Show and Tell: Cookie

January 11, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I let you into my post-injection snack ritual. Usually I go for normal foods like cookies and brownies, but occasionally there is a special treat. In honor of IVF #2, while I was making shortbread for the holidays I made one unique cookie. The other cookies were all normal shapes, but this one I hand-crafted to boost the spirits of my own hopeful womb and to amuse my bloggy friends.


Can you tell what it is?

When DH saw it on the cooling rack, he asked, “Why did you make a cookie shaped like a penis and balls?”

Close, from an ontogeny point of view, but not quite.

As all of you easily guessed, I’m sure, the cookie depicts a uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

I will admit that it’s not a fully accurate representation. The raw version was slightly better, but ultimately, c’mon, this is a cookie. Still, I think it’s pretty good. Don’t ask me why, but my favorite part was sculpting the cervix.

I saved this cookie for the HCG trigger shot, which also happened to be the first injection that DH ever administered. His technique has improved with each PIO shot, and perhaps coincidentally most nights I don’t feel like having a treat after the shots anymore. Maybe I’m preggers, or maybe it’s just the hormones.

Go see what the rest of the class brought to Show and Tell. And if you haven’t already done so today, vote for Mel.

31 Responses to “Show and Tell: Cookie”

  1. S. Says:

    i LOVE that cookie and i recognized it right away! 🙂

  2. Lindsay Says:

    I got it too! A wonderful monument to your endeavours. I bet it was especially tasty…

  3. Dora Says:

    Love it! Hope you’re preggers!

  4. ^WiseGuy^ Says:

    ….the front shot of a goat head?

    LOLOL…I know what it is – Miss U herself 🙂

  5. Mel Says:

    I hope the lack of desire for a treat is the first possibility…

    That is very funny. You could become a cookie sculpture!

  6. Mel Says:

    By which I meant sculptor.

  7. Nice ram! I want to eat it.

    Your husband is funny.

    May you be having strange cravings soon.

  8. Kara Says:

    Hillarious – I thought it was a ram at first also and then a uterus.

    Best of luck with your cycle:-)

  9. Photogrl Says:

    Recognized what it was right away…cute.

    Great job!

    Good luck with this cycle!

  10. Jennifer Says:

    Hilarious…I can totally see the uterus/tubes/ovaries…hope it brings you loads of good luck!!!

  11. Gina Says:

    This also made me smile.

  12. Anita Says:

    ha ha I love it! It brought a huge smile to my face 😀

    Well done!

  13. In Due Time Says:

    LOL! I saw penis and balls, too!

    Your post reminded me about an old post of mine. And mine? wasn’t even planned. LOL

    Check this out:

  14. Malky B. Says:

    I guessed what it was right away although I can see why your hubby thought it was male parts. Kind of funny.

  15. Imogen Says:

    Great cookie – great sculpting!

  16. 'Murgdan' Says:

    OMG. I don’t know what’s more awesome…the fact that you made a uterus cookie or that your hubby thought it was a penis and balls.

    Too funny–love it! 🙂

  17. Cara Says:

    Hysterical and, BTW – a VERY clear image to us women folk!

    Bless you for infusing humor into your already difficult journey.

  18. s.e. Says:

    I love that you thought to make a uterus while making cookies for the holidays. Us infertiles never have the thoughts far from our minds!

    I must start the treats after shots. What a wonderful way to have guilt free sugar!

  19. Sam Says:

    ha ha very funny!! your hubby is wrong – a male set of cookies would look quite different! I just wonder what kind of wierd google searches you’ll get now!! 😉

  20. Bunny Says:

    too funny! reminds me of the ovaries I tried to draw when teaching sex ed….

  21. Danielle Says:

    I knew what it was right away! Nice work!
    Enjoy your day,

  22. princessoftides Says:

    This cookie ROCKS!!

  23. Martha Says:

    I love it, thanks for sharing. Looks delish, when life gives you IF, you make shortbread.

  24. Kristin Says:

    Love it! And, I recognized it right away. Hope it represents good news to come.

  25. Liv Says:

    Oh, my goodness that is too funny. I mean how many people can actually say they’ve sculptured a cervix? Good job!

  26. borneoqueenie Says:

    The cookie made me laugh out loud! I hope it worked it’s magic. Good luck this week with the beta.

  27. Stephanie Says:

    Tehehe. I got it right away, but then I was like,”You know, it also kinda looks like…” lol.

    Fantastic, hope it helped work a little magic.

  28. samcy Says:

    You have a great sense of humour my dear! Great Ute!!!


  29. Nity Says:

    Awesome! Love it. I recognized it right away. Boys. They think it’s all about their parts!

  30. Kristin Says:

    I still love this one!

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