Summer Camp Day 2

July 2, 2011

Day 2 of blog summer camp at Creating Motherhood!

Today’s prompt: What were you like in high school? What extracurricular activities, if any, did you take part in during high school? Did you consider yourself a writer?

I was an artsy brainiac, but it was a prep school so nerdiness was acceptable. I was a very A- student: I preferred to study for 2 hours and get an A- than study for 20 and get an A, particularly since I had so many other things to do.

My college application had 12 blanks for extracurriculars. I had so many that I had to leave some of my activities off of my application.

Among the activities:
yearbook editor-in-chief
newspaper section editor
drama, one or two plays per year
3 choral groups
algebra tutor
president of environmental club
wrote poetry and articles for local ‘zine
dance club participant and teacher
ballet and jazz outside of school
rock climbing (on actual rocks, before the days of artificial climbing walls)
summer job in the administration building
French literature reading group (in French)

This doesn’t count as an activity, but I was also an early adopter of online interaction, using Prodigy extensively as well as individually run online BBS. I wasn’t as nerdy as that makes me sound.

I considered myself writer more then than I would now, since in high school I poured my soul into poetry and kept a journal, but in terms of output I do far more writing now.

Want to meet and join the other campers?

3 Responses to “Summer Camp Day 2”

  1. strongblonde Says:

    wow. you were (and are) so prolific! i definitely didn’t have access to many of those things. i suppose you might not have had access to fist fights every day though? 🙂 lol.

  2. Kristin Says:

    Very cool. I’m having so much fun learning about my fellow campers.

  3. Heather Says:

    Wow! You were very busy!!!

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