Speed Dial

June 22, 2009

Just yesterday, at 18w5d pregnant, I finally updated the speed dial entries on my cell phone.

Old speed dial:
#2 Acupuncturist
#3 Ernie, situationally infertile
#4 home
#5 DH’s cell phone
#6 Mom, suspected infertile
#7 best friend from grad school, parent through IUI
#8 one of DH’s best friends who happens to be an alternative health care provider who has given me IF treatments many times
#9 Dr. Full Steam Ahead (RE)

Yup, that’s clearly the speed dial of an infertile woman.

Yesterday’s changes to speed dial:
#2 Women’s clinic at hospital, which is the back-up emergency number for the OB (instead of acupuncturist)
#8 Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic (instead of DH’s friend)
#9 OB (instead of Dr. Full Steam Ahead)

Hey, that’s the speed dial of a pregnant lady!

It took me a long time to accept the switch from infertile woman’s phone to pregnant woman’s phone, but the time has come. I didn’t delete the acupuncturist and RE from the phone, of course (and I also know both numbers by heart) — I’m not that cured.

Does your phone’s contact list advertise that you are dealing (or used to deal) with infertility/adoption/loss?

Oh, and a couple of things I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post about my curious abdominal sensations:

  • I would be more worried if I hadn’t been to the OB on Friday, 36 hours before this all started. Everything was fine then.
  • I would be less worried if the “few placental cells close to the cervix that we need to keep an eye on” mentioned at the Level II ultrasound last week hadn’t been reinterpreted by the OB as “placenta previa in need of total pelvic rest, because any sexual stimulation could cause your cervix to open.” The irony does not escape me that after so many years of sex being a futile baby-making chore, now that I enjoy it more than I have in my entire life, I’m not allowed to do it.

Current status: Weird feelings aren’t totally gone, but have reduced in frequency. I’m 98% sure that I overreacted. Thanks for all of the suggestions and support.

24 Responses to “Speed Dial”

  1. Heather Says:

    Congratulations on the changes in your phone speed dial! It’s funny for me too thinking that I’ve fought over a decade against infertility and I’m officially done. What I need to do soon is change the tagline of my blog.

  2. Carrie Says:

    We have no choice but to overreact.

    After getting pregnant with the twins (through OB) I deleted the RE’s number. Weird feeling.

  3. I was coming here to scold you for not calling the OB. Even if it is simply to calm your fears…
    Back to your question. Does my speed dial reflect the fact that I am infertile (and yes, I still consider myself infertile as I am pregnant with donor embryos)? No. It’s interesting that after 9 years of infertility, not one number pertains to any RE or hospital. Perhaps it is denial. Perhaps I don’t want a permanent (though the numbers can be changed) reminder of my infertility in my home. Interesting, though, isn’t it?

  4. Julie Says:

    Thinking about it, I never had the RE’s number in my cellphone (not sure why – usually called from work) Once pregnant did have OB’s and after-hours exchange in there (seems my trips to L&D started at late hours)

  5. Echloe Says:

    It is nice that you have to change the numbers on your speeddial. Soon you will have to add sleep consultant, babysitter, lactation consultant, pediatrician. Do you have room in your speed dial? : )


  6. shinejil Says:

    It’s crazy, all the different weird and sometimes alarming sensations you can have–and they are always, always changing. I’m glad that things feel like they’ve subsided a bit. Are you going to give the OB a call, just in case?

  7. chelle Says:

    Nice new speed dial!!!

    I cannot agree with you more on the “The irony does not escape me that after so many years of sex being a futile baby-making chore, now that I enjoy it more than I have in my entire life, Iā€™m not allowed to do it.”

    Every time I go to the doctor I just know they are going to tell me no more sex. šŸ˜¦

  8. Queenie Says:

    I’m totally covert with my cell phone entries. I once forgot my phone at another colleague’s office, and he completely went through it, including all the photos! I was horrified, but it taught me a lesson (not that there was anything in there except texts from my husband telling me how much he loves me.). I am super careful about how I enter my doctors, etc., now, just in case.

    Sorry about the sex bit, but happy to hear that things are otherwise going okay.

  9. Beth Says:

    Ah, sweet irony. I’ve been following a while and have to say that time is flying- I can hardly believe you passed 18 weeks already. Almost halfway there! I’m glad everything (but the sex) is going your way.

    I never use the speed dial on my phone, and since I just got a new one and didn’t transfer all the info from the old one, I only have 4 contacts- DH, RE, local pizza joint, and my own office. Sad.

    Be well!

  10. Kristin Says:

    Keep an eye on those symptoms.

  11. Congratulations on moving ahead. I can only imagine how weird that must seem after all the struggles.

  12. lkregula Says:

    Keep an eye open, but don’t drive yourself crazy about symptoms. Remember- stress not good.


  13. Wendy Says:

    Just wanted to say hi from ICLW. Hmm…my phone does still include IF-related numbers – like my acupuncturist and my RE. But now it also includes the number for our adoption agency.

  14. Teresa Says:

    Enjoyed reading your blog tonight…..I love finding new blogs…Had a little time to blog hop tonight while waiting to go to the hospital and welcome a new grandson tomorrow. This month I am posting about our Disney trip, plus a great giveaway.

  15. Glad you’re feeling calm about your funny sensations. I always hated to call my OB when things felt “off”, but my mom and husband always made me call.

    Good for you for changing your numbers. I hope that made you feel good.

  16. christinambw Says:

    funny enough, i have never put any of my if-related stuff on speed dial. but then again, i don’t even have dh on speed dial.

    congrats to you!
    christina from unquestionablelove

  17. Eve Says:

    Add me to the one scolding you! I had PTL that ‘officially’ (only because I finally went into L&D that day) started at 24 weeks…but I know it started much earlier than that. I was just trying to play it cool and not be one of those ‘neurotic’ pregnant women…and almost had my son far too early.

    If you start feeling that pulling again, lay down on your side and drink a glass of water. Doctor’s orders! OK, well I’m not a doctor (but I play one on tv)..wink.

    As far as my phone, I don’t have anything on speed dial, but I am a mish-mash of infertility and mommydom: have the pediatrician in there, the reg OB/gyn, PLUS the RE, and even the dog groomer!

  18. It’s so telling isn’t it? I love it. Here’s hoping that you did, in fact, overreact! You’re totally entitled. IFers always will.

  19. Wishing4One Says:

    Congrats on speed dial update to pregnant cell phone owner. Glad to hear all is going along great. Haven’t been here in awhile and need to catch up with you. Will do so in next few days. But 18w5d pregnant is awesome!

  20. Mai Says:

    That is so cool that you have “pregnant lady speed dial” I don’t even know how mine works..So I don’t know how it comes off..Also..I tagged you for an award at my blog..Go visit & see šŸ™‚

  21. jill Says:

    So glad you are feeling better!

  22. staciet Says:

    Aw, man. You’re on pelvic rest? I was on pelvic rest from day 1 and I was totally bummed about it. Hopefully things will change for the better and you’ll be released from this restriction. šŸ™‚

    Way to go on changing your speed dial!

  23. BB Says:

    Congratulations on the change in your speed dial (your future with the adorable twins)! Just stopping by from ICLW and wishing you good luck with the pregnancy. Hope you are feeling better too.

    I noticed in one of your post that you mentioned that this is an IF blog and not a pregnancy blog, and you prefer/choose not to write much about the pregnancy aspect of the journey. I would probably do something similar (if/when I ever get there)… though I would like to mention that reading success stories and the pregnancy journeys really touch me and gives me a great amount of hope… so please don’t feel like you are blowing your own trumpet… you have struggled and you have survived… and you deserve it!

  24. Photogrl Says:

    Yay for updating your speed dial!

    I’m glad to hear that the symptoms seem to have passed and you’re feeling better.

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