July 27, 2010

Along the lines of my efforts to trace infertility through my family tree and keeping in mind my breastmilk supply woes, I present a conversation between me and my mother.

Mom: What kind of formula do Burrito and Tamale drink? Similac? Do they still have Similac?
Me: Yes. Why?
Mom: That’s what we used to give you.
Me: I thought you breastfed me.
Mom: I did, but you also had Similac. I didn’t have enough milk.

She likely did have endocrine issues, and who knows about her infertility, but she didn’t have a c-section or blood loss or a preemie or a sleepy baby, and there was only one of me, and still she had supply issues. Was my own milk supply already doomed three and a half decades ago?


4 Responses to “Formula”

  1. Two Kayaks Says:

    I wondered this early on about myself as well. My mother could not breastfeed my brother in 1967 nor me in 1973. Is it a genetic thing? My mother also had multiple miscarriages and difficulty getting pregnant.

  2. strongblonde Says:

    isn’t it funny that our parents don’t think to tell us these things? it always seems to come out later somehow!

    thanks for the advice on dealing with the inlaws 🙂

  3. Dora Says:

    Did your head explode after this conversation? Reminds me of my mother telling me AFTER my first mammogram that cystic breast ran in our family.

  4. WiseGuy Says:

    Oh wow! Some revelations really put the present in direct connection with the past!

    My mother breastfed both me and my bro. She did not have supply issues.

    She suffered one miscarriage* before she had me.

    *(Someday, I will talk to her about it. My father mentioned that she had consumed some medicines and had not been aware that she had conceived. The medicines were fatal for the child. I am not sure if my mother miscarried naturally or she had a D&C.)

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