Perfect Moment Monday: Goin’ Mobile

February 8, 2010

Perfect Moment
Last March, when I was barely pregnant, as in ‘only one beta and even that had been done early because I was flying away to the Land of Don Quixote’ pregnant, I made a couple of purchases. Both were tremendous leaps of faith that the pregnancy would stick around and result in a Real Live Baby. Both of the purchases waited in a box until the time, if and when, they would be useful.

One of them I’ll post later this week at Show and Tell.

Here is the other one: a mobile we bought in Barcelona. DH and I stood in a museum gift shop for a length of time probably suspicious to gift shop employees, debating with ourselves and each other whether we really could let ourselves buy something for a baby that we didn’t yet trust to come into existence. Together, we made that leap of faith.

It didn’t seem right to put the mobile up when I was pregnant. Too presumptuous.

After the babies came, things were too crazy to put it up. When they calmed down a little, momentarily, I tried to put it up, got out the ladder and everything, but the spot I picked wasn’t amenable. It was impossible to find a time when the babies were both out of the nursery yet I was available to drill holes in the ceiling.

Then, instead of the spot I’d first picked, I wanted to use it over one of their cribs, but I couldn’t figure out a foolproof way to ensure that it was safe to dangle over the crib. When I bought a developmental mobile with a built-in crib clamp, DH said with a little hurt in his voice, “But what about our mobile?” It was so sweet.

Finally, this weekend, I figured out a way to put up our mobile that did not involve a power drill or risking anything crashing onto my babies’ heads.

The first Perfect Moment is actually getting something done.

The even more Perfect Moment is seeing one of my babies look up from the changing table, watch the mobile turning in the breeze, and laugh. That is why I made that purchase. That is why I did all of it, really. All of the years of treatments, and waiting, and emotions, and more waiting. I did it all for that little giggle.

view from the changing table

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13 Responses to “Perfect Moment Monday: Goin’ Mobile”

  1. Delenn Says:

    Very beautiful! And what a moment.

  2. How wonderful! There is nothing better than those giggles. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. Lavender Luz Says:

    Perfect in SO many ways. If ever a perfect moment was a loooooong time in coming, this is it.

    It’s beautiful. Makes me think of a cross between a rainbow and a peacock. I bet your children have many perfect moments with it as well.

    And I love that it came from Barcelona, at the very beginning of their lives.

  4. Ana Says:

    LOVE it!

  5. Beth Says:

    Pretty! I fell in love with my baby’s mobile 13 years before my baby’s birth (which will be some time in the next 6 weeks or so), so I understand. We haven’t hung ours yet… waiting for the furiniture to arrive so we can arrange the room and place everything just so. But I love opening the box and admiring the colors, imagining baby’s reaction. Do you know who made yours?

  6. Kristin Says:

    Ooooh, what a beautiful mobile!

  7. strongblonde Says:

    love. it.

    i hung one in the center of the room from the light fixture, too. very elementary, but it works. and best of all? catching one of them smiling when they see it!

    how’d you get it to hang up there?

  8. PFM Says:

    That put a smile on my face.

  9. Gabby Says:

    oooh! i love it.. modern, cool, simple. NICE mobile!!

  10. samcy Says:

    That mobile is STUNNING! No wonder the baby giggled at it 🙂


  11. Shinejil Says:

    That has to be the best possible baby-oriented mobile ever! Love it!

  12. staciet Says:

    Ooooh, pretty! You’re right. Giggles do make it all worth it. 😉

  13. Quiet Dreams Says:

    I love that mobile, and the moment. Beautiful post.

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