Perfect Moment Monday: Sleepy

February 16, 2009

I had another cupcake moment.

Thursday was Cycle Day 1, so on Friday I went into the RE’s office Too Damn Early for bloodwork and ultrasound. I had been up past 3 a.m. working, so I was even sleepier than I usually am for early morning appointments.

I drove home to catch another hour of sleep before heading to my first meeting at Old Job.

During that hour of sleep, I had a dream. Highlights:

  • I was driving home from the RE’s office. I was so sleepy (have you ever dreamed that you were sleepy? first time for me) that I drove into a wall of someone’s house — just nicked it, really — and sent their balcony crashing to the ground. I went into the house to explain the situation and apologize to the residents. They were very understanding.
  • The little boy — around age 5 — in the family saw that I had several boxes of Girl Scout cookies, and asked if he could have one. (They looked like Do-Si-Dos, but we were calling them Tagalongs — some peanut butter Girl Scout cookie confusion. In real life we only ever buy Samoas and Thin Mints, but remember that this was a dream.) I said that he could have a cookie, then I remembered that I was saving them and rescinded my offer. It then occurred to me, “You just drove into their house. Don’t be a jerk.” I gave him a whole box.

Pictured: Tagalongs. Much better than Do-Si-Dos. I bought them to show you, but I don’t want them to go to waste so I suppose I’ll need to eat them.


  • Back to the dream. I went home, eager to tell DH about the house crashing incident. Our house was incredibly full of his friends. (Echoes IVF #2 when half a dozen houseguests descended on our house from retrieval day through transfer day.) I could barely squeeze a spot onto the couch, and when I did, people’s elbows kept bumping me. (I really don’t like to be jostled.) I was trying to tell DH about the crash but couldn’t get a word in. I was still sooo sleepy, and wanted both to talk to DH and to take a nap.
  • We then adjourned to the kitchen. DH’s mother showed up and declared her intention to have a barbecue. (IRL she constantly wants to have a barbecue, but it drives me nuts because I never get enough to eat. It’s possible for a vegetarian to eat enough at a barbecue, just not at MIL’s house.) She starts producing platter after platter of raw meat. (I don’t allow meat to be cooked in my house, and I don’t allow meat to touch most of my dishes. If someone wants to bring in a sandwich and eat it off of a designated meat plate, that’s fine.) Platter after platter kept appearing from nowhere. All sorts of raw meat — sausage links, steaks, burgers, whole chickens… I counted 9 huge platters before she switched to platters of raw seafood — entire fish from head to tail, filets, lobsters. I kept getting angrier and angrier, exhausted from lack of sleep plus revved up from the crash and frustrated by the inability to tell anyone. Once there were a dozen platters on the counter, I screamed, “Stop it, you fucking shrew whore!” (Mother-in-law issues, anyone?)

I was just about to get a response from my mother-in-law when the alarm went off, and I woke up. I was pretty riled up from the dream, but after a few seconds it dawned on me — none of the events in the dream actually happened. Immediate sense of calm. I was still sleepy all day, and I had all sorts of annoyances from the insurance company and a repairman. But, I kept reminding myself that the dream was just a dream. “There’s nobody in my house!” “There’s no meat in my house!” “I haven’t (yet) called my MIL any terrible names!” “I am sleepy but I haven’t crashed into any houses!” Compared to the dream, everything about the rest of the day was fantastic.

Perfect MomentLori from Weebles Wobblog is a dream come true. No, not this kind of dream, the good kind.


8 Responses to “Perfect Moment Monday: Sleepy”

  1. April Says:

    omg! it’s so funny when dreams like that seem so real!

    the platters of raw meat do NOT sound appetizing! (and I eat meat!)

  2. Lori Says:

    I am SO laughing at your MIL issues. Shrew whore indeed!

    Then I got to the end and feel guilty for being the kind of dream girl that would laugh at shrew whore.

    You are very kind to say so, even if I am horribly mean. 🙂

  3. Nicole Says:

    Great recall on the dream…I never remember mine!

    Are you cycling again for IVF? I’ll be glad for the company if you are!

    all grown up

  4. I never remember mine iether except for a few rare ones. A recent one was like yours in that I was VERY sleepy. Except I was dreaming that I was walking down the sidewalk of a very busy street. I stopped at the corner to wait for the light. I start to walk but then realize I’m sleeping! I open my eyes to find myself seconds from being squished between a bus and a car! I suddenly wake up in terror but realize I must have been in REM sleep because I couldn’t move my body- I was still paralyzed! It was a little freaky and took a few minutes to wake up!

  5. Brenna Says:

    What an incredibly vivid dream! So detailed, with various chapters and everything (and “shrew whore” is perfect!). I’m totally with you on voting Samoas and Thin Mints as the king and queen of the Girl Scout cookie prom, by the way.

  6. damn, I’m still chuckling at the shrew whore comment. =) noice!! My MIL is in her late 70s so I can’t ever use it (and she’s a sweetheart), but I could use it on my mum. (JUST KIDDING PEOPLE!)

    Maybe its the tension you’re feeling with the cycle coupled with a sense of (unnecessary in my view) guilt about the insurance? Or maybe its just the stress of the cycle, itself, bringing up old memories of IVF#2 and not wanting to be touched/jostled/poked/prodded (and the bitches wont even pay for the bloods!). And the whole rage about the meat … control issues? I know I’m a control freak and the idea of someone else – an ‘other’ (esp your MIL!!) showing up with platter after platter of unwanted meat … hmm. Ah, fuck it. Its been a while since I did that class on interpretation of dreams.

    I know that I’ve had 2 shitty-weird dreams this week I’m attributing to IVF stress. In both my husband was with a younger woman ‘of my ethnicity’ (I’m so goddamn pc) who had an infant, and in my dream it was suggested that the infant was DH’s and he had cheated on me …wtf. Hilariously nightmarish. I was actually bawling in my sleep and the few moments before I woke up to DH’s face looking at me with annoyance/concern. (He’s lucky I’m the non-violent type, fresh out of my dream I was thinking about smacking him in the face!)

    mmmm. cookies. that would take my mind off weird dreams!

  7. p.s. I prized you with Honest Scrap.

  8. corrin Says:

    Somewhat related…but have you seen how much Girl Scout Cookies cost lately? Upwards of $6 a box! I’m all for supporting a good cause, but I’m going to have to draw the line at $6 for a teeny box of cookies.

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