Photo Friday: Play

July 30, 2010

(Note: Children pictured.)

The theme this week for Calliope’s Photo Friday is play.

Here is a snapshot of what play looks like in my house, minus the parts where they snatch toys out of each other’s hands, crawl over each other en route to a toy, try to teethe on their twin’s skull, etc. Sometimes peaceful as depicted below, often not so peaceful, but always colorful, in every sense of the word.


9 Responses to “Photo Friday: Play”

  1. Genevieve Says:

    awww, they are adorable!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Oooh I was only thinking last night we needed photos of your cuties!

  3. jill Says:

    Ooh that toy is awesome! Is it wood? Mind sharing where you got it from?

    Love the pic and their pudgy little hands 🙂

  4. amanda Says:

    I envious of that toy too! The kids look like they are having a great time with it.

  5. Kristin Says:

    We had a play toy almost exactly like that when my kids were younger.

    Aren’t those “quietly playing together” moments just priceless? Great pic.

  6. PFM Says:

    What a terrific picture. They are lovely.

  7. They are so cute! I love that toy too. I would also love to know where you got it.

  8. Cat Says:

    We have the same toy! It’s great because it’s big enough that they can all play with it at the same time. They’ve gotten some bruises from the corners, though. Just wait until they start using it to pull up to stand – if they aren’t already!

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