Thoughtful Thursday: Sandal Weather

May 26, 2011

Thoughtful ThursdaySandal weather is suddenly upon us. I’ve worn socks and shoes, or usually socks and boots, every day for a loooong time. My feet are not ready for sandals, as I am in desperate need of a pedicure — or at least a DIY painting.

Why have I let it go so long? Not because it’s been not-sandal weather, as usually my toes are red regardless of the weather. Not even because of Burrito and Tamale, though free time for grooming is shorter than it used to be.

It’s because my last pedicure was in December, with my mother getting a pedicure in the chair next to me.

I haven’t been able to bear to take the polish from that pedicure off, no matter how overdue it has been.

I’ve sort of been waiting it out, knowing that it would grow out/chip off eventually. I’m not sure what I think will happen once that polish is totally gone. I’m also not sure what I think will happen if I take the polish off myself.

It’s irrational and pointless, and I know it, and I hold on anyway.

Are you holding on to anything that serves no purpose, that you don’t even understand?


13 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Sandal Weather”

  1. Elana Kahn Says:

    I’ve kept notes that my dad wrote me when I was in high school. Little things like “you have an appointment with the doctor today so I’ll pick you up after school”. The note serves no purpose other than to remind me of my father’s love and that he was alive for most of my life (so far). It has sentimental value.

  2. St. Elsewhere Says:

    Oya! A haircut! And my nose ring!

    I said I won’t remove my crooked, bent nose ring till I conceived. I conceived and yet did not remove it. It was removed by the nurse (finally!) when I was being sent to the Operation Theatre for my C-section. Did the nose ring have any contribution to TTC? No. But that did not stop me from that bizarre promise to self.

    The other relates to a haircut. I wanted to take my haircut only after my thesis was done. Then, there came a time when I realized that the thesis will happen only after the baby is here. So, I postponed the haircut for City X – my reprieve before the baby was due to arrive. I never made to City X, and in the overhaul I did in April, I went and got the haircut anyways.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    For like 5 months after my dad died I carried his car key in my pocket or my bag. I panicked if I didn’t have it. It still lives on my keyring but it’s more of a practical thing now. My dad killed himself, left all his stuff in his car and jumped off a bridge. The car key was in his pocket, so it was in the river with him when they found him. It was the last thing he touched so…. So I get the pedicure thing.

  4. Kymberli Says:

    *sigh* Am I ever. I have a box full of positive pregnancy tests, meticulously marked with the days past transfer that they were taken and what my beta was on that day, if applicable. I don’t know why I can’t get rid of them, especially because those pregnancies never came to be. Maybe it’s because that’s all there ever was as tangible proof of what tried to come into existence, and those tests represent all that should have been but never was.

    I think your polish makes a lot more sense than my box of faint, then dark, then faint again non-pregnancy tests. (((hugs…and also to St. Elsewhere and Rebecca above)))

  5. Heather Says:

    I keep all kind of little momentos of things here and there. I have an Indian arrowhead carved out of a black stone that my grandfather gave me in my jewelry box. It reminds me of two things. The farm he lived on that I stayed at often which is where he found it and the wonderful man he always was. Right now he’s in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s so bad he knows no one and is now having a hard time remembering to swallow. We have Hospice care coming to see him three times a week at the home now. I love remembering the strong, loving man he used to be.

  6. a Says:

    My dad died almost 20 years ago. I still have some of his jackets (one I wear to shovel snow) and his watch.

  7. Ana Says:

    All of the posters above keeping mementos of loved ones really touched me, as did your fading polish. I used to be quite sentimental and I have a bin of stuff at my parents house with presents & letters from old boyfriends, notes from friends, and weird little souvenirs that mean nothing to me now. I really just need to go through it all, or just chuck it all one day.
    Currently the one thing I’m holding on to is my little guy’s long hair—he’s almost a year and a half, the hair is ridICULOUS and I can’t bear to cut it & change him into a “big boy”.

  8. Tessa is wearing a red fleece jacket and a red bathrobe from her Grandma. I expect they’ll be around awhile.

    I think I would have a hard time unpolishing my toes, too, Cassandra.


  9. strongblonde Says:

    I have all of my old report cards. And some art from when I was little (and it *still* smells like that plastic-y paint). I have a few cards from friends and family….but I did a HUGE purge of stuff when the kids were about 6 months old. I just felt the need to get rid of a ton of stuff. Seriously. I ordered a dumpster to be delivered and it sat in the driveway for a week while I filled it with all of the STUFF that I was holding on to that had no real meaning: empty boxes, cards from remote people that I don’t remember, an old (unused) barf bag from my first plane ride, etc. Immediately after the dumpster was gone I regretted some of my choices. But mostly? It wasn’t for me. I kept thinking, “Maybe M and T would want to look at that at some point?” And ultimately I decided that they would most likely be happier to look at things that were meaningful. My 9 ticket stubs from going to see Free Willy? (Don’t ask–I have no idea. I was in high school). Why do I need to keep those?

    I think your question kind of relates to superstition for me. I kept my toenails a certain color during ALL of my cycles. I didn’t change it until 26 weeks. I’m not sure what I thought would happen if I changed it. I just didn’t want to “chance” it. When my team wins at football? I’ll wear the same exact thing the next week. Like my outfit had something to do with the win. lol.

    big hugs to you and to all the ladies above!!

  10. The three positive HPTs from this cycle!

    But seriously, yes of course I do have things that could have been thrown away years ago, but I still keep for no apparent reason. Some are still there because I don’t even know I have them – tucked away in a box in the cellar or storage space, lost items of too many moves…

    Others might have some sentimental value – like my agendas from the past 10 years. Why would I want to know what appointments I had? No idea. I had put them in the box “to be shredded” a few weeks ago. Then DH started shredding, asked me “do you really want to get rid of this?” and then I saved them again…

  11. Cat Says:

    Even if it’s irrational and pointless, that doesn’t mean it’s not OK to leave the polish on your toes.

    I have my dad’s giant ceramic bowl that he used when baking bread. I need another mixing bowl like I need a hole in my head, but I took it home with me anyway. It has been sitting in my basement for the past 6 years. My dad made amazing buttermilk bread and the dough rose in this bowl, so I’ll keep it forever, even if I never end up using it myself.

  12. Cat Says:

    I also have a white chocolate molded box that was filled with candies and given as favors at my wedding shower 11 years ago. Talk about pointless. I don’t know what I expected to do with it – it can’t go in a scrapbook and I definitely won’t be eating it at this point. Yet it’s still in a box in the closet and somehow looks none the worse for being in there for 11 years.

  13. Tara (TIMO) Says:

    I’m a purger so I don’t have much that I don’t love and use. I regret throwing away all of the letters from my ex-fiance. I was studying abroad and he was in the Coast Guard, so we lived apart for the last 2 years of our relationship. Neither one of us had a computer and phones were hard to come by so letters were our way of communicating. Looking back, I wish I would have kept them.

    When my Grandma moved from her house of over 55 years, she threw away all of the photos but kept the curtains. We have nothing documenting her early years of marriage and my Aunt and Dad’s life. I do find it difficult to delete photos off of the computer. It’s easier now to just keep all of them.

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