Thoughtful Thursday: Resolve

December 31, 2009

Thoughtful ThursdayHappy New Year!

Mel recently posted about her own New Year’s Resolutions, and she invited everyone else to share theirs.

I didn’t play along, because I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. Huge, sweeping changes are almost impossible to maintain. Don’t take my word for it; it’s a scientific fact.

Instead, I believe in slow, steady, incremental changes. New Year’s is as good a time as any to begin changing your life, but every other day of the year is fine too.

Ultimately, when we make resolutions, there’s a certain kind of person we’re aiming to be, one that we aren’t living up to yet. Resolve to exercise? Perhaps you’re aiming to be healthier, or more active, or thinner, or the kind of person who doesn’t join a gym on January 1 and then never visit again.

So my question to you is not what do you resolve to change, but who are you trying to become?

I’m working on making breastmilk for my babies (yes, still). I’m working on working more than an hour a week. Therefore, this means that I’m trying to be a mother whose body reflects the devotion she already has in mind and spirit, and I’m trying to stay afloat in the career which has always been so important to me — and which continues to be a high priority despite my inability to do much in the past many months. Basically, I’m trying to become a slightly better version of myself.

Who are you trying to become?


15 Responses to “Thoughtful Thursday: Resolve”

  1. Kristin Says:

    I’d like to become a more organized version of myself.

  2. jill Says:

    Ooh this is an easy one! I’m working on becoming an overall HAPPIER person šŸ™‚ This means I’d like to be healthier, more active, and more fit in order to feel physically and mentally better every day. I want to be comfortable being me. I want to be a better wife to my husband, enjoy life more, and feel less stressed.

    I hope 2010 brings happiness to you and your family!

  3. Everything jill said sounds very true to me – I want to be happier, less stressed, enjoy my baby, and life in general, more – and regain my self confidence that I lost way too long ago. To achieve this I do need to make some changes (and I did make New Year’s Resolutions this time – but it’s more because it almost coincides with my baby being 6 months old and I always had that in mind as a kind of turning point re breast feeding, work, etc.) and I hope I’ll be strong enough to do so.

  4. ^WiseGuy^ Says:

    So my question to you is not what do you resolve to change, but who are you trying to become?

    Well, I am trying to become a more ‘accomplished’ person. PhD would fantastically boost my resume, and so I am trying to do good at it.

    Motherhood will get me immense satisfaction as a person, and I am looking forward to it.

    P.S. I never make NY resolutions…..not made them beyond the few years I was forced to by teachers in primary school.

  5. Elana Kahn Says:

    A better wife, mother and Jew (which will help me be a better person overall). This in turn will make me a happier person and will cause the people around me to be happy as well. šŸ™‚

  6. a Says:

    I’m trying to be a better mother – which is quite the challenge with my particular 3 year old. I would also like to be a little healthier/less lazy.

  7. strongblonde Says:

    i really want to be less of a freak-out! šŸ™‚

  8. It was hard to put into words until I got to your last line:

    “Basically, Iā€™m trying to become a slightly better version of myself.”

    Me, too. Onward and upward.

    Happy 2010 to you, Cassandra!

  9. Michele Says:

    funny you ask… I’m planning on blogging about it… I want to have a little more self control and patience to become the best mom and wife I can be

  10. Photogrl Says:

    I don’t do New Year resolutions, either.

    My goal? Me, only more organized and less cluttered. Physically and emotionaly.

    Happy 2010!

  11. Heather Says:

    I don’t do New Year’s resolutions either, but I am always trying to improve myself. Right now, I’m trying to be the type of person who wakes up at 5 AM to work out before the kids wake up. We have an elliptical machine in our basement and I’m trying to restart my yoga practice using podcasts.

    Happy New Year!

  12. Carrie Says:

    I am trying to be more present. I’d like to call myself “mindful” of the present moment and situation instead always multitasking, and looking to the next “thing”.

    I want to be someone who does not rush through her triplet’s newborn days simply because they are multiples, and instead savor each moment with my last babies ever. Even when they are screaming at my offered nipple in the middle of the night. šŸ˜‰

    Happy New Year to you and the family!

  13. staciet Says:

    This year I am going to give it my all to ENJOY the blessing I have and not dwell into the scariness of what-ifs!

    Happy New Year to you all! šŸ™‚

  14. Jules Says:

    I’m going to try to have more patience with everything and to get back into things I did pre-pg and pre-TTC. I’d say also to sleep better but no clue on how to tackle that one.

  15. Mel Says:

    Boo-yeah–I am proving you wrong because I went from non-active to extremely active and have maintained it for over a month now AND I can feel it now a part of me in that I was driven to work out today while on Vicodin. I could have given myself a pass–in fact, I should have given myself a pass because…you know…the Vicodin. But I went down and did a very light workout just to have done something active.

    I want to be an active person–in every sense of the word.

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