Audit, Part 7

April 18, 2011

We left off in the office of our surprisingly human auditor

I continued in sleep-deprived blabbermouth mode about how I understood how spending over $40,000 in medical bills despite having health insurance and not even counting the health insurance premiums must seem like a lot and it’s reasonable that it would raise their red flags but yes we really did spend all of that, on infertility treatments, the IUIs and the IVFs and the acupuncture and all of it, and they all failed and we were at it for many years before that and it was another $30,000 in the other years put together and it doesn’t look like we have enough extra income to spend that much money on medical bills but we did and we spent everything we’d saved and now we’re broke but it’s okay because now we finally have babies and they are so beautiful do you want to see a picture but yes we really did spend over $40,000 in one year on treatments that didn’t work.

Auditor: “How much do the cycles run?”

Well it depends on what kind of cycle and which drugs they use and what extra stuff they do but the IUIs are the cheaper ones and they each cost us around $5000 though some people spend less if they go to their gynecologist instead of a fancy reproductive endocrinologist or something but each IVF cycle cost about $15,000.

Auditor: “Oh shit!”

That’s really what happened, I swear.

Come back tomorrow, as all of this has been leading up to a very special bloggy extravaganza! Eventually we’ll get back to the audit story but it’s still in progress so you’ll have to wait.

5 Responses to “Audit, Part 7”

  1. a Says:

    Oh shit, indeed! I sort of wish it had been a less sympathetic auditor who had to experience the joys and costs of infertility – I think it would have been quite an edifying experience for anyone.

  2. BB Says:

    Gotta love the drama! I am sure the climax will be as exciting!

  3. Kristin Says:

    I would have paid good money to see the auditor’s face.

  4. St. Elsewhere Says:

    Oh shit, yes.

    So she let bowed 180 degrees for you and had a red carpet leading you out of her office?

  5. Cat Says:

    Now that she knows how much each cycle costs, I hope she let’s you go home and sleep!

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