27w1d: Bedrest Follies

August 19, 2009

Preface: I had to reschedule my MFM cervix check, because I slept through the appointment. The 1 p.m. appointment.

Boo: Cervix shortened a little more, to 1.8 cm.

Enh: MFM is not alarmed.

Yay: I don’t have to lie totally on my side all the time. Sometimes I can lie partly on my back, as long as I’m propped up and at a 20 degree angle minimum.

MFM isn’t letting me go anywhere (including birth classes) or sit up for more than 15 minutes at a time. I pointed out to her that the expectations for my 3-hour glucose tolerance test contradict her instructions, since I’ll be required to sit in a waiting room chair for 3 hours. MFM said to ask the OB how we can do the test with me lying down during the waits. I called the OB’s office, and they said this is the first time that anyone has had an issue doing the 3-hour test during bedrest. Really?!? They deliver hundreds of babies a year, and I’m the first one?

Then the nurse consulted the OB and reported to me, “Just do the test as planned. It’s fine.” No, it’s not fine. If they’re not going to help me, I’ll work something out. So, if anyone walks into a blood lab and you see a pregnant lady lying on the floor at a 20 degree angle, you’ll know who it is.

In other news, particularly amusing in light of our discussion of Moose, I received the “diet” I’m supposed to follow for 3 days before my glucose tolerance test. I’m supposed to eat lots of carbs all the time, and in addition to my normal amount of food every day, add:

  • 1 can non-diet soda
  • 2 extra pieces of bread
  • piece of cake
  • candy bar

I think they need to invent a new word, because that is no diet.


17 Responses to “27w1d: Bedrest Follies”

  1. Jules Says:

    Sorry to hear it shortened a bit more. Ditto to the yay for not lying completely on your side though.

    I failed the 1 hour and instead of doing the three hour (moreso due to the fact I did not do well during the one hour) she had me just do the finger pricks with a meter 3x a day for a week. Those numbers seemed fine so she said I was good to go. (good thing too because simple carbs were about the only things that settled well.)

  2. Carrie Says:

    Boo cervix. So glad your MFM is not concerned. That would be very soothing. Glad you can sit up a little to type and eat too.

    That crazy OB’s office! They need to give you a room to lay down in during the long test. Seriously!

    Enjoy the carb fest- the diet pop one is bizarre.

  3. Carrie Says:

    Okay, just figured out that was NON diet soda. Much more logical. I don’t read very well from my iPhone I guess. 😉

  4. Bluebird Says:

    Oooooh, I want to be on your diet!

    So sorry the OB doesn’t seem to want to work with you.

  5. jill Says:

    Holy crap that’s some diet! I wish I was on that one 😉

    Is it me or does it kinda seem like they are setting you up to fail? (If it’s even possible to set someone up to fail one of those…) Is a special high carb diet normally done before glucose tolerance tests?

    That’s annoying that she said it was no big deal – um hello? don’t be so indifferent about the health of a woman and her unborn babies.

  6. Jennifer Says:

    That “diet” is lovely!

    Sorry about the shortened cervix…and the 3 hr glucose test issues…sheesh!

    Good luck.

  7. strongblonde Says:

    it was very strange to consume the high carb diet before that 3 hour test… seriously! did you do the one hour? for me that one was orange flavored, but the 3 hour was lime flavored. at the one hour mark i felt okay, 2 hours started to feel a little gross, but by the 3 hours i felt like i wanted to kill someone! 🙂

    maybe you’ll have to go out to your car and lay in the backseat….although i think that if you showed up with a sleeping bag and a pillow and camped out in the waiting room you would bring a smile to many of the people who are coming in for lab draws! 🙂 lol.

  8. Jamie Says:

    What are they trying to do to you before the glucose test? Send you into a diabetic shock if you are intolerant? I’ve never heard of such a thing!

    I ended up having to rest on a bed in the back room at the lab during my 3 hour test. Not because I was on bedrest then (I wasn’t yet) but because I felt so awful. 😦 Whatever you do, don’t throw up. If you do, they make you start over.

    Sounds like the OB isn’t as worried about your condition… I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing…

    I am on modified bedrest too (after hospital bedrest) but my restrictions are not as strict. I can sit for as long as I want and be up and moving for 30 minute periods — up to 4 times per day.

  9. Michele Says:

    I talked to my OB about the glucose test today and, other than him saying not to worry about it (most bedrest people fail as do most twin patients, so I am guaranteed a failing result, I’m sure!), he said that it is FINE to lay down. Since I’m in the hospital, they will come to me but if I were you, I would bring my pillows to the lab and totally lay down! After all, your MFM doesnt want you sitting up and that is the big thing right now. If your OB doesnt like it, let him talk to the MFM!

  10. New word, indeed! That is definitely NOT any type of diet I’ve ever been on.

    Darn that cervix! Glad your able to lay on your back a bit, though. Good luck with your 3 hour test.

  11. Boo cervix, and boo front office staff for not accommodating you. Do you have your OB’s email? Might want to ask her/him directly. Sometimes front office staff will give you the answer that’s most convenient for them.

    As for diet, well technically it is a diet. See definition 1c…

    * Main Entry: 1di·et
    * Pronunciation: \ˈdī-ət\
    * Function: noun
    * Etymology: Middle English diete, from Anglo-French, from Latin diaeta, from Greek diaita, literally, manner of living, from diaitasthai to lead one’s life
    * Date: 13th century

    1 a : food and drink regularly provided or consumed b : habitual nourishment c : the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason d : a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight

    Seriously though, I just kicked off my pregnancy weight loss routine and I wish I could eat that diet. Weird trying to consume enough calories so that you can nurse well but also exercise enough so that you can lose weight.

  12. birdless Says:

    I’m a little confused about the diet too. Doesn’t sound very logical to me. I guess it’s better than having to fast though! And yes, boo to your cervix. I hope the test goes well.

  13. Lavender Luz Says:

    In my neck of the woods, that’s called “breakfast.”


    Wow. They’ve got you in a conundrum.

    Can’t believe you’re the first with the same conundrum.

    Time for bed, Sleepy Head?

  14. tbonegrl Says:

    I have no idea why they would want you to eat all that BEFORE the test! Thank God you don’t have to fast though!

    I wanted to telly ou my thoughts are with you. “baby cookin” thoughts that is!

  15. Rebecca Says:

    All you need is ice-cream and you have a balanced diet!
    I was able to last a while with a shortened cervix while pregnant with twins. It’s hilarious that you slept through your appointment – it’s actually really great that you’re able to sleep. I found I could never sleep unless I needed to be somewhere (which was only once a week at the Dr.).
    Good luck with the 3 hour!

  16. Cara Says:

    Ha! Get that diet published into a book and it will be a best seller!

    Sorry you are having to fight the good fight. I say bring an outdoor adjustable lounge chair with you and camp out.

  17. Cat Says:

    Geez, I was told not to eat a bunch of carbs that morning and make sure to have some protein in my breakfast. I wonder why the different instructions and how they affect the results?

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