May 20, 2009

…to the last post. I fully expect to find my babies’ poo fascinating, to discuss it many times a day with my husband, and to generate tables and graphs detailing consistency, quantity, and timing. What I am not, however, planning to do is to bore other people, especially childless people, with details about poo. Some of them may be infertile and will find baby-focused discussions painful (boring yet painful). Most others will not be infertile but will find such discussions just plain boring. If another parent wants to engage me in a lengthy poo discussion, I will probably talk for a minute then change the subject, because I don’t want to spend the rare opportunity I’ll have conversing with another grown-up talking about poo.

Verdict: Talking about poo = boring. Talking about conversations about poo = apparently fascinating.

2 Responses to “Clarification”

  1. Sorry to comment so much, but I just feel that I should point out that I’ve actually had the opposite problem — I think I’ve actually bored people with children and no fertility problems w/ IVF talk. A friend who’s about to have a round of IVF for the same reasons that I did got to talking with me so long and so intimately about the topic at my LA baby shower, that I think I was a little brusque with people that tried to break into the conversation. At one point we had to agree to meet for breakfast to continue w/ the discussion, so that I could stop being rude. And then I got into another convo with another person who was having problems TTC while two of our spontaneous pregnant friends looked on with glazed eyes. I felt bad.

  2. Jill Says:

    I’ve raised my kids…and when my peers begin telling me about their grandkids poop, I inform them that I have four elderly parents…likely one of them will one day require adult diapering. If they want me to chatter about those diaper contents then just keep up the baby poop talk.

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