Intelligentsia Thing

January 20, 2010

Thoughtful ThursdayWelcome to the slightly belated Intelligentsia “thing” I’ve been promising. First we’ll celebrate the people who commented on every Thoughtful Thursday post for the month of December, then we’ll do the thing.

Wiseguy from Woman Anyone? finishes the year with her perfect record of 12 Intelligentsia appearances, making her the only person to comment on every Thoughtful Thursday for 2009. Hoooooray!

Photogrl from Not the Path I Chose thinks 8 is great.

Jill from All Aboard the Pity Boat enjoyed lucky #7.

Lost In Translation from We Say IVF, They Say FIV completed her sixth Intelligentsia stint.

Jules from Just Multiply by 2 came back for the fifth time.

Elana from Elana’s Musings and Stacie from Heeeeere Storkey Storkey three-peated.

A from Are You Kidding Me? and Lori, a.k.a. Lavender Luz, from Weebles Wobblog returned for #2.

And now, the thing.

To celebrate one year of Thoughtful Thursdays, I’d like to give gifts to the Intelligentsia: fulfilling the hypothetical question of where they’d spend their charity dollars if I handed them the money.

Each of the people who responded to last week’s charity TT question directly, who was also a member of the Intelligentsia at any point last year, will be included. A few Intelligentsia members didn’t mention a specific charity, so in their general honor I’ve donated $100 to Partners in Health for Haitian earthquake relief.

Cat talked about Heifer International, specifically, a share of a water buffalo because it sounds funny. In addition to the comedy value, a water buffalo also enables a poor farmer to quadruple his rice yield. That water buffalo is on his way, Cat — don’t worry, he’s not coming to your house.

Kristin discussed Ronald McDonald House. This charity is newly close to our hearts, since we stayed at the House next to the hospital (over an hour from my home) while Burrito and Tamale were in the NICU. I’ve made a donation to that particular Ronald McDonald house.

Elana talked about donating to one of the Jewish schools in her area. In that spirit, I’ve made a donation to a Jewish school in my area.

Wiseguy named SOS Children’s Villages. I hadn’t heard of this charity before, but it sounds very worthwhile. They’ll be getting a donation as well.

Photogrl passionately described about honoring her mother with a gift to NOCC, the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. I’ll be making a donation in memory of her mother.

Finally, on the topic of disaster relief which kicked the whole discussion off, A talked about the Red Cross. As you wish.

By the way, if you donate to the Red Cross or another disaster relief organization, I recommend an unrestricted gift (on the Red Cross website, “where the need is greatest”), which is ultimately far more helpful for organizations than one earmarked for a specific area or situation. Unfortunately, it won’t be long until the next disaster or incident somewhere else in the world.

I’m looking forward to another great year of Thoughtfulness! Thanks to everyone who participated in 2009.

9 Responses to “Intelligentsia Thing”

  1. Cathi Says:

    You’re awesome.

  2. Elana Kahn Says:

    That is SO SO sweet of you! Which school did you donate to, if I might ask?

  3. Carrie Says:

    This is awesome! Can’t wait to read another year of TT (and hopefully comment on more of them).

  4. I didn’t think it possible, but the level of respect I have for you just notched up even further.

    Very, very cool.

  5. Amazing, purely amazing!

  6. a Says:


    Only 2? What was wrong with me? I’ll do better this year.

  7. jill Says:

    That is wonderful and so thoughtful of you! Really awesome 🙂 And many thanks to you for a year of these posts for all of us who keep coming back for more!

  8. Photogrl Says:

    You rock.

    No, really.

    I’m sitting at work now, holding back tears of joy. Your kindness is very appreciated!

    Thank you! 🙂

    Do you need my mom’s name?

  9. ^WiseGuy^ Says:

    Dear BabySmiling, Thank You.

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