Thoughtful Thursday: Hairdo

July 26, 2012

Thoughtful ThursdayI’ve been thinking a lot about hair styles lately. My hair is always the same. Always. Sometimes it’s relatively longer or shorter, but it’s been the same color and style (very long; very straight — except for that perm in 9th grade) since I was a preschooler. Since about age 12 I always wear it down, unless I’m exercising (which is to say, almost never!).

Tamale’s hair, on the other hand, changes constantly. First of all, since she was a baby it has gotten much lighter, from dark brown to light brown, whereas Burrito’s has gone from transparent to regular blond. Tamale’s style has also changed dramatically. Until a few months ago, it wasn’t long enough to be styled, so it was always the same — around her 2nd birthday, she looked like Mia Farrow circa Rosemary’s Baby. Now, finally, I not only can but must do her hair, since it gets in her eyes unless we do something. Every morning, we have a series of decisions to make: clips or rubber bands? One or two? Ponytails on top or on the side? I can’t even imagine how her hair will look in a decade or two: maybe it will change constantly, or maybe she will choose one style and stick to it forever like her mother.

What’s your hairdo? How often does it change?

10 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Hairdo”

  1. Sara Says:

    When I was 4, my older sister decided she was going to grow her hair out, so I promptly asked my parents to get mine cut as short as possible. I then grew it out until freshman or sophomore year, where after a few dye jobs I came home one day sick of having nasty hair and cut it off. That last until about two years ago, when again, I had a fit and cut it off. I actually really enjoyed the chin length hair, but as it started growing out I never got around to deciding whether to cut it again or let it grow (because every time I cut it, I do lament my long hair), and eventually I found out I was pregnant, and that sealed the decision: No haircut. The last thing I wanted as “mom hair”. So now it’s back down to about my bra line, and I’ve got a pack of henna in the cupboard that needs using, so some free weekend (hah!) I might pull that out and do it, but other than that, long, straight, and brown is pretty much how it always is.

  2. Sam Says:

    I change my hair colour quite often – I’ve been blonde, ruby red, black, auburn, dark brown, plum… many many changes. But I seem to keep my style pretty much the same for a long time before changing it. Have currently got a short at the back and longer at the front Bob type look…


  3. strongblonde Says:

    my hair used to look the same all of the time: long, blond (or blonde, depending on which language i’m typing in!!), straight. about 8 months ago i went to get my hair cut and my hairdresser told me that my hair was now wavy. i told her she was crazy, but she proceeded to try to teach me how to style it wavy. i tried it a few times, but it always felt like i was forcing it and my hair was crunchy. to someone who had always had super fine and soft hair, crunchy hair seemed so wrong. in april (i think) i went back for another hair cut and she told me it was curly again. so i decided to check out a book from the library about how to manage/do wavy hair. Since then i’ve had a dramatic shift in doing my hair. now, i don’t even use a brush (and feel a little gross about that still for some reason), and wear it wavy every day. it super easy. it was such a dramatic shift from my previous hairstyle that i had a LOT of people comment on it at the beginning. but now, no one says a thing. i have to ask my sister on a regular basis if it still looks okay. part of me feels like it might just look stringy or something.

    i was JUST thinking about color yesterday. i was noticing the HUGE amount of grey hair around my face. i’m lucky that it blends in with my light hair, but i’m wondering how quickly i’ll be totally grey!! 😦

    but it’s *just* hair, right??

  4. Lavender Luz Says:

    Mine grows for 2-3 years and then I cut it. Lather, rinse, repeat in a verrrrry looooooonnnng cycle.

  5. Elana Kahn Says:

    I’m like Lavender. I let it grow and grow for a few years and then get it trimmed. This last time I got it trimmed a bit too much, so it’s super short and I’m looking forward to it getting long again. Never doing that again!!

  6. a Says:

    It’s been a banner year for my hairdresser – I’ve gotten my hair cut twice! Usually, I cut it to chin length, and grow it out long, like Lori. But lately, I’ve got too much gray on the underside, so it makes my ponytail look totally gray. I’m opposed to coloring my hair, because I’m not willing to commit to that kind of expense. I might go shorter. When I was in high school, I had ear length hair and I loved it. It was stick straight until I had my daughter and then I developed an unsightly wave that you can’t do anything with. The grays are all unruly. So I guess I’ll wait a few more years before I decide on a permanent style – to see what it’s going to do next.

  7. St. Elsewhere Says:

    In their natural state, I have very straight brown hair.

    I wore my hair short in school. The length kept changing.

    So far, I have had my hair permed twice, experimented with several hairstyles, and have had streaks in them. My favourite streaks are blonde and red together. Last year, in March I got copper streaks. In fact, there was a phase in between when I was changing my hairstyle every year.

    In school, I was fascinated with the long hair other girls had, but I found that once my hair grew beyond a certain limit, I found them tough to manage. So I always went back to shortening mine.

    Now (as in the past decade), I have become bent on having them longer than my growing-up years, and hence whatever style I get it done, my hair length is never down to the boyish cuts I used to once have.

    I just had a haircut (just a trim) this week – no styling, no streaking. It happened after March of last year…I am just trying to grow my hair more, till I can firmly decide what to do with them.

    I now just manage to comb my hair and fix them with a clutcher. I can’t leave them open for long. I have to remind myself to remove the hairclip when I hit the bed.

  8. Shelby Says:

    I am constantly told that my hair is different all the time, but that’s only because I color it myself and can’t seem to keep the color consistent (too cheap and busy to go to the stylist). Otherwise, I don’t think my style/cut/length has changed much throughout the years. I use a flatiron everyday to straighten out the crazy random waves and keep it a few inches past shoulder length in layers. I have a rounder face, so while I would love to experiment with shorter styles, they’re just not flattering. I hate that! Also, people are always shocked to learn that I’m not a natural redhead (I dye my hair red) as my coloring is very similar to a redhead’s. In reality, I’m a brunette, but after I started going grey at 15, I’ve dyed my hair and haven’t stopped. I’m addicted to the bottle…the dye bottle!

  9. Cat Says:

    I have very thick hair that is curly, wavy, and straight in places. Finally in my late twenties I found a style that works well. The cut is just to my shoulders, thinned, and layered and I either scrunch gel in to get some consistent wave or straighten it with a flat iron. At least I used to, now I mostly pull it in a ponytail. Last summer I had some thin bangs cut to sweep off to the side. I’m now trying to keep up on cuts because there’s a big range of length where it’s just puffy before it’s long enough to weigh itself down. But I often go six months or more between cuts.

  10. Having worn locks for 12 years straight, I think my hair changes a lot now just because it’s growing longer and I have to change up styles to suit the length and my energy levels. Right now, I’m trying to get a lot done, before we leave out on vacation, so I washed it this morning and threw it into four braids. But I’ll probably wear it out for vacation.

    I just wrote a chapter about doing my daughter’s hair for a natural hair book I co-authored, and it’s a little different, because I can’t just leave her hair in braids. I style it every morning, and give her two choices for hairstyles. I try not to depend on puffs more than three times a week through, because I don’t want her edges to suffer. I’m watching the olympics now, and feeling sorry for our gymnastics team. It looks like they all have face lifts their hair is pulled back so tightly, and that’s really not good for its overall health.

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