Thoughtful Thursday: Speed

June 7, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

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Thoughtful ThursdayOnce, years ago, I was staying with my grandmother, and my great-aunt drove up to say hello. After a couple of hours, she ended her visit by saying (very slowly), “I’d better start heading home. I’m pretty pokey. I don’t know why everyone thinks they have to go the speed limit. Why are they in such a hurry?” A trip which would take a regular person 40 minutes took her 2 hours.

I do almost everything fast. My husband does almost everything fast. My son does almost everything fast. My daughter… well, she goes at her own speed.

With almost everything, I am fast. I talk fast — very, very fast; it can be a problem. I walk fast. I think fast. When I was a kid, my piano teacher would say that my fingers just couldn’t keep up with my brain; her solution was the metronome. Now, on the computer keyboard, my fingers do a good job of keeping up with my brain. With some work, I finish amazingly quickly. I am capable of going from being asleep to being out the door in less than 5 minutes. I just seem to be calibrated faster than most people.

I’m not fast in everything, though. It takes me forever to do a lot of things because I’m careful and deliberative: some types of work; shopping; blogging. I eat quite slowly… but not as slowly as my mother did. Even though I can get ready remarkably quickly in the morning, it can also take me forever. I drive at a normal speed, by choice. I run slowly, not by choice.

My husband is, in many ways, even faster. He’s fast in all of the ways that I am fast, but he also works quickly. He eats so quickly that if you turn your head you might miss it. Like me, he is also a slow runner, though not as slow as I am. His slowest skill is getting ready in the morning: it takes him forever.

As fast as my husband and I are, Burrito leaves us in the dust. The vast majority of photos taken of him, even by professional photographers, are a blur. But the time elapsed between waking up and being at the breakfast table can be preposterously long, because he needs to hug, then he needs to go potty, then more hugs, then try some different outfits, then read a book…

In many ways, Tamale combines all of our slow attributes. Like me, she eats sooooo slowly. Like her father and brother, she takes forever to get ready in the morning, mostly because she spends more than 15 minutes rejecting every shirt in the closet, one by one. Like both of her parents, she is a slow runner, but she has also been slow at all other motor skills. All of a sudden, though, this week she has sped up. My little snail occasionally becomes a cheetah and runs by before I can look up. She finds it hilarious to sing a song double-time. Looks like her speed genes are kicking in. Look out, world.

What do you quickly? What do you do slowly?


11 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Speed”

  1. Sara Says:

    When it comes to methods of transportation, I tend to be fast rather than slow. If I’m walking or biking somewhere, the point is to get to the destination, not to walk or to bike, and so I’m usually going as quickly as possible. (Also because walking or biking out to work is pretty much the only real exercise I get, so I try to make it count.) Driving, though, I’m still a “good girl”. I’ll go ~3-5 miles over the limit, because that keeps me from being too much slower than traffic around me, which I feel is dangerous.

    I read fast; the right book, I can read 60-100 pages an hour.

    I type fast; the last time I took a typing test (in high school I think), I was around 120 wpm correct, 150 wpm with typos.

    I talk fast when I’m excited about something — and since I’m usually excited about what I’m teaching I have a tendency to talk fast when I’m lecturing. Since most of my students are not native speakers, I need to consciously slow my speech down to make sure they understand what I’m saying.

    I’m also quick to deal with Gwen when she’s crying, and she’s crying now, so that’s the end of this comment.

  2. St. Elsewhere Says:

    I am a slow walker. Not unless there is a drooling mad dog behind me will I catch any momentum. This walking bit is the context to a standing joke between DH and me…when we walk together, it is like a train pulling into a station…he is the engine, I am the coach.

    My eating speed can vary depending on time, but in general, I eat fast. I drink everything fast.

    My writing speed used to be slow, but it got reasonable with time.

    I am above average in my reading speed.

  3. Ana Says:

    Eat fast, walk fast, type fast, read fast, and do most non-thinking work really really fast. I am a pretty slow runner, but that is more about basic biology/genetics (not enough fast twitch muscle fibers, I assume, since even with lots of training, I gain endurance & not speed). I don’t drive these days, but I remember driving fast, also. Even when I don’t formally plan it out, I am always jumping ahead to the next thing. My kids (as kids are) move fast in terms of running/crawling but transition from activities slowly, so I am learning patience, one painful teeth-gritting day at a time.

  4. a Says:

    I’m generally fast about everything. I eat fast, I walk fairly fast (unless I’m feeling old. Don’t get old), I drive fast (and get irritated by those of you who don’t or don’t get out of my way), I read fast. I talk fast sometimes. I’m always harrassing my family to get a move on. I have to force myself not to rush through my work, though, because it’s definitely a “speed kills” operation – when I rush, I make mistakes and we can’t have that.

    It pains me, though – that feeling old part. I hate when I can tell that I am no longer as fast as I used to be.

    I am, however, the slowest to get ready if I’m at all concerned about my appearance. If I have to be presentable, I have to shower. Everyone else in my house bathes at night, but I can’t do that. So they can be ready to go in 10 minutes, but I need at least 45. If I don’t care, I can be ready in 5.

  5. strongblonde Says:

    again, we’re very similar. i’m a fast talker, a fast thinker, a fast do-er. my students are always telling me that i talk WAY too fast…even at my slowed down pace. back when i used to work on the wards, we would tape report (you can tell how long ago this was) and when people were playing my report they would use the function to slow down the tape. it made my voice sound like an old, grumpy man! in general i’m a fast worker, but lately it’s been a painful process. i think i just have to nail a few things down to get back into the groove. i eat fast, though i’m trying to work on that and be more mindful. i type fast. i read fast. my sister and i are the fastest walkers i know. we’re always having to wait for someone!

    driving-i go the speed limit. i’m terrified of getting in a crash or pulled over. generally i just want to get somewhere safe. 🙂

    running is another story. i want to be fast, but i’m pretty slow. i AM getting better, though. a few weeks ago i was running and there was an annoying guy from my workout class running with me. i was trying to get away from him so he’d stop talking to me and i ran a mile in 7:50. that’s some kind of miracle for me! it does give me hope, however, that if i was being chased that my sympathetic nervous system would kick in and be supported by my limbs! 🙂

  6. Mel Says:

    I make decisions quickly. I think fast, I talk fast, I walk fast, I run fast, I work fast. I like my music fast and loud. I write fast. I used to be a slow eater, but even that has gotten faster with age. I get ready quickly considering my length/type of hair. I cook fast. And I shove things into every minute. I had ten minutes for breakfast this morning before I had to run to an appointment, so I ate standing and prepped vegetables for a stock I was making when I got home. I set up the pot on the stove, so I literally could walk in the house, wash my hands, flip on the stove (even the tbsp of butter was already cut and in a prep bowl), and start cooking within seconds of entering the house.

    Josh says that I talk about wasting time as if it’s akin to murder. He’s like, “you get a look on your face when you talk about how something wasted your time, and it’s the sort of look people get when they’re talking about a horrible transgression like slashing their tires.”

    Now I’m trying to think of something I do slowly. Cuddles. That’s about it.

  7. Cat Says:

    I talk fast, but I eat really slowly. My husband eats really quickly and if we’re at a restaurant he gets very antsy while waiting for me to finish. It’s partly because I’m trying to have a conversation while I eat, though. One of my daughters eats even more slowly than I do. She just plays and dawdles. The other four of us will be done and the dishes washed and she still has half a plate of food left. I clean the house quickly, because I hate to do it. I used to think I was a fast walker, but then I met my husband and he’s always out in front of me.

  8. Elana Kahn Says:

    Oh gosh, I do *everything* fast. It’s a bit ridiculous, actually. I talk, think, eat, type, etc. fast. The only thing I like to do slowly is sleep. haha Well, I also walk somewhat slowly (when I’m not in a rush) because I’m out of shape and I like to take in the view. Other than that, I am constantly in motion and doing things as quickly as possible. It never ceases to amaze my boss how fast I get things done. lol

  9. Now that I think about it, I think I do everything fast.

    Except fall asleep.

  10. Tara (TIMO) Says:

    Like most of the others, I do most things fast, especially eating, talking & reading. I’m a slow driver because I hate to be behind the wheel. Driving makes me nervous and skittish.

    Apparently I also type really slowly on our tablet computer. It’s taken me forever to type this but I’m grateful we have it so that I can still comment. We’re in ABQ but in temp housing with our stuff in storage for the next month. One of these days I’ll post an update.

  11. The only thing I do really fast is type. For everything else I’m medium to slow. Though I will say that having a toddler has given me a new perspective on that. I often have to double down on patience when she’s dilly dallying, or literally wants to stop and smell the roses while we’re walking.

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