Thoughtful Thursday: Clutter

October 7, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

A year ago, reaching October still pregnant was a joyful accomplishment. This year, it’s more like, “Wait, how did it get to be October?” Welcome to the October Intelligentsia, the people who commented on every Thoughtful Thursday post for the month of September.

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Thoughtful ThursdaySince we’re about to put our house on the market, there’s so much to do. Some of it we’re hiring others to do: paint, clean carpets, trim hedges, etc. But, most of the rest of it falls to me. I’ve made a lot of progress, but every day I spend hours working on the house. Some of it involves cleaning and organizing, but most of it is going through things and getting rid of the excess. Things that don’t fit, things we don’t need anymore, things we don’t want to pay to move. Frankly, most of it should have gone long ago, but there was always something more important to do.

  • Thousands of papers — work files from 10 years ago, bills, receipts, Christmas cards…
  • Several years of magazines
  • Clothes that are too ’90s
  • The pantyhose I never unpacked when I moved here 4 years ago
  • The ballet shoes I bought when I was about to start college just in case I resumed ballet classes; never worn
  • A couple of collections I used to enjoy which now just collect dust
  • 80 pound stash of kitty litter 😦
  • Breast pump supplies
  • Outgrown baby clothes and gear
  • Fertility Awareness charts from the first two years of TTC
  • That damned Ov-Watch
  • Used needles from IVFs/IUIs

Even though you’re probably not moving, there must be something that you keep meaning to get rid of. What is it?

14 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Clutter”

  1. Kristin Says:

    There are so many things I want to/mean to get rid of…papers like you mentioned, clothes my kids have outgrown, toys they have outgrown.

  2. We will be moving in the spring, so we are trying to go through things now. I had to get rid of a lot when I moved across the country three years ago with only what I could fit in my trunk, along with about 5 boxes that I mailed to myself. My problem is organizing the stuff that has come into the house in those three years. I have a lot of papers and files to go through.

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Most things in my kitchen. We’re slowly working on it. When we moved in aged 20 with nothing, people gave us stuff, but we don’t need it, so it goes.

  4. a Says:

    I am guilty of hoarding paperwork/records/files…just in case we need that credit card statement from 2000. Otherwise, my husband goes through the house about once a month and looks for things to sell or give away. We don’t like visible clutter and there are only so many places to store things. We still have a lot of stuff though…

    Great, now I’m feeling like I should get rid of more things. My daughter’s birthday is this weekend, so maybe we can ditch some of her old toys and replace them with bright, shiny new ones…

  5. emk808 Says:

    Meaning to get rid of? Yeah…all of the junk mail that is piled high in my living room. It’s gotta go!!! And stuff needs putting away…lots of stuff. It’s totally awful in here. *sigh*

  6. I have lots of clothes from my working (outside the home) days that I still love, even though they’re no longer in style. I keep thinking that the fashion-go-round will come back again and I’ll be on the cutting edge.

    Haha. Sounds so ridiculous when I put it into words!

    Good luck with moving and sorting. Ugh.

  7. Oh yes, we have way too much stuff – even two transcontinental moves didn’t clean up much unfortunately. There are many things we don’t use but can’t (aren’t allowed) to get rid of, because it’s family heirloom. But there’s other stuff as well, hubby finally admitted that he should throw away his high school papers (!) I should get rid of my New Yorker collection and buy the latest DVD, so I’m up-to-date and won’t need all the paper versions of the magazine anymore. But… many of them have illustrations by my hubby’s cousin, which we’d like to keep. So it means I have to go through them all first before I can throw or give them away, which is a bit of a drag (and probably only a move would make me do it).

  8. WiseGuy Says:

    Ha Ha Ha…yep there is tons of it.

    The home we moved into December had been vacated by the previous family less than a fortnight before. They left wooden frames, and unused metal nets in the balcony. DH does not let me dispose them off, even though I manage to scurry out a little of that balcony space killer bit by bit once in a while. They also left back a coal stove and other knick-knack that I think of throwing out, but don’t.

    And clothes…I have identified three dresses I want to give up. And even though I just have to pick them up and give away, I so far have not managed to do it. One of them is a dress my mother gave me, and a tiny bit of my heart is a bit guilty about wanting to give it away.

    Good Luck with everything, BabySmiling.

  9. Dora Says:

    We’ll be moving as soon as the slowpoke contractors finish our new apt. Pretty much impossible to go through things when it’s just me and Sunshine. Stayed home from work yesterday with a cold. I took Sunshine to daycare and went home and slept most of the day. But I did manage to fill a garbage bag with papers, pg books from my insurance co, rejected hair products and makeup, etc. All things that had been stuffed into shopping bags and stashed in my bedroom closet. So it didn’t make a difference in the visible clutter, but still, it was a start. I also recently passed on a big shopping bag of maternity clothes to another blogger, but yesterday I noticed a shopping bag of still more maternity clothes in the back of the same closet.

  10. strongblonde Says:

    i hate clutter! it drives me crazy. we have a ton of baby stuff to get rid of, of course. swings, clothes, car seats….we’re hoping to get rid of it soon. one thing that i always forget about is a pile of bricks behind the garage. we removed them when we put in a new patio. we couldn’t put out trash cans full of bricks, so they just kind of got stacked there. we really need to get rid of them. but now i always worry that there’s a snake living in there. 😦 yikes.

    both b and i still have a ton of school stuff, too. textbooks, old notes, exams, etc. he also has a small mountain of art supplies that need to be sorted and an insane amount of star wars stuff from when he was a kid.

    we’re hoping that we’ll be able to use our pool table again in the spring. you know, for pool. instead of housing a bunch of junk!

  11. Heather Says:

    Good luck with the move! I’m working on getting rid of clutter in our basement and garage. I recommend you look at the moving instructions. They really helped us with the move. Take it 15 minutes at a time.

  12. Cat Says:

    I really don’t like clutter, so I try to stay on top of clearing it all out, but haven’t done very well lately. We need to go through our basement, including some boxes of keepsakes/junk from my childhood and high school years. I have bins of outgrown baby clothes and am anxiously awaiting the multiples group’s sale in the spring to get rid of it all. I should also go through my clothes and get rid of the things that are too small but that I’ve been keeping for when I lose weight. I haven’t worn the stuff in years so it’s time to both face reality and get rid of what I wouldn’t wear again even if it did fit.

    I love getting rid of stuff we no longer need! It makes me feel lighter somehow. Unfortunately, not “light” enough to fit into those too-small clothes of mine.

  13. jill Says:

    I’m late answering but this is an easy one – papers! Ugh I hate filing and keeping track of important papers. We have piles of mail (usually can get as far as throwing out the obvious junk), paid/unpaid bills, manuals, receipts, etc. I’m sure we have tons of this stuff we could throw out.

    Wishing you luck selling your house! πŸ™‚

  14. coffeegrl Says:

    That ridiculous bar stool in the garage. We bought it when we first moved into this house 9 years ago, and it was never the right height for the kitchen counter and we never used that counter as a “bar” anyway. But we still have it.

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