Farewell, Summer

September 20, 2011

Having grown up in a place with no seasons
not being someone who likes to go outside
really having enjoyed autumn in New England these past few years,
I don’t usually miss summer when it ends.

This year, I miss it already.

So does Stevie.

And Frank.

And Belle and Sebastian.

And Dar.

And The Beach Boys.

And Joni.

And The Decemberists.

And Elvis.

And The Magnetic Fields.

And The Doors.

And Dusty.

On the flip side, toddlers + adorable outerwear = hooray for fall!

5 Responses to “Farewell, Summer”

  1. a Says:

    That’s why I love the Indian summer – where those warm temps come back for some time. I’m not a fan of the shorter days, though.

  2. celia Says:

    My husband and I are just elated to get a month break between huge electric bills. We have an old house and it is A SIEVE.

  3. Dresden Says:

    i am soooooo excited for long pants season!!! (also – less toddler bruises on the knees!)

  4. Ana Says:

    After living for years in seasonless (or pretty close….extreme hot vs. not-quite-so-hot) places, I am so in love with the transitional seasons (spring and fall). I am wimpy about severe heat or cold, so I love this in-between time!! And YES, Celia, the electric bills for the AC this summer were ridiculous.

    I used to care more for the length of the days; now we never really leave the house after 6:30 pm so it doesn’t much matter except for those few months in winter when I’m walking home from work in the dark.

  5. strongblonde Says:

    yea, fall!!! can’t wait!

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