Thoughtful Thursday: Movie

June 24, 2010

Thoughtful ThursdayIn honor of the release this week of Intelligentsia member Ernessa’s novel 32 Candles (go buy it! preferably Thursday or Friday so that it counts toward her first week sales!)…

The premise of 32 Candles is that a girl who had once watched 16 Candles and imagined her own Molly Ringwald Ending gets to try to make it happen with the same boy years later when they’re all grown up.

Which got me thinking:

What movie have you mentally inserted yourself into? Did it ever come close to coming true?

My answer isn’t what you might expect, and nothing like it ever ended up happening to me, clearly. The only movie that I can remember imagining myself in was Labyrinth. Logic puzzles, geeky adventure, mazes, Jim Henson muppets, 80’s music, mysterious David Bowie. Then again, maybe that’s exactly what you might expect.

What movie have you mentally inserted yourself into? Did it ever come close to coming true?

Oh, and go buy 32 Candles. Hooray Ernessa!

10 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Movie”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    High Fidelity. It didn’t come true, unless being heartbroken and obsessed with music is enough?

  2. WiseGuy Says:

    Congrats to Ernessa!

    I think I might have inserted myself in my fair share of romantic movies….one of them being Robin Hood.

    Go figure!

    Nopes, not close to real life at all!

  3. Kymberli Says:

    Labyrinth? Really? Me too! The movie is now also a favorite of my children and they have the lines memorized also. Although now when you think about it as an adult, Sarah had some pretty serious issues. A teenager playing imagination dress-up in the park talking to herself? She was also quite whiny and bratty. Still, it doesn’t take the magic away from the movie (or from David Bowie in spandex and leather).

    The other movie I’ve placed myself in is The Goonies. Of course it never came anywhere close to coming true. I just think that all children should have something fantastic like that happen to them.

  4. strongblonde Says:

    oooohhhh……this is easy for me: charlie and the chocolate factory. i must have watched it daily for two years straight. my sisters and i would make our own version of the wonka factory: the candy park with the chocolate river, the bike that stirred the laundry, the tv room, etc. so, i suppose i ended up inserting the movie into my life since there was no way it could come true.

    ….unless you count the fact that i made my mom buy me only wonka candy for a period of time, lol!!

  5. a Says:

    I guess I’m just not very imaginative…I never put myself in any movies. Or else, I’m very imaginative, and put myself only in stories that I made up!

  6. First of all, thank you so very much for the post. I really appreciate it.

    As to your questions, when I go dancing, I think of myself as a young French girl in a Goddard movie … you know before she or her lover dies.

    On a more macabre note, when I think of me and death, I think of the last scene in THE SEVENTH SEAL

    And of course you know how I feel about AWAY WE GO. But I should say that the other day, I went to see the new KARATE KID, and I felt like a kid again, believing I could do anything if I just practiced hard enough. It made me realize how much the original influenced my thinking.

    Though, I’m still trying to find a film that fully “gets” motherhood. It seems that it either goes to two extremes of making it look like it’s easy and that kids only pop in with cute bon mots and as plot devices (Jerry Maguire-style) or that it’s just the worst job on earth. Would so love to see a movie get it right, so to speak.

  7. Elana Kahn Says:

    I imagined myself in practically every movie I’ve ever seen. lol But I especially imagine myself in the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies. I would TOTALLY love to live in either of those worlds…absolutely.

  8. Kristin Says:

    Huge congrats to Ernessa. Honestly, I have imagined myself in the Harry Potter world…both because of the books and the movies. Sadly, it isn’
    t even close to coming true.

  9. Photogrl Says:

    Congratulations to Ernessa!

    A much younger, and single me often inserted myself into “My Best Friend’s Wedding”…

    Never came true, and I’m wise enough now to be thankful! 😉

  10. coffeegrl Says:

    When I was a kid, I totally inserted myself in Star Wars. I was convinced that story should have included me. I recently saw Lost in Austen and can easily imagine myself in that – or a similar situation. C’mon – it’s Austen!!

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