Search Terms: Post #100

January 5, 2009

This is my 100th post!

I’ve seen many blogs talk about the bizarre searches that have brought them traffic. Now, to celebrate #100, it’s my turn for this blogging right of passage.

“downturn in fertility procedures due to money or economy” Hmm, I’ve never talked about this topic specifically. I have seen some individual cases in the IF blogosphere of people who are currently putting treatments on hold because of finances, but it seems like that’s always happened, so I’m not sure that it’s attributable to this economy specifically. My husband likes to say that given how much we spend on fertility treatments and associated complementary treatments, it would be far cheaper to actually have a baby.

“converting to judaism and baby due in 10 weeks” Hmm, I’ve never talked about this either, but I have talked about Judaism several times and I have used words like pregnant and due. If you’re out there, mysterious googler, good luck! 10 weeks is generally too short a time frame to go through your own conversion (though overnight conversions are not unheard of, but it would depend on your brand of Judaism), so I think the easiest method would be to convert the baby and deal with your own conversion after that.

“sad about my miscarriage” I hear ya, sister.

“Can A women ovulate when they are pregnant” No. The progesterone that the corpus luteum (followed by the placenta) produces should prevent ovulation.

“14 ivf cycles in a row spreadsheet” You are amazingly organized, googler! I used to have spreadsheets too.

“fear of babies” You know, there’s a difference between paedophobia and avoidance of triggers. Just as there’s a difference between paedophilia and loving babies. (Oh crap, I’m going to get a whole new set of googlers now. Hopefully the latin ae will deter all but the most erudite creeps.)

“13 years baby bitches” What could this possibly mean?

Several variations on “wish I may wish I might have this wish I wish tonight” An accurate search term! Shocking!

“mojo socks” times 6. Good work, searchers! The mojo socks I gave Miss Conception seem to have done the trick! Also the donor embryo FET probably had something to do with it. Otherwise we could all just buy $20 socks and save the rest of our money. I’d even buy $10,000 worth of socks if that were all it took — but then I’d need to spend more money on a new dresser just for the socks.

“telling a story of non-attachment” We’re on a roll.

“ov watch is beeping” And beeping. And beeping.

“jaymes foster has not abandoned her baby” and “abandoned parker by jaymes foster” I actually have stopped keeping up with the Clayby and all other celebrity babies, except for when I’m at the doctor’s office and have to read People or US Weekly while I wait. Which happens several times a week, lately. But thanks to your queries I just searched and learned that Clay and Jaymes are apparently planning to resume fertility treatments very shortly. Doesn’t sound like abandonment to me. Hey homophobic Claymates, don’t be a hater (Clayter?).

“is smiling good during a business transaction” I pity the poor worker bee who just wanted to know some business etiquette and ended up seeing pictures of my uterus.

“back seat trash containers” I use a paper bag. A plastic bag also works. Or throwing the trash onto the floor and cleaning it out periodically. Not out the window, though — that is rude and wrong and illegal.

“oops in the seat” Did someone make a boom-boom? Uh-oh! Cleaning up “accidents” is really not my area of expertise. Personally I would delegate (i.e., pass the buck) to someone else.

“media portrayal of perfect marriage” Why thank you.

“simling babies” Close, but not quite.


13 Responses to “Search Terms: Post #100”

  1. OnMyMind247 Says:

    That is quite funny, the things people search and all. Congrats on 100 posts, way to stick with it! And the little embryos are beautiful!

  2. April Says:

    🙂 these are fun!

  3. Bunny Says:

    Congratulations on your anniversary! Hope your 2ww is passing quickly.

  4. luna Says:

    the search terms are bizarre, aren’t they? happy 100!

  5. 'Murgdan' Says:

    Happy 100th!

    …these things are always so much fun, aren’t they?

  6. Nicole Says:

    Congrats on 100! That is a huge milestone, at least to me!

    Hope the TWW is flying by,

  7. Cara Says:

    What a great idea to celebrate yorur 100th post. Mine is soon!! How do you find those search labels, anyway?

  8. shinejil Says:

    Ah, gotta watch those simling babies. They’ll get you every time.

    Good distractionary measure…

  9. Megan Says:

    Congratulations on the 100th post.

  10. Clio Says:

    Happy posting!
    these were fun.
    but I wonder…how do you find out what people are googling to get to you?

  11. Lindsay Says:

    The search terms and your commetns cracked me up. Sooo funny. Really needed a laugh today, so thank you! Congrats on Post 100. 🙂

  12. babysmiling Says:

    @Cara and @Clio:
    In WordPress they are displayed easily, but I’m not sure how to do it in Blogspot. I think it might be less straightforward, but maybe someone else can illuminate us?

  13. ^WiseGuy^ Says:

    Hmmm… I was about to post a Q and then realized that Cara and Clio have zoned into the same issue…Gotta find somebody to find out!

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