Blogoversary Contest, Take 2

August 4, 2009

In last week’s Blogoversary Contest, there were two right answers and two prizes.

One of the right answers was chosen. The other one never was.

All of you who have been clamoring for a second chance, here you go.

Let’s start over on the guessing for the album in question, Neon Bible. Guess which song has screamed out to my infertile heart. One more guess per person, whether you chose from this album or Funeral last time.

The person who won the other prize isn’t eligible. (She knows who she is, so if you don’t know that you won, that means you didn’t.)

An impatient contest-goer should just pick at random. A discerning contest-goer could go back to the guesses and see which songs from Neon Bible were guessed the last time around, and eliminate those as options for your own guess, then peruse the lyrics of the remaining options. Feel free to be discerning — but I won’t make it that easy by narrowing it down for you. Even with random guessing, 1 in 11 are still great odds — far better than my chance of conceiving in any non-IVF cycle! Ha!

Neon Bible (read all lyrics; for music/video, click on each song title)
B1 “Black Mirror”
B2 “Keep the Car Running”
B3 “Neon Bible”
B4 “Intervention”
B5 “Black Wave/Bad Vibrations”
B6 “Ocean of Noise”
B7 “The Well and the Lighthouse”
B8 “(Antichrist Television Blues)”
B9 “Windowsill”
B10 “No Cars Go”
B11 “My Body Is a Cage”


11 Responses to “Blogoversary Contest, Take 2”

  1. Jules Says:

    Since I did so horribly the last time :p

    I’ll go with “No Cars Go”

  2. Kristin Says:

    I’m going to guess Ocean of Noise

  3. Lavender Luz Says:

    Antichrist Television Blues.

    (Wins for most intriguing name, anyway).

  4. Soooo impatient: The Well and the Lighthouse

  5. emma Says:

    my guess is intervention.

  6. ^WiseGuy^ Says:

    The winning song please…What? Hey, come on, you know the answer, just fill in the blanks…__________. That’s right, that is my response!


  7. Chelle Says:

    Ooooh, I get a second chance to vote! Some one already picked this song, but I think it’t the one:

    “The well & the lighthouse”

    PS-Happy belated blogoversary!

  8. birdless Says:

    LOL at your odds! I’m pretty sure those are better than my odds of conceiving too.

  9. Rebecca Says:

    Alright, ‘My Body Is A Cage’? I thought it was too obvious, but…?

  10. Damnit. I was going to say B8 “(Antichrist Television Blues)” but I just saw Lavender Luz beat me to it. I’m going to go with B5 “Black Wave/Bad Vibrations” then, but I’m betting it’s B8. 🙂

  11. What?! No Show and Tell today?! Hope you’re well.

    My guess is Black Mirror. good luck everyone!

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