Thoughtful Thursday: Address Book

July 5, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

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Thoughtful ThursdayThe coworker who sits next to me left her cell phone on her desk the other day. It rang. When I glanced at it to see if it was something urgent for which I should run and fetch her, I was surprised to see the full name of her husband: both first and last.

A couple of days later, my boss accidentally left her phone on my desk. I was even more surprised than the time before to see her husband’s name when he called: his last name only, no capital letters. She and I are very different. I would never list someone in my phone with only a last name, let alone my husband. I would certainly never put anyone’s name in my address book with no capital letters, let alone my husband. C’mon, the iPhone capitalizes the first letter by default — she had to do make it all lower case on purpose. Bizarre.

My husband is only listed by his first name in my phone (with the first letter capitalized!). If I thought I’d be the only person ever to look at my phone, I’d use a nickname instead. But Boopsie or Rumpshaker or whatever would be pretty embarrassing if anyone ever glanced at my phone when I left it near their desk. Actually maybe Rumpshaker would be awesome instead of embarrassing. Hmm, maybe I need to change it…

Parents are another funny case for address books. My dad is listed by his first name in my phone; my mother used to appear as Mom. My husband does the opposite with his parents: his father is Dad, and his mother is listed by her name. Websites like provide a window into the variety of cell names that people use for their parents beyond Mom and Dad — Mommy, Daddy-O, Mamma, Old Man, Mother Dearest, Papa Smurf…

What names do you use in your address book for your nearest and dearest?

16 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Address Book”

  1. Sara Says:

    I like order. I like uniformity. Everyone in my phone is in there in the style “Lastname, Firstname”, whether it’s the plumber, my husband, a good friend, or just the name of the person who’s picking me up at the airport.

    My “address book” of snail mail addresses is just a text file on one of my machines, and it’s organized alphabetically by last name, with full names present, but “Firstname Lastname” or “Firstname & Firstname Lastname”, in part for ease of cut-and-pasting into an email.

    I have two different emails which use radically different email programmes. My address book for one is the one that Thunderbird automatically collects for you on the basis of whom you send emails to. It’s a mess and I rarely look at it, in part because I never need to actually look anything up in it, I can just start typing the name of the person into the “To” field. I only ever go into the address book itself to remove addresses that I know are obsolete. My other mail program doesn’t come with an address book, so I’ve memorized the emails of all the people that I send messages to via that account, or I have to look them up, usually via FB.

    It wouldn’t have ever occured to me to list someone in a list of contacts by anything other than their full name!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    My husband is under his full name in mine because then it links to his Facebook so I have a picture of him there.

    My mum though is ‘Mum’, I tried putting her name in to get it to sync to her Facebook too, but for some reason it wouldn’t ever do it, and it was jarring to see ‘Liz C—–‘ so I changed it back to ‘Mum’,

    My stepdad is just in as his first name, because he doesn’t have a Facebook, and likewise my grandma is just ‘Grandma’.

    Interesting question!

  3. Elana Kahn Says:

    I use full names for almost everyone. My hubby gets his full name in my address book because he’s my emergency contact (ICE), so if someone finds my phone and calls him because I can’t, I want them to know who they’re talking to. My mom is under “Mom” and my mother-in-law under “Mom-in-Law” but in my hubby’s phone he has them both under first and last name, I think. He has me under first and last name, too.

  4. St. Elsewhere Says:

    Well, I like to do the routine things, with a tiny edge to them.

    It is only now that one can see his name (just the short version, that is) blinking on my cell phone to know that it is hubby dear. If you did not know his name, just those shorties would never indicate what relation he has with me.

    My mother is listed as mother – no name. My father’s name is saved as a twisted funny name.

    I also tend to keep changing the nick names/ other names for the people in my address book (only the close ones).

    But I hate to use lower caps for names…so whatever I save, the first alphabet is always in caps.

  5. strongblonde Says:

    My phone automatically links to fb. I want to stop that feature, actually….but, alas, my phone is smarter than I. My parents are listed under their name, but there are several different variations. They are Al n Jan for their address, Big Al cell for my dad, and then just Jan for my mom. Other friends are listed by nicknames as appropriate (Becca instead of Rebecca). Funny thing? I was just looking through and found that I have a “FertilityFriend” entry. Ha! it has my name and password for my old cycle info. I totally forgot about all of that (you know, since I was so anal and charted it all on my own software anyway!). And…even though you didn’t ask: The two most common names in my phone book are Martha and Mike. How funny!

    …and I totally vote for Rumpshaker. 😉

  6. a Says:

    AAAAAHHHH!!!! WordPress!!!! You were better and now you’re acting up again!!!!

    Anyway, my husband is Firstname Lastname – I’m not even sure why. My mother is Mom. The other day, my daughter asked why it was Mom – it should obviously be Grannie. 🙂

    Most people are listed with their proper names, but I do have a couple variants. My aunts are listed with Aunt Firstname. I have no particular system – I don’t spend a lot of time on my contact list.

  7. Lavender Luz Says:

    I’ve been laughing all day about Rumpshaker *snort*.

    About the time I was setting up my latest phonebook, there was something going around about ICE — In Case of Emergency. We were all to mark our next-of-kin with the “ICE” label so that whoever plucked our cell phone from our horrific accident would know who to call to meet at the hospital or morgue (that’s how I interpreted it, anyway).

    So my husband, parents and local sister are listed by their names — first and last (with proper caps!) ICE.

    I do have my mom listed as “Mom.”

    No Boopsie, but maybe I should do some editing.

  8. Tara (TIMO) Says:

    All of my contacts in my phone are First name Last name except Nav who is Nickname only. In his phone he has a combo of entries.Most are by nickname using their call signs because the majority of his contacts are work related. His parents are Mom & Dad and my parents are Mom S_ & Dad S_. Our land phone speed dial/caller ID uses nicknames, so Grammy & Grampy, NiNi & YeYe, Uncle/Auntie.

  9. Cat Says:

    I’d like my cell address book to be more consistent, but alas it is not. Everything that should be capitalized IS capitalized. My husband is in there by first name only. One sister is in with first and last name and the other is first name only. My old phone would allow the same phone number to be entered only once, so friends for whom I had both the husband’s and wife’s cell phone as well as their home phone numbers I put in as three separate entries. My current phone will let me put in numbers more than once so contacts I’ve entered since getting this phone have all their numbers assigned to their name rather than home land lines getting their own entry with just the family’s last name. So now it’s a hodge podge. It bugs me, but not enough to go through the tedious process of straightening it all out.

  10. Mel Says:

    I have everything listed from the kids’ perspective mostly because I won’t talk on the phone in the car, but I’ve asked them to call people for me. So Josh is “daddy,” my parents are “grandma and grandpa,” etc.

    I do have different ring tones for everyone so I know who is calling without looking. Currently, Josh is “Maka Afora” (“Grey Slap”) by Monika Sex. One friend is David Bowie’s “Queen Bitch.” The school gets the Speed Racer theme song (since I should move quickly if they’re calling!)

  11. Heather Says:

    I actually use my parents full names, because it synchronizes with my contact list from my computer and I sometimes use that to print out address labels, LOL! However when DH calls (which is also first and last name – I guess I’m too formal) the picture that comes up is a kissy mouth.

  12. Sam Says:

    Everyone in my phone is saved as full name (first and last) except my Mom who is saved as “Mom” and my sister who is saved as her nickname.

    My husband is my emergency contact so he is saved formally in case (God forbid) anyone ever has to call him in an emergency, they will need to know who they are talking to and not call him “babe” or “sweetness” etc.

    Very interesting question.


  13. Nity Says:

    This is a funny post to me. I just got an iphone, but was able to transfer over my contacts… but not everything added up. Initially, I had almost everyone as last name, first name but somehow iphone messed that up and now it’s sometimes first name, last name. It really screws with my head at times. But I haven’t figured an easy fix.

    My husband is the first one in my phonebook so I had to improvise to get him there. He also has the in there, but only by first name. Neither one of my parents are first names, my dad is his last name my mom is by mom. I never thought of that before this. Hmmm.

    Makes me want to clean my address book out!


  14. Ana Says:

    My husband is first name only. I have “Mom” and “Dad” for their cells and “Mom&dad” for their landline. everyone else is First Last, including my sister & MIL. A few people have pics with their name that come up when they call, I thought the feature was cool when I first got my phone & got pics of my husband & few friends until I promptly forgot about it. I don’t use different ringtones, I tried for a while & it was confusing me.

  15. I use a mix of nicknames and titles for my relatives: Aunt Mildred, Dad Carter, Uncle Cornelious, Cousin Kim — but my husband is in there as his full name. Go figure.

  16. Ha… I’ve everyone listed by their full name, whether it’s my husband or someone I barely know…

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