Show and Tell: Jackpot

March 30, 2009

When training dolphins, usually training is very systematic: behavior directly followed by reward. But occasionally, the trainer provides something called a “jackpot”: a bigger-than-usual reward, sometimes without the dolphin doing anything at all, just because.

Why do I know this? I happen to know a lot about dolphins. Dolphins actually aren’t my favorite animal, but they’re high on the list. In high school, my room had all sorts of photos of dolphins. I wore dolphin earrings, necklaces, airbrushed t-shirts, printed t-shirts… The dolphin presence has declined since then, but it’s not gone entirely. If you look at my car keys right now, you’ll see a tiny dolphin charm.

Lori had no idea about any of this when she sent me a delightful gift out of nowhere — a jackpot, if you will. She also didn’t know about my particular enjoyment of hematite (the shiny round beads).


Lori can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think she even made the card herself. She never ceases to amaze.

She said, “I see you as a cerebrally playful creature, much like a dolphin. Graceful, too.”

We’ll see if she still agrees with that assessment when she meets me in person soon. I suspect that meeting Lori will be my real jackpot.

Have I ever mentioned that I am so thankful for blogging? Not because I receive random gifts in the mail, which is also awesome (thanks!!!), but because of the people. And for a misanthrope like me, that’s saying a lot.

Many of those wonderful people can be found at Show and Tell.


7 Responses to “Show and Tell: Jackpot”

  1. Now you’ve made me cry.

    I am so happy that the gift resonated for you. It practically leapt into my arms at the curio shop.

    See you soon! Yippeee!

  2. Kristin Says:

    Aaaaw…Lori is a wonderful woman and that was a wonderful gift. I am so jealous that you two are going to meet. I wanna meet both of you!

  3. Eve Says:

    It’s so pretty! What a wonderful gift you have in your frienship to Lori!!! I second the blog-love! I’m loving blogging so very much and can’t imagine what the heck I did without it for 33 1/2 years!


  4. Murgdan Says:

    Awww. So sweet. I love my fellow bloggers!

  5. Kami Says:

    Dolphins are so cute! I hope you are soing well! Thinking of you.


  6. Katie Says:

    What a cool gift! I got my socks (a while back, but I kept forgetting to post and then the dog ate the post-it!) I love them. I will be wearing them tomorrow am for our first IUI

  7. How great! What a nice surprise to get something so special from such a special woman. Enjoy your visit with Lori.

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