Guessing Game: The Answer

February 4, 2010

Following up on yesterday’s Guessing Game about the breakdown of fertiles, infertiles, and unknowns at a twin club meeting…

The correct answer, if you include me, was 40%, 40%, 20%.

I totally did not bring IF up just to answer the Guessing Game, promise. I wasn’t even the first one to talk about infertility.

It started with “when in the pregnancy did you know you were having twins?” I had the record for the earliest diagnosis, but my IVF compadre had similar timing. The latest diagnosis was 21 weeks, obviously one of the fertile women.

Perhaps most strangely, mine were the only preemies. A room full of full-term twins? I did not expect that.

I recommend multiples clubs for other reasons like child socialization and the fabulous sales that most clubs hold, but I’m on the fence about the mommy experience. There was literally not one minute of talk that wasn’t about mommy or baby topics.

There may be some Not Only A Mommy women in the club, but I didn’t find any at this gathering, or at least they weren’t acting like it. Not that I was bringing up scintillating topics either — but, true to form, there were a few minutes when the fertiles were asking about how certain treatments work and suddenly I was holding forth in front of the room.

Now a Mommy, stilll always an Infertile.


5 Responses to “Guessing Game: The Answer”

  1. a Says:

    I think the first couple years of mommyhood, you don’t know what else to talk about. You’re not confident in your role and you obsess over whether you’re doing the right thing. Some people are able to overcome this, but I think most are not.

    But, at least now that group is a little more educated!

  2. Kristin Says:

    Good for you for educating the group.

    Hey, maybe you could create a game. It could be called How Many Minutes Can Be Spent on Non-Kid topics. You could introduce a topic and then discreetly hit a timer (watch, mp3 player, something). If nothing else, it could create some amusement for you.

  3. strongblonde Says:

    this is precisely the reason i have not attended any of the events of our twin club yet. i’m just not sure that i can have the 100% mommy talks. do i love my kids? absolutely. i just like other things, too. 🙂

    i like kristin’s idea!

  4. Michele Says:

    I, too, am amazed by the amount of FTE twins. I always expected to find more preemies.

  5. I agree with what a said, and think there is a tendency to talk baby stuff with people you are interacting with because you all have babies. I got over the mommy group thing with my older daughter, but kept a couple of the people as friends because I liked them beyond the “ooh cute baby, wow, crawling already” stuff.

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