28w: Lights and Sirens

August 25, 2009

Remember two weeks ago when I posted the 99 Things meme? Now I can cross another one off the list.

46. Been transported in an ambulance

I’m in the hospital. Cervix shortened more and started dilating and effacing. I was contracting even though I couldn’t feel it. Local hospital sent me in an ambulance to a bigger hospital. We’ve had steroids for the babies’ lungs. Drugs to slow down labor seem to be working for now. Not how I thought I would spend today.

Alternating between freaking the fuck out and trying to trust.


50 Responses to “28w: Lights and Sirens”

  1. Oh no! I’m thinking of you and hoping the drugs work their magic for you and your babies. *hug*

  2. I am thinking of you and hoping everything is okay. Know that you are in good hands and they will do everything they can to keep your babies safe. Hoping the drugs keep working and labour stops. Hang in there. (((HUGS)))

  3. Oh no! When I saw the title of your post my heart sank and I hoped that it didn’t mean what I thought it did. I am glad you are in a bigger hospital and that the drugs are working so far. I am thinking of you and the babies, and hoping for at least a few more weeks of cooking before they make their appearances.

  4. Kristin Says:

    Oh God, how scary. Praying hard for you and your babies. I remember how scared I was when I had the bleeding incident at 27 weeks. Fuck…not what I would want anyone to go through. Praying and hoping and wishing all will be well.

  5. Carrie Says:

    You must be so scared! When I saw the title, I was afraid that is what it meant… I am so sorry you had to experience that and are still on the scary ride. Hoping with ALL hope they get you and the babies nice and stable ASAP and you can cook for a while longer in the hospital.

    Sending you so much love and good thoughts. I cannot imagine how scared you are (I have a glimpse only) but I am so glad you are past 28 weeks. HANG in there. Thinking of you all the time.

  6. Lavender Luz Says:

    Oh, dear. I knew that headline wasn’t good news.

    I wish I were there to hang out with you.

    May the treatments you’re getting keep the babies cooking a bit longer.

    Oh, Cassandra. I am sending you a huge hug and lots of staying-put energy. (Not that you have to stay put in the big hospital; that the babies need to stay put in you.)


    And XO

    Oh! And tomorrow morning, when T&R are up, they will join me in sending our good wishes.

  7. Gabby Says:

    ohmy!! transporting in an ambulance = not good.
    thinking good, peaceful, baby-cooking longer thoughts for you.. keep us updated!

  8. Staciet Says:

    I am sending you strength and love. I know just how scary what you are going through is–mine were born at 28w3d.

    Hoping the drugs continue to do their thing and you keep those little ones in for a few more weeks.

    Hugs, my dear. I’ll be thinking of you!

  9. samcy Says:

    Cripes! Thinking of you honey – slow down labour, those babies need to cook a while longer.


  10. Eileen Says:

    How scary! I will be praying for you and your babies! I hope the doctors can help them hang on a little longer for you.


  11. luna Says:

    wishing all of you well and for your little ones to stay put a while longer.

    hoping you can lean towards the have faith and trust side of things, but if you need to freak the fuck out a little too, just don’t forget to breathe.

  12. Oh Cassandra! How scary! I’m sending out many prayers for your labor to stop and for your babies to stay in longer.

  13. Cat Says:

    Holy crap! But I’m glad the meds to slow down your labor are working. Please do try to trust your doctor, freaking out will just drive you crazy.

    Obviously you want the babies to stay in there as long as possible, but if it helps, one of our neonatologists told us that these days babies born at 30 weeks have the same survival rate as full term babies. Our OB told us it was 32 weeks, but at a good NICU it’s now 30. But I hope you make it much, much longer than that!

    That said, did they run the siren for you? I rode in an ambulance once and they didn’t even run the siren. For what they charged for the ride, they could have at least turned it on. I’m still pissed. 🙂

    If there’s anything I can do for you, LET ME KNOW.

  14. Cindy Says:

    Oh No! Thinking of you…

  15. Ana Says:

    Oh no! Thinking of you, and hoping everything is OK with you and both babies.

  16. Kymberli Says:

    Oh, hell. Thinking of you and the babies. I hope that things down below settle down enough that you can keep them in for several more weeks. (((HUGS)))

  17. I am thinking about you and the babies and praying for you and keeping my fingers so crossed. Hope, hope, hope and lots of hugs.

  18. BB Says:

    Oh shoot! I read that you reached 28w and was excited and then the hospital news! However, you are getting the best care you possibly can get… try to stay calm! The babies and you are in my thoughts and prayers! {HUGS}

  19. jill Says:

    Crap, I’m so sorry to hear this :/ Sending postive, “healthy babies & mom” thoughts to you and your little ones!!


  20. ^WiseGuy^ Says:

    Ooooooh! Sending you floods of positivity vibes….this is bound to freak you out…Oh shit!

    Just hope that everything stays put….that this is such a transient scare, and you and babies stay okay.

    My best wishes, and prayers are with you.

  21. strongblonde Says:

    holy crap! arg. at least they sent you to a good hospital!!!

    and isn’t it crazy how they have the sirens on and stuff, but go soooooo slow. you’re like, “Um…emergency here….speed up!!”

    thinking about you!!!

  22. Carrie Says:

    Oh no! Will be thinking about you!

    Since you seem to have internet access, here’s an amusing website: http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com. (FYI, it does have some baby-themed cakes on it but for the most part they are hideous so still amusing, even to an infertile.)

  23. Beth Says:

    Yikes! It sounds like you’re in good hands and getting the help you need. I’m sorry your first ambulance ride wasn’t more fun (not sure how an ambulance ride can be fun, but this definitely wasn’t). I’m praying that the babies stay inside to cook a bit longer.

  24. Dora Says:

    Just saw this! Of course you’re freaking the fuck out! Glad to hear they moved you to a hospital that can handle it better and that the drugs appear to be helping.

    Come on, babies! Mommy’s not done cooking you yet!

    Keeping you all in my thoughts.

  25. Jennifer Says:

    Thinking of you and hoping for the best!!

  26. Shinejil Says:

    I’ll be thinking of you, and hoping you get the best possible care.

  27. Chelle Says:

    OH NO!! I saw the title and new it wasn’t good. I can only imagine how scary it is. Try not to freak out (easier said than done, I know-you can totally kick me in the shins) because the calmer you are-the better off you and the babies will be. Try to trust that you are in good hands and in the best place you can be right now.

    OMG, I wish I could do something to help.

    You and your babies are in my thoughts. ((BIG HUG))

  28. Rebecca Says:

    Good luck, thinking of you.

  29. Jules Says:

    How scary!
    ……… Hoping they get it calmed down and the babies can stay put for a while longer. But I’d be on the freaking out side too

    (yeah all those pg books that say “you’ll know contractions” are full of it – I never did either)

  30. Dorothy Dortin Says:

    I doubt you will remember me. I asked you to lend your voice to my dil when she was fighting the overturning of the IVF mandate in Arkansas. I have been following your blog since then.

    My heart sank when I clicked on this morning. Words always seem to fail me at times such as this when I want to convey my thoughts. I’ll be thinking of you and your husband through the day. Hold tight to each other.

    Mrs. Dortin
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  31. Indigo Says:

    Oh my gosh! I hope it all turns out well.


  32. Ack!! Can’t believe I missed this post yesterday. Please, please update soon! Thinking of you and crossing everything for you and your babes.

  33. Oh no! I just checked your blog after being away for three weeks and can’t believe what all happened to you. I hope the drugs keep working and the babies will stay put a little longer. Thinking of you. (((hugs)))

  34. Jamie Says:

    What did your cervix measure at? How far apart are your contractions? What are you on?

    Chances are good that they will be able to stop everything and the babies will hang in there. Keep us posted on how you and the babies are doing whenever you can.

  35. perchancetodream Says:

    Best of luck and wishes to you and your babies!

  36. Photogrl Says:

    Hoping the contractions have calmed down and the cervix has lengthened.

    Holding you and the babies close in my thoughts and prayers…

    Big ((HUGS))

  37. My heart stopped when I read this. Hoping the meds work their magic and get those contractions stopped!

  38. Cara Says:

    Oh sweetie — I’m so sorry !!!

    Hang in baby – both of you!!!

  39. coffeegrl Says:

    Yikes. Not how you want to do things for sure. Hopefully things will start to go your way soon.

  40. Suraita Says:

    Thinking of you and sending you many good thoughts.

  41. CC Says:

    Oh that is not fun. (((HUGS))) Praying that you can keep them in for a few more weeks.

  42. rosesdaughter Says:

    OH NO! Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!

  43. nancy Says:

    Trusting with you.

  44. loribeth Says:

    Oh cr@p. At least it sounds like you are being well monitored. Hang in there, Cassandra. (((hugs)))

  45. Blur Says:

    I sure hope everything is okay! Praying they hang out in there for a few more weeks!

  46. S Says:

    Hope everything turns out okay with the twins and you keep being well monitored.

  47. g Says:

    Oh my. It’s not a great feeling is it? I was terrified when things almost went pear for me, and I got no sirens….

    I hope you hang on for many more weeks yet.



  48. MrsJoyner Says:

    Apparently Im supposed to find a post that is 10 lines..yours qualifies..and is the most poignant and to the point 8 lines I’ve ever read. Praying for you and the babies..

  49. Michele Says:

    Oh hon… Saying a prayer. I hope the meds postpone labor and your cervix holds up for at least 8 more weeks.

  50. Nishkanu Says:

    I’m a bit behind the times, but wanted to let you know I am sorry you are going through this though happy the little ones are still inside and things seem to have stabilized for now. Will be thinking of you.

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