Thoughtful Thursday: Horrible

May 17, 2012

Thoughtful ThursdayI am good at a lot of things, but I am horrible — horrible — at going to bed.

Biologically, I am clearly a night owl. In 2nd grade, I can recall being shocked at how early all of the other kids went to bed, and in turn how much it shocked the other kids that I stayed up to watch Saturday Night Live on weekends. (They were also shocked that I was allowed to watch SNL, but that’s a post for another day.)

For much of my adult life, I’ve gotten away with going to bed late, because I’ve had flexible enough hours that I could sleep in and then work later than everyone else. Sometimes I’ve kept hours like 11-7, sometimes 12-5 and then more work at night.

Now, I have to go to work at a normal time, and Burrito and Tamale wake me before 7 a.m. No more sleeping in, no more napping. Yet, I can’t get myself to bed at a remotely decent time. Most nights, I go to bed between midnight and 1 a.m., and then only because I make a point of putting myself to bed “early.” I make it to bed before midnight about once a month, and well after 1 a.m. more than once a week. Sometimes I am working, sometimes not. Even though I am a zombie almost every afternoon, by the time night rolls around, I am wide awake. Even when I know I’ll pay for it the next day, even when I mean to go to bed at a decent hour, I just don’t. I am truly horrible at going to bed.

What are you truly horrible at?

16 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Horrible”

  1. clumsykisses Says:

    I am horrible at forgiving and not holding grudges. I’m horrible at accepting things I can’t change.

  2. Ana Says:

    I am horrible at hiding my feelings in my face/voice. People can always tell if I am anxious or annoyed.

  3. strongblonde Says:

    I’m horrible at confrontations. I hate them. I avoid them. Until things get sooo bad that it will just blow up, then I have to deal wtih them. I’m horrible at dealing with people who are manipulative and lie. (Like B’s mom). I find myself gritting my teeth, getting palpitations, and scowling when I’m around them. I’m horrible about procastination. Acutally, I’m GREAT at procrastination….I’m horrible about procrastinating. Like now? I should be working on my to-do list and doing some grading….but this is so much more fun! 🙂

  4. Sara Says:

    Chores. Other than things like laundry and dishes. It is way too often that I turn around and realize “I really should change the bedsheets…it’s been a month” (well…”a month” is kind. I’m embarrassed to put the actual number there in public…).

  5. I’m horrible at fighting. I never seem to get across what’s really bothering me, so then I just don’t say anything, which of course isn’t helpful at all.

    I’m also horrible at admitting that I don’t know something. And, something that goes hand in hand with it, want to be able to do something new perfectly right from the start (one of the reasons I never learned how to sail – DH loves it (no water to sail on where we live though, so not such a problem now) and wants to take me out, but I get frustrated not knowing what to do and get snappy when someone tries to explain it to me.

    So if going to bed is the only thing you’re horrible at (btw, I’m bad at that too when DH is away), you’re one lucky girl! 😉

  6. Lavender Luz Says:

    I’m an afternoon zombie, too!

    I am horrible at wiping down counters. It’s related to not wanting to get my hands dirty. I can do the dishes and sweep the floor, but I just hate scooping all the crumbs into one of my hands. Bleh.

    I love that you leave me overnight comments.

  7. a Says:

    I’m horrible at a lot of things! Video games, sports, having interest in my husband’s hobbies, cleaning as I go when cooking, dusting…I could go on all day. Basically, I’m horrible at things that don’t interest me, even if I have to do them. Sigh.

    I am excellent at falling asleep immediately, though. My husband is totally jealous.

  8. Cat Says:

    Also going to bed, but only since the kids started sleeping through the night. I say it’s because it’s the only alone time I get, but I should still get up there earlier than I do. I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, so it’s not that I’m not tired.

    I’m also bad at focusing and doing what I should and instead I find other things to suck time and procrastinate. That can also tie in with me staying up so late: I dink around on facebook, pinterest, blogs, and watching tv instead of just going to bed already. Case in point, it’s 11:52pm as I post this and we’re moving tomorrow and I have a huge basket of laundry next to me to fold so our friends helping us move don’t see our underpants when they get here in the morning (clean or not).

  9. Mel Says:

    I am truly horrible at remembering to practice guitar but don’t tell my teacher.

    I also stay up way too late and then spend a portion of the next day like a zombie. But I can’t go to bed before 11:30, and I often stay up to 1 am too.

  10. Mel Says:

    I am also terrible at falling asleep (takes me an hour) and staying asleep.

  11. Heather Says:

    LOL! I’m horrible at staying up late! I always feel like I’m Cinderella at the ball when I go out with friends, as I need to go to bed before midnight!

  12. Tara (TIMO) Says:

    I’m horrible at just doing things, aka procrastinating, especially those tasks that you know will take only 5 minutes, usually less. I just keep stalling and putting things off until it really is the last minute and I’m scrambling.

    I’m also really horrible about taking time for myself. I don’t ask for help from Nav or time alone for just me. I expect him to know that I need a break and it makes me cranky when he doesn’t step in.

  13. emk808 Says:

    I’m also REALLY REALLY bad about going to bed. I’ll stay up until 2 or 3 am if I’m engrossed in something. I’m also a procrastinator if it’s a task I really don’t want to do. But if it’s something I’m enjoying then I’m bad about being pulled away from it. 🙂

  14. emk808 Says:

    (This is Elana from Elana’s Musings)

  15. Nity Says:

    Oh yeah. I’m terrible at going to bed too – especially if the hubby’s out of town. But I’m also a terrible morning person. I’m a good middle of the day person who gets a second wind at 10 pm and then crashes at midnight. Or 11 pm.

    I’m terrible at follow through lately. I have great ideas in my head but then I just don’t execute. And I have way, way too many projects going on.

  16. St. Elsewhere Says:

    LOL…this one is easy! I am horrible at cooking.

    Well, I could turn out something decent is a given, but my complete lack of interest in that department surprises me even.

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