2011, One Word at a Time

December 31, 2011

Let’s sum up each month of 2011 with a single word, plus the corresponding post.

January: Smiling
February: Bridesmaid
March: Emotion
April: Audit
May: Mothers
June: Mailbox
July: Limbo
August: Satisficing
September: Zen
October: Kiln
November: Yaaaaaay!
December: Transition

Why no link for December? Because I’m telling you about it right now.

Fittingly, December’s events bring me full circle to the encounter with Lori that started the year. In January, her family came to my region of the country. In December, I visited her house as part of a reconnaissance trip, because… this coming January, I will become her neighbor.

I got a job! A better job than any of the four for which I’ve been the runner-up in the past year and a half! We are moving to Loriland!

I am temporarily in transition, but I am finally out of Limbo.

Uhhhh… anybody want to buy a really cool house? I’ll throw in some pottery!

Happy New Year!


13 Responses to “2011, One Word at a Time”

  1. St. Elsewhere Says:


    Lori’s neighbour too!

  2. Callie Says:

    Congratulations! Limbo is one of the hardest places to be and I’m so glad you’re made your way out of it. The new job sounds great as does the new neighborhood! Best wishes for a laughter filled 2012.

  3. strongblonde Says:

    omg. that’s awesome 🙂 can’t wait to hear the details!!!

    and let’s keep fingers crossed for the house to sell quickly!! 🙂

  4. Kristin Says:

    Huge congrats on the job and, OMG, I am so freaking jealous that the two of you will be living close to each other.

  5. a Says:

    That sounds awesome! I went to college there for 2 years, and it was great. I hope you all love it there. Congratulations!

  6. That’s so exciting! Congratulations! Is this a good change for your DH as well?

  7. I think I am the most excited person in the blogosphere about this!

    OK, maybe we’re tied.

    Happy dance!

  8. Tara (TIMO) Says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read about your moving adventures. We’ll be moving across the country this summer so I need all the tips I can get for a long-distance move with twin toddlers.

  9. Cat Says:

    Congratulations! Is Loriland anywhere near Catland?

  10. Lynn Says:

    That is wonderful news! I wish you the best of luck with your transition!

  11. luna Says:

    wow, what wonderful news ~ congrats! and heading west to the rockies! so cool. very exciting!

  12. BB Says:

    Congratulations! So very excited for you… Yay for being out of the limbo land! 🙂 I guess you will be moving away from not so near to me, to not near at all! Not that we have met, but would have loved to meet you some day! 🙂

  13. Congratulations! So happy to hear this! Sending good homeselling vibes your way!

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