7w1d: Field Trip

April 1, 2009

Yesterday I went on a field trip to a place I didn’t expect to go for weeks, maybe months.

I went to the maternity store.

Specifically, a maternity consignment store near New Job, an hour from my house.

I needed Preggie Pops. (BTW, they actually seem to be helping.)

It was the single best retail experience I’ve ever had. I was treated like a normal pregnant lady, a presumed fertile. Even more, I was treated better than anyone in a store has ever treated me. It was all unimaginably warm and welcoming.

The owner immediately welcomed me, and asked if she’d met me in the store before. We introduced ourselves, and I told her that I needed Preggie Pops. She said that she was sorry that anyone needed them, but glad they seemed to help. She asked about my due date. When I told her it was twins, she talked about the twins in her own family. She told me that she’d been counting the twin pregnancies who had come through the store, but that she’d stopped counting at 400 in the past 7 years. She gave me all sorts of swag: local parenting magazines, pens, white board with instructions for the babysitter! She told me how she hopes to see me when it’s time for maternity clothes, about her hopes for a healthy pregnancy, and that it was wonderful to meet all three of us. It may sound like she was trying to secure a new customer, which she may have been, but I promise that it felt amazingly genuine. It made me sad that I’ll be done with New Job, and therefore won’t be in that area anymore, before I’m big enough to really need maternity clothes.

Was this extra-special, or is this how pregnant women always get treated? If the latter, then we infertiles have been missing out even more than we knew.

I felt like John Howard Griffin of Black Like Me fame, going undercover to see how the other half live. “Pregnant Like Me.”


25 Responses to “7w1d: Field Trip”

  1. Heather Says:

    It’s hit or miss on the specialness radar. I would have to say that lady went above and beyond. I was always snobbishly ignored in maternity stores. I’m so glad you’re getting to experience the good stuff. Soon enough you’ll have people pawing your tummy and making well meaning but inappropriate comments.

  2. Cat Says:

    What a nice field trip! I’m glad you had a nice experience. I haven’t ventured into any maternity shops yet, but I hope they have nice people like that working in the stores around here.

  3. kaaron Says:

    I think most people are generally kind to pregnant women. I, for one, felt like I got the rock star treatment all the time. No one will ever be this nice to you again. At least until they see you strolling around with two babies. 🙂

  4. Annie Says:

    I think it varies between people being really nice (offering you their seat when you are waiting or to skip ahead in line at public restrooms and such) or people being really weird and intrusive (strangers rubbing your belly, commenting on how huge you are, and giving you parenting advice out of the blue).

  5. annacyclopedia Says:

    I love this post – I’ve been having a lot of similar experiences lately. And it’s just such a great feeling to feel weird and nice at the same time, after so long of just feeling weird and out of place. So glad it was such a great field trip!

  6. Kristin Says:

    I’m so very glad you had a great shopping experience.

  7. Rebecca Says:

    I don’t think I even really want to know what a Preggie Pop is.

  8. shinejil Says:

    Isn’t it crazy? At the times I most needed support, understanding, and kindness from the world (during treatment), I got the cold shoulder. Now everyone is so happy for me, so eager to share in my experience and help with odds and ends and gifts and advice.

    I savor it, while feeling a twinge of “where were you four months ago, folks?”

  9. I didn’t notice being treated extra special, but maybe that’s because I’m a spoiled brat and demand special treatment at ALL times. I’m so glad you had a wonderful experience. You deserve it. I think the gal was just a nice woman. It’s hard to believe, but there are nice women out there. Glad the Preggie Pops are working for you.

  10. Dora Says:

    Glad you’re feeling better. Cool about the special treatment. I want some!

    I owe you an email, but I’ve been terrible about them with everyone. Thinking of you often.

  11. fattykins Says:

    I got a similar sort of treatment on my trip to that store, in fact I blogged about it. I will email you the blog post becuase I’ve closed that blog down and it’s not for public viewing anymore…but I will say that I didn’t like it one bit. I didn’t want the woman at the counter gushing about my pregnancy because I felt like I was jinxing myself just being there to start with. I don’t like that kind of attention and I was very uneasy there. As an aside, I loved the preggie pops, but I hate the name…

  12. What a wonderful you must have had walking out of there.

  13. what a wonderful feeling i meant to say

  14. Cara Says:

    Oh – I have no idea if you got the extra-special-you-have-been-through-hell-so-you-deserve-it treatment…BUT YOU DO!!!


  15. Jamie Says:

    I have definitely noticed that people treat me differently when they know I am pregnant. It is so strange and was such a foreign world when I was pregnant with Bo. People who wouldn’t even glance my way before suddenly wanted to talk about due date, their birth story, etc. It’s definitely a different world and a difficult one to tread as an infertile.

    Glad the Preggy Pops are helping!

  16. People are SO much nicer to you when you’re pregnant. I’ve been planning to do a post about this for awhile. 2 weeks ago, I was in a minor car accident (totally my fault) and the guy in the other car fell all over himself to make sure I was all right. Insisted $40 bucks for his mirror would be fine, and this was only after I insisted on paying for the damage. Also, the last time I was at the airport, I couldn’t do anything for myself — I mean anything. I only had one light carry-on, but I didn’t seem like I had to lift it on or off anything at any time.

    It actually makes me a little sad, b/c I wish everyone treated everyone else with the utmost kindness and respect that they treat me with now. Not to be cheesy, but that would make for a really wonderful world.

    Anyway, as a result, I’ve been a lot kinder to strangers myself lately.

  17. dreamingsoul Says:

    I just spent some time talking about this very subject to a friend of mine. Personally, it pisses me off. I have never been treated more kindly than in the past 17 weeks or so (the time that I have been pregnant). Before this, I felt virtually invisible and, though I didn’t quite mind being invisible, I had no idea how good it felt to be visible. It pisses me off because I can’t understand how in 2009 we are still being outwardly validated as women based on how well our reproductive system works. I hate this for all of my fellow Infertiles. I hate it because there is so much more to me than my pregnancy. I hate it because had I not become pregnant, I never would have known the difference.

  18. strongblonde Says:

    omg. i’m kinda slow apparently b/c i had to google preggie pops!! and i think they would probably help me out a bit!

    i have not ventured out to any of those stores yet… but it sounds like you got the royal treatment!

  19. Brenna Says:

    What a great experience! I’m so glad you’re getting to soak in some of that good stuff–royal treatments included!

  20. Photogrl Says:

    What a great experience!

    I’m glad that the Preggy Pops are helping, too.

  21. t Says:

    sounds like a lovely day of shopping. and if you need another fix with no maternity store to turn to for pops, i am a big believer in halls vitamin c drops. they really helped me get through the m/s phase. and a huge bag is only a few buckaroos.

  22. skrambled Says:

    What a fantastic feeling! I hope that ALL the maternity stores will be like this.

  23. celia Says:

    That does sound lovely, but I am sure it would fill me with conflict. I was not comfortable being engaged and pummeled with questions it would likely be the same thing pg.

  24. chelle Says:

    What a great field trip! I think that infertility is one (of very few) situations where the grass IS greener on the other side!!

  25. ^WiseGuy^ Says:

    Wish Wish Wish to be treated the same way! To be in the same position!

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