Open House

February 19, 2012

At the nursery school Open House, we discovered that two classmates were born within a week of Burrito and Tamale’s birthday.

One of those dads said, “I guess a lot of us were gettin’ it on around New Year’s!”

What I said to him: “Actually, they were preemies.”

What I thought immediately: “Well, now I know one couple in this room who definitely isn’t infertile.”

What I realized later: “My egg retrieval for IVF #2 was on New Year’s Eve.
I’m pretty sure there was no ‘gettin’ it on’ within a month of New Year’s.”

5 Responses to “Open House”

  1. Heather Says:

    OMG! That’s what I’d think too!!! Definitely not infertile!

  2. strongblonde Says:

    lol. isn’t that funny? he probably didn’t even think twice about that statement.

  3. a Says:

    There’s no place better than daycare for really obnoxious statements. Perhaps you’ll get to enjoy the “Burrito and Tamale really need a sibling” remarks too!

  4. Kristin Says:

    Gah, what an obnoxious comment…and, I totally would have thought the not infertile bit too.

  5. celia Says:

    Strangely we are having another March baby, and I was amazed at how many people thought we A. Planned it. B. Announced that they know what we like to do in June. It was both annoying( infertiles CHOOSING when to get pregnant?) and embarrassing. Who thinks like that? I have never ever thought back nine months and imagined someone having sex. THAT IS CREEPY. My own evil MIL-HOLE sent me an email congratulating me on my good planning. I was like WOMAN you know it took us almost FOUR years to have Peter. I did not get to plan ANYTHING. I remember when we had to call her for family background for paperwork at the RE’s and when we asked if anyone in the family was infertile she laughed.

    Though I will say it is freaking awesome that I was able to reuse all my maternity clothes and the baby clothes since every thing is for the right season. But come on now. Planned it? Do not make me kill you with mind rays.

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