Thoughtful Thursday: Meeting a Blogger

May 31, 2012

Thoughtful ThursdayI’ve met lots of bloggers in person after reading their blogs, but this week I had the rare experience of knowing someone in person then subsequently learning that they have a blog.

I mentioned something to the mother of one of Burrito and Tamale’s classmates about their blog (not BabySmiling; their non-anonymous baby blog). She said eagerly, “Oh, you have a blog?”

I explained, “Well, it’s <i>their</i> blog. It’s about them.”

“Oh. I have a blog too! But it’s not about my daughter, it’s about me.”

Part of me wanted to exclaim that yes I have one of those too, and it’s such an important part of my life, but no one knows!

Part of me was curious and wanted to read her blog.

Part of me, the part that won, wanted to respect her privacy even though she clearly opened the door. Because so many of my online friends use secret identities and don’t share their blogs with people they know, my instinct was to let her keep her two lives separate, even though I don’t think she actually has two separate lives. But then again, maybe she does. Maybe she’s one of us. Maybe she’s reading right now.

Has someone in real life ever revealed to you that they blogged? How did you react?

15 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Meeting a Blogger”

  1. St. Elsewhere Says:

    Is she an IF blogger?

    My brother blogs, and so does his then-GF, and now wife.

    I know another cousin who blogs.

    None of them are very particular about updating.

    When my bro told me of his GF’s blogging, he managed to share – she has s.i.x. posts already.

    By that time, I already had over a hundred odd posts, and I obviously don’t blog (;-)) so I just wowed at it.

    Their blogs are open to the world.

    Mine isn’t. I do not blog.

    What is a blog?

  2. Sara Says:

    Pretty much everyone I follow on LJ is someone that I know in real life; in most cases, I knew them first, then found out they had an LJ account and then we started following each other.

    I also gave up on anonymity long ago. If you google for “aryanhwy”, you’ll easily find enough information about me to put together quite an interesting story. ๐Ÿ™‚ For awhile, I tried to keep my academic life and my non-academic life (which involves medieval re-creation on the weekends) somewhat distinct, but two things have recently made that more difficult and so I gave up — first, I’ve started putting together research I’ve done on the medieval re-creation side of things and submitting it as actual academic research under my real name, so if you look at my academic website under my list of publications you’ll see a few things that stick out like a sore thumb. Second, I have both re-creation and academic friends on FB, and the latter are bound to see pictures of me dressed up for the former and ask questions. So now my boss and all my colleagues know I go off on the weekends to castles and dress up in funny clothes. Oh well, I’m in a field of geeks and nerds as it is, no one really thinks this is odd or weird! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. loribeth Says:

    A few years before I had a blog myself, I was poking around some ALI blogs, found Mel’s. Around the same time, we were facilitating our support group & one of the clients mentioned they had a blog. Someone else said, “Me too!” There were two or three of them in the group that had blogs. After the meeting I went home, input few key words to Google, & I found all their blogs in about 2 minutes flat. Kind of gave me pause (especially when I started my own blog!). I never told them I had found or read theirs.

    I also stumbled on a blog written by a cousin of mine a few years ago. Our mothers are first cousins & I haven’t seen him about 30 years. It’s mostly on theological & philosophical stuff. I had no idea he was such a thinker. I’ve never revealed myself as a reader, I just lurk.

  4. Heather Says:

    Interesting. I’ve never had that happen to me. I’ve met one blogger IRL. We’ve gotten together a few times our whole families. She lives in the local area and our DHs like each other. Now that I think about it, it did happen once. My neighbor that I’m friends with told me about her blog and gave me the link. I have it in my Google Reader list.

  5. Nity Says:

    I know a TON of IRL bloggers. I have “friends” and then “church friends” although I don’t know how many of them know I read their blog. I think have a ton of other blogs that I read where I am a total lurker. G.oogle Re.ader is my friend. I will admit it; I have a serious blog reading problem.

    I have given my IF blog link to one IRL friend. And I do regret it. That’s one reason I had moved all the old posts out. But I am friends on FB with people that I met through IF blogging… so that sort of makes them my “real” friends now too, right?

    Does your husband know about your IF blog?

  6. Tara (TIMO) Says:

    No one knows I blog and I know no one that blogs. I’ve almost slipped a few times but have been able to keep my mouth shut about it. Trust me that is quite a feat. It’s something that I’m not prepared or ever thinking about sharing with others.

    I’d love to meet a few bloggers but I know that won’t happen either. My husband would freak out. And I try to not let that happen if I can.

  7. Well, there is someone I know who has a blog, but she is really advertising it (she uses it for her coaching business), so it wasn’t really a revelation… and it’s someone who is not very good with discretion so I didn’t tell her I blog too.

  8. a Says:

    My sister has a blog about her kids. Other than that, no one I know blogs…

  9. Elana Kahn Says:

    My brother-in-law has a blog, but he’s had it for many years – a lot longer than mine’s been around. Other than him every once in a while I discover a friend’s blog but it’s usually someone’s political rantings, not a personal diary type. If someone said they had a personal blog I would REALLY want to read it but would respect their privacy if they didn’t want me to.

  10. Cat Says:

    At the winter party for my husband’s work I found out that a co-worker/friend has a blog. It’s mostly technical stuff, them being computer engineers and all, but I was still surprised that *he* would blog. But I wasn’t nearly as surprised as his wife was!

  11. Lavender Luz Says:

    I’m shocked to realize that I have not yet spontaneously uncovered a blogger. No one in my real life blogs. The people I know who blog I met through blogging. I really am a freak of sorts IRL regarding my blogging passion, and when I reveal it, people don’t really know what to say.

    If it DID happen, I would for sure seize the day and ask if it’s something I might read. Then I would offer my bloggy business card

    I hope you get the chance to read her blog!

    Oh, on another note, I hung out today with a woman who reads my blog (mostly a lurker). Her son is, within days, the same age as B&T. I would love to get us all together. You are worthy of each other.

  12. Cat Says:

    I forgot that a dear friend of mine also blogs. She’s incognito, since her first blog led to a huge blowout with her then-husband and son during the divorce. She really enjoys writing, always has, and the blog is a release for her. But almost no one in her real life knows about it.

    Here’s a link, if you want to take a look. The one about her wisdom teeth being pulled is particularly funny, but that may be in part because I was imagining it all happening to her, since I know her. I was laughing so hard my son was staring at me like I had gone round the bend.

    (Same Cat, new email)

  13. strongblonde Says:

    so. you know that i’m mostly anonymous…and used to be much more open. then a colleague discovered my blog, called a meeting with me and said all kinds of inappropriate things. then proceeded to try to hold my personal information over me as some sort of blackmail. boo to her. the funny thing is that ever since that encounter (well, ever since she left my institution) i have been more open with my story if asked. BUT no one knows i have a blog. i do have one friend who knows, and she actually pointed out last week that she has never looked for it b/c “if i wanted her to read it i would have given her the address”. i feel a little funny about it b/c i really wouldn’t care if she did read it, but then am i opening a new potential problem? could i ever feel totally confident in things that i write?

    i’m the only person that i know with a blog. i did meet two bloggy friends IRL (almost 3!! boo again!) and i love that. i think that most of my friends think that blogging is “weird” and i am reluctant to even begin to address that with them!

    finally, you know what a “researcher” (ahem…stalker) i am, i have found a few people’s blogs, but i NEVER admit that i read them. i want them to have “privacy”… ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Mel Says:

    With the exception of finding a face-to-face person’s blog accidentally (as in, they find me on BlogHer and comment on Stirrup Queens and then I see their blog, etc) and family members/friends who informed me that they’re starting a blog, I haven’t become friendly with someone and then discovered they have a blog. It actually gives me pause to wonder how other people feel when they find my space.

  15. To tell you the truth, I’m a little irritated when people I meet in real life don’t have a blog or FB page or anything that lets me connect with them electronically other than email. It’s like, do you really exist? But yes, one of the other moms at my daughter’s preschool has a really popular blog. Weirdly enough, we almost never talk about it.

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