Never Change

June 9, 2012

This afternoon we decided to take Burrito and Tamale for Indian food, then go to the market afterwards.

Last time we went out for Indian food, I had to run Tamale’s jeans through the washer four times to get the tikka masala stain out.

So, today I made a point of wearing dark-colored clothes that I didn’t care about getting stained. It was 95 degrees, so that left out the long-sleeved part of my wardrobe. I grabbed an old dark purple t-shirt; it’s in perfectly fine condition, but I’ve had it forever. Also, there are giant dolphins on it. My mom bought it when I was at the height of my dolphin phase, when I was 16 or so. I normally never leave the house in shapeless graphic tees, even to work out, but between the heat and the potential for permanent stains, I thought, who cares.

We enjoyed a delicious Indian meal, and finished with no stains — on me, anyway. Tamale’s doll is covered in all sorts of curries.

After dinner, we went to the market. In the bakery aisle I saw a woman that looked so familiar, but I couldn’t place her. She looks a bit like the wife of DH’s friend, and I know the wife’s sister lives an hour from here, so I thought maybe it was her. I was running through the possibilities in my mind, staring at her, and simultaneously she was doing a double-take and obviously trying to place me. She spoke up first. “You look so familiar. Where do I know you from? I’m Jane.”

Oh! Jane from high school! Of course. She was one year ahead of me. We weren’t friends, but we had several activities together. I didn’t recognize her because it’s been 20 years since I’ve seen her, almost to the day, and also because she is probably 20 pounds lighter than she was in high school. Then, she wasn’t heavy and wasn’t thin, like I was. Now, she’s super fit.

I, on the other hand, look exactly the same. I weigh about 15 pounds more than I did in high school, but that’s carried in my body, not my face. My face, and my hair, are exactly the same. Exactly. At the 10 year reunion, one classmate said, “You haven’t changed! No, I mean you really haven’t changed. It’s a little creepy.”

Jane and I did our chit-chat and then said our goodbyes.

We ran into each other again in the produce section. “Hi Jane!” exclaimed Burrito. A little more chit-chat, more goodbyes.

And then as I headed into the dairy section I realized: not only do I look exactly the same as I did in high school, but I am wearing the same clothes.


12 Responses to “Never Change”

  1. manapan Says:

    Haha! I love it! I feel the same way quite often, because I live in the town where I went to high school. But it’s only been 8 years since I graduated, so I don’t feel quite as odd about wearing the same clothes. 🙂

  2. Heather Says:

    The only part of me that’s changed is my hair color is many shades lighter.

  3. Ana Says:

    Ha ha! I get that too…maybe it’s meant to be flattering? I don’t like it…all the life I’ve lived…shouldn’t it show somehow?

  4. a Says:

    That’s hilarious! I believe I still have a couple articles of clothing from high school. Not t-shirts, but maybe a turtleneck and the dress I wore for my senior pictures. I still wear the turtleneck, because it is way comfy. And the dress was from Express when it was edgy instead of mainstream. Ah, memories…

  5. celia Says:

    That’s awesome. At least you can fit in them? I would have to take a seam ripper to mine.

  6. THAT is a funny story! (And something that would happen to me!)

    It was SO hot.

  7. Mel Says:

    Snort! Of course you’d bump into her then.

    My mother gave me the advice to wear something meaningful to me underneath my gown at college graduation. I wore my old shorts and t-shirt from camp in 6th grade. I still have them in the basement, though they’re too precious and shapeless to wear out anymore 🙂

  8. Shelby Says:

    Lol. Good times, good times. It always happens that you bump into blasts from the past when you’re rocking the bum wear, doesn’t it? Well, let’s see…change. My weight is such a friggin’ yo yo and I am currently many, many pounds shy of high school graduation weigh in, so I have absolutely changed. But one thing that hasn’t changed is my makeup. I use exactly the same products I did back then and every time I try to change, I end up going right to the same stuff. I am a creature of habit!

  9. Nity Says:

    that’s funny. I definitely have gained weight since HS, but I’m not sure how much. I hope -looks wise – for the better. 😉

  10. St. Elsewhere Says:

    What a story!

    I wear my hair longer, and definitely weigh more. I now have dark circles around my eyes, and a better wardrobe than when I was in school.

    At an informal re-union last year, while everyone told everyone that they haven’t changed, I got told – you have changed so much!

  11. Well, I’ve gained about 10-20 pounds since high school and I wear my hair natural. I also don’t dress the way I dressed in high school any more, so I’d be really surprised if a high school friend recognized me on the street. But, only if they weren’t on Facebook. Thanks to that little piece of technology, I’m thoroughly up to date as to how my friends from high school look now and could probably easily spot most of them on the street.

  12. Em Says:

    Ha! Very funny. Here from the Creme. Glad I stopped by as your post really made me smile.

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