Perfect Moment Monday: Reversals of Fortune

November 30, 2009

Perfect Moment
Over a year ago, I wrote about a woman I know solely because of infertility, and I wondered whether I should pursue a friendship. Following that post we continued to talk when we happened to see each other, but I didn’t end up specifically pursuing that friendship. After many failed IVFs, she is no longer pursuing treatments. Because of that, it felt like we were in different places in the process, and it just didn’t feel right to talk to her about my continuing treatments (whether more failures or, hopefully, an eventual success) while she had no possibility of conception. When I became pregnant, she was genuinely happy for me, but I felt awkward about having left her behind.

I haven’t seen her since early summer. Between bedrest and having newborns at home, I have barely left the house/hospital at all since mid-summer. Last week, during a rare outing, I ran into her. She has been pursuing international adoption, and since the last time I saw her, she has been matched with a child. In a couple of months she will have the baby in her arms. I am absolutely thrilled for her.

The Perfect Moment came when I realized that her baby is just two months older than Burrito and Tamale — close enough that they might become buddies. Somehow, in less than a year, we went from two nearly-hopeless infertiles, weary from years of failed treatments, to two mommies on the brink of planning playdates. It really can happen.

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11 Responses to “Perfect Moment Monday: Reversals of Fortune”

  1. Beth Says:

    Such a perfect moment, it gave me goosebumps. I suspect those of us who’ve become parents will experience a lot of those… moments we dreamed of while trudging through IF-hell and weren’t sure would ever be realized.

  2. I’ve got goosebumps, too. How wonderful that you can now see if a friendship forms.

    And I hope it does.

    Wishing a smooth journey to your friend.

  3. excavator Says:

    May your families enjoy a long, warm friendship. That is a very perfect moment.

  4. BB Says:

    How awesome! 🙂 Will be fun to hear your play date stories!

  5. Myndi Says:

    This made me cry (maybe cause I’m pregnant). Everyone finds their way to their family/children, even if the paths might differ in the end.

  6. Billy Says:

    Wow, what a lovely moment :). And how perfect!

  7. staciet Says:

    A beautiful moment that brought tears to my eyes!

  8. samcy Says:

    It’s moments like this that give ppl like me hope.


  9. Sheri Says:

    I am visiting from Weebles Perfect Moment Monday post.

    It’s amazing how life works. I hope you continue to build a strong, long-lasting friendship, no matter what changes in your lives.

    Thanks for sharing your perfect moment!

  10. […] I do believe in perfect moments ala BabySmiling’s Perfect Moment Mondays. And sometimes — usually when I’m laughing with family and/or friends — a burst […]

  11. Kristin Says:

    That made me smile.

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