with my husband. Then there was that time a mouse kept moving things around the kitchen, as I documented way back during IVF #2.

Now, I have an easy explanation for anything that is missing; one of Burrito’s favorite hobbies is moving objects to places that they do not belong. Why are there choo-choo trains behind the toilet? Why are there 5 (note the odd number) dirty socks in the couch cushions? Why is there a spatula in my bed? The answer to all of these questions: Burrito.

Why isn’t my credit card in my wallet? Burrito, of course. But where is my credit card? I haven’t been able to answer that for the past three weeks.

At least he reliably puts the car keys inside the same puppet.

When something disappears in your house, who/what do you suspect?

11 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Misplaced”

  1. Elana Kahn Says:

    Back several years ago we had a nanny who stole from us, so in those days it was obvious where things had gone off to. Nowadays we blame the kids. They must have hidden it or chucked it somewhere. Sometimes the hubby gets blamed for moving things, and a lot of time the cleaning lady does (because she does move a lot of things).

  2. Aryanhwy Says:

    It depends what it is, and who used it last. We’re both equally bad at misplacing things sometimes, though I generally have a much more detailed knowledge of where Joel has misplaced things than he has of where I have, or of where he has. I think this is because I’m more apt to notice things out of place, or at least, particular things that I know he’s apt to misplace, such as his glasses. So in sum, we both do it about the same amount, but his things turn up much faster because I know where they are!

  3. Mel Says:

    Oooh, interesting. At this point in life, myself.

  4. celiadelia Says:

    Sometimes it is our Maine Coon, he is notorious for batting things around. Sometimes it is Peter, he likes to hide things for a week or so. But I lose my phone constantly. That is why we are upgrading me to a new iphone and are getting a bright pink case. Since I don’t care much about technology I always get my husbands old things and use them til I break them. But then I end up with black black black everything and lose it.

  5. Ana Says:

    Oh its a mixed bag at our place. The kids don’t really “hide” stuff, yet, and I never leave my wallet/phone/keys in reach of little hands. Missing puzzle pieces/etc… are usually the baby’s fault…he likes to crawl/walk around with something random in hand, and it drives his big brother bananas. We tend to blame the cleaners, but usually its one of us who put it “somewhere safe”. Honestly we need to get ride of 40% of our stuff (that’s a conservative estimate)…whenever I do a significant decluttering, I amazingly find stuff I had given up for lost.

  6. a Says:

    We have the water heater monster. When my husband and I were living in my condo, he decided (arbitrarily and with no support from me) to turn down the temperature on the water heater. I was arguing with him then, and turned it back, and we ended somewhere in the middle of our preferences. I didn’t touch it again. Apparently, he forgot watching me put it back and accused me of turning it all the way up. I, of course, told him I hadn’t touched it. He said “Well, who did? Oh, never mind, I know. It was the water heater monster.” So, when no one knows what happened to something, the water heater monster did it.

  7. strongblonde Says:

    🙂 love little burrito!!

    i usually suspect B. M doesn’t get stuff out very much….but if she does? T puts it back. he is someone who likes everything to be in its place. he also takes the time to tell me things like “we don’t wear shoes in the house, mommy” and “you need to be careful when you walk with that hot coffee”. HA.

    B gets up in the middle of the night and has snacks and misplaces things on a regular basis!! 🙂

  8. St. Elsewhere Says:

    If something disappears in the house, and if it was either common use or mine, I am likely to point at myself as the one who misplaced it. I am likely to then scout all possible alternative locations or trace back my steps to the time when I had physically seen it last, and then let the lost object gnaw my brain till it is actually found.

    If I still do not find it, dear beloved gets asked if he has seen it. We often have different ideas about the how and where of keeping things. Sometimes, he changes places for my things to an alleged appropriate, and I need to politely inquire if he has seen the thing which I can’t find.

    I guess next year, I can add Figlia to the list of people who move my things…

    My mother often tucks away things so safely that she herself does not remember where she kept the object. We keep asking her to not stash away anything very carefully.

  9. Oh, my! Has Burrito been to my house lately?

    Those are funny misplacements. If they’re not happening to you, I mean.

    Both of my kids like to put things in boxes and handbags and bury them in their closets under months of sediment. We find things like library cards and homework assignments seasons after they’ve gone missing.

    I myself am NEVER at fault 😉

  10. Cat Says:

    It’s always my husband. Even with three 3 year olds, it’s still always him. He always truly believes he’s put whatever it is in the right place, too, but then often can’t remember where that might be. My muffin tins were once lost for two months because he put them away after washing them. When I couldn’t find them he said he put them, ‘In the muffin tin place.’ Sure, honey, and where is that? He had no idea.

    What I really hate is when he moves my piles of stuff when he’s cleaning up and then I can’t find anything and there’s no hope that I’ll be able to actually address the items and dispense of them properly, whether that’s the garbage can or finding a place for them. This goes back to the earlier conversation about him thinking no clutter equals a clean house and my thinking that no dirt equals a clean house.

  11. It used to be the cat. Now, it is hilariously always Betty. Even if it happens in places she couldn’t possibly reach. It’s like giving birth to a good excuse.

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