December 21, 2009

The phone rings. I recognize the RE’s number on caller ID. My husband answers, and I can hear him in the other room talking. Now that the due date has passed, they’ve called to ask about our babies.

A bit later, DH comes into the room where I’m sitting, which is within earshot of the room where his dad is feeding Tamale. In his usual boisterous voice he exclaims:

Oh, before I forget, we got a call from the fertility clinic–

I gesture wildly and make urgent facial expressions, but it’s too late.

I guess our secret is out.

I don’t think I really mind.


7 Responses to “Out”

  1. Carrie Says:

    Oh! I am sure that was a surprise, but I am glad it does not seem to bother you. We have been quite open about fertility treatments, and I have given up trying to dodge questions about the circumstances surrounding the conception of the babies.

    When strangers ask, my husband still wants to say, “We just had sex three times in one night! That is how you conceive triplets!” but I usually cut him off. đŸ™‚

  2. Ana Says:

    Though that sounds stressful, I say don’t fret about it!

    I was very private about our IF until I got & stayed pregnant. I just didn’t want all the questions, “advice” or the pity. Now it is just part of the reality & the journey which will hopefully come to fruition in the next few days….

    Your beautiful babies are here, why hide the story of how they came to be?

  3. Kristin Says:

    At least you didn’t have to stress about it being made public. It just happened.

  4. Oops! But I’m glad you’re more or less at peace with things being revealed.

  5. Photogrl Says:

    I agree with Kristin…no stress about to tell or not to tell, right?

    I’m glad you’re okay with it.

  6. Michele Says:

    We’ve been by our fertility clinic to check in with the staff. We had notified them when the kids were born. They’ve been great, checking in on us.

  7. loribeth Says:

    They probably knew anyway, or at least suspected. ; )

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