Perfect Moment Monday: Convergence

December 29, 2008

Perfect Moment

First, the perfect moment: I have never been so happy after an ultrasound.

My follicles are ready for trigger.

2 18mm, 2 17mm, 16, and 15. As I said yesterday, I would have liked to see more follicles, but at this point I just want to get this show on the road. More than anything, I want to stop waking up at 5 a.m. or 6 a.m. for blood draws and ultrasounds. I’m supposed to be on vacation, at least from New Job; I still have to go in to Old Job somewhat. It was comical last night when Old Job boss called me at home (yes, on a Sunday night) and asked for a meeting today; I had to think hard to figure out how to fit him in between blood draw and ultrasound, acupuncture, and possibly driving almost two hours round trip to the pharmacy.

Pending confirmation from the RE’s office, the follicles’ progress means that the egg retrieval will occur on Wednesday. New Year’s Eve.

Usually we boycott New Year’s and all other similar holidays, but for once we do happen to have New Year’s plans. Specifically, some friends (hereafter called the Other Hosts) are having a big party. The party is such a major event that more than a dozen friends from other cities are coming in. The majority of those people will be staying at my house, for several days.

I’m not sure how it happened that two guys staying over turned into two guys, a couple, and a family of four. I wasn’t enthusiastic at the prospect of the family, in part because I’m not always as fond of kids nowadays as I usually am, and in part because small children inherently demand extra effort. The family also happen to be acquaintances more than friends, which makes the effort less compelling.

My first instinct yesterday as I heard DH talking on the phone, warmly exclaiming, “Sure, of course the whole family can stay here!” was to scream “Noooooooooooo!” My actual response was to make wild hand gestures to DH and whisper, “No! Out of the question! I do not want them staying here. That would be horrible. You have got to be kidding me.”

After DH’s abrupt “Uh, I have to call you back,” we negotiated terms. My visceral reaction to children gave way to trying to negotiate the logistics of more than a dozen out of town guests fitting into two houses, ours and the Other Hosts. I succumbed to the collective good, as well as to the visceral reactions of Mrs. Other Host (though they didn’t say this directly, I have a sneaking suspicion that the couple staying with us is banned from staying at the Other house because the woman once dated Mr. Other Host).

Then I fell asleep, catching up on sleep lost to the early morning trip to the R.E. By the time DH returned from the pharmacy road trip, everything had been settled.

So, I will prepare for eight guests’ arrival ahead of time today and tomorrow, and then I will not lift a finger on Wednesday or Thursday. Or rather, I will try very very hard not to lift a finger. I will not be bossy while I order DH around. I will make up some mysterious reason why I can barely move. I will concede all of the locations in my house where I normally recover after such surgeries. General anesthetic makes me sleepy for more than a day afterward, but I will be sweet and cordial while passing in and out of consciousness.

No one can ever accuse me of being anything less than a gracious hostess.

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16 Responses to “Perfect Moment Monday: Convergence”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Congrats on the follies and the ER! I’m so excited for you and sending mega-karma your way! Keep us posted.


  2. Jamie Says:

    Ugh! I can’t imagine having my house full of people after retrieval. I hope it goes well for you.

  3. mrs spock Says:

    Whoa- that’s quite a house full of guests! I hope it ends up being alright and your retrieval goes swimmingly!

  4. Nity Says:

    Crossing fingers on your retrieval. I hope all goes well. Hopefully the houseguests can help pamper you apres retreival and you can just rest and recover…

    Just catching up on blog posts I missed. LOVED the Christmas card one. That cracked me up.


  5. Danielle Says:

    Congrats on the follies, that’s great news! I hope you can enjoy your house guests even if you’ll in and out of consciousness. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, nothing will bother you if your passed out on a chair or the couch ;o)
    Thinking of you and wishing you TONS of luck!

  6. luna Says:

    wishing you all the best with your retrieval!

    can’t believe you have to be hostess too. here’s not not lifting a finger.

    thanks for your sweet comment before too!

  7. Kahla Says:

    Wishing you lots of for your upcoming ER! I can’t believe you’ll be up to having so many people in your house, very impressive!!!

  8. Cara Says:

    Wow – this sounds like a case for the “best laid plans” detective. I hope you are able to focus on you! But – if anyone can pull it off..then its you!

    Can’t wait to hear how it went.

  9. Imogen Says:

    Great work with the follies!

  10. Bunny Says:

    I’m so excited for you and your follies! Just think you are preparing to be a “hostess” in two ways: one for your guests and two for your little embryos. Happy New Year!

  11. April Says:

    so excited for your follicles! i have high hopes for this cycle. 🙂 woo hoo!

  12. Oh, I’ve been reading your posts but unable to comment.

    First, hope that dang mouse leaves your house. Ick!

    Second, I’m thrilled you picked The Bridge post for your Creme de la Creme, since that was one of the first things that brought us together.

    And now, the ripeness of possibility for you. Sending you good thoughts for tomorrow. In all ways!

  13. Krysta Says:

    Hey Cycle Sista! Good luck tomorrow! I hate it that you have to entertain so many guests while going through your cycle. Good luck with that too!

  14. Dorothy Dortin Says:

    I have been following your blog for about a month because my dil had ivf in November. She is pregnant thanks to a state mandate in Arkansas that requires coverage for ivf. Now a state rep is preparing Bill 1017 to repeal the mandate because is raises the cost of insurance in the state 3-5%. You can visit her blog ‘In the conceivable future” and perhaps add some much needed support because she is very passionate about this bill and how it will effect those who will travel this same path after her. Only those on this same journey to build a family will understand.

    Thank you in advance,
    A Grandmother in waiting

  15. shinejil Says:

    Good luck today! Can’t wait to hear how ER went…

    Oh, and happy new year!

  16. kaaron Says:

    Glad to hear about your follies! Sounds pretty similar to me, actually.

    Good luck with hostessing. One is always gracious with the help of anesthesia.

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